Black Crowes Frontman: 'Anyone Filming a Show on Phone Looks Like a Douchebag'

artist: The Black Crowes date: 06/23/2014 category: music news
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Black Crowes Frontman: 'Anyone Filming a Show on Phone Looks Like a Douchebag'
The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson has been speaking with Phoenix New Times about his thoughts on people who film concerts on their cell phones. As Robinson notes, he isn't a fan of the practice, as he thinks it ruins the live experience: 

"I think anyone at any show, in the front row or back row, filming, looks like a douche bag. And I think that you're ruining it for everyone around you who is there to listen to some music. It's sad if you're that excited about your f--kin' phone. Take a picture, get it over with, that would be fine, but people sit there on their f--king phones all night. It's annoying. It's insulting to the band. I'm sure there's young bands or people that like it but I'm not that way. And some drunk person in the front row with their camera out, it's distracting to musicians and everyone around you. If anyone ever asks me what we think about it, we think you look foolish. You're taking those moments away from the band and the people around you. But people won't listen."

He went on to note that people filming shows is equivalent to them removing themselves from the live experience:

"It's insane. It's like people are saying, 'Oh my God, I love this song so much, I'm actually going to film it and remove myself from the experience immediately.' People do it all night. It's just selfish. I had a guy last year in the front row at a show and told him 'Hey, enough with the phone.' He was embarrassed. But I ran into him months later at a different show and he told me he felt like a jerk and that he hadn't taken his phone out at a show since. He said he has such a better time now. I was like 'Yeah, I know' [laughter]. It's crazy."

Robinson is currently fronting his own band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. The Black Crowes have been on hiatus since 2011.
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