Black Flag Announce New Album

The 80s punk legends will record a brand new album. But wait - how are there two new versions of Black Flag? And which one is recording an album?

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80s punk legends Black Flag, who broke up in 1986, will record a brand new album. But which version of the band will it be?

In a remarkable turn of events, two versions of the band announced their reformation on the same day last week.

The original 1979-80 lineup featuring Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn, Gregory Moore and Dale Nixon will take the official Black Flag name, and are scheduled to play at small festivals in the UK, Germany and Tennesse in the US. They're the ones planning to record a new album.

In another incarnation of the band, co-founder Keith Morris will unite Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents under the name Flag. Their aim is to "pull from all eras of Black Flag's history." Flag is scheduled for a similar run of festivals in Germany, Belgium and Las Vegas.

The original Black Flag was famous for its frequent lineup changes and wildly varying sound from record to record, so two distinct bands isn't as unusual as it might seem.

However, one major character is missing: Henry Rollins. Rollins is one of the best known members of Black Flag, but it seems he is not taking part in either of the reunions that have been announced, according to NME.

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    Petey D
    Not sure about this reunion. Greg Ginn's bad rep sours the whole thing, and the absence of Henry Rollins is a big negative statement too. :shrug:
    to be honest i almost wish the dukowski version was recording. although i guess then it'd be missing the only constant member from before.
    I though I was the only one who liked Rollins the most, I mean they wrote better songs with the other singers, but Rollins' vocals are unreal
    I am happy to hear that the Black Flag name is being kept alive and that the original lineup is there.. However, "slip it in" was my first introduction to them and I would love to see Rollins belt it out live.
    Henry Rollins has said he doesn't want to make music anymore. That's why he's not in, he would never work with Ginn ever again either because of how he handled things. Things are sour in the Black Flag camp. Better version of the Black Flag reunion? - "Flag".
    Um, who cares if Rollins isn't on board? I bet both lineups do Rollins-era songs.
    Considering theres about 10 mins worth of material on Jealous Again and Nervous Breakdown EP's (only stuff released before rollins joined) combined, id say its a safe bet they'll play rollins era stuff. Ill go see the Morris one if its close & cheap.
    "*spongebob laugh* ROLLINS IS NOT JOINING *spongebob laugh* OMFG NO ROLLINS = NO BLACK FLAG *spongebob laugh*" Greg Ginn writes awesome music as well, folks. I'm down for this reunion.
    I can't really stand Ron's vocals and this does kinda seem like a grab for money. I'm hoping its not true though. I dont fully approve of this lineup recording. I'd much prefer 'The Flag' with Keith than this or just not recording at all. In a perfect world the 1984-1985 lineup would come together.
    A real Black Flag reunion would be Ginn with Morris or Rollins on vocals, Chuck or Kira on bass, and Robo or Bill on drums.
    Never really listened to Black Flag but I knew Henry Rollins was the singer (at some point apparently). So for me Henry Rollins is the man and there is no Black Flag without him.
    Never really listened to Black Flag either. But I know Henry Rollins was one of the singers, and I know he did a video about Ann Coulter, and Ann Coulter appears on Fox News, and Family Guy is on Fox. So for me Peter Griffin is the man and there's no Black Flag without him.
    so 1 band split in to a two band reunion? that's nice I guess. let's hope the album will be good
    At least they're doing a Black Flag reunion that consist of Black Flag members. Not really familiar with any Black Flag aside from a few Rollins era songs, but good to see that there will be new music from them. Hopefully no one will get fcked over by Greg Ginn in this reunion.
    Never liked Rollins in Black Flag anyway, personally Keith Morris was my favorite singer for them. Great news for me.
    How come less people are angry about this two band reunion, than the two Queensryche's?
    Probably because punk has no rules, so it doesn't really matter. I'd be more upset if Henry or Greg became a judge on some talent reality show.
    Different circumstances. Black Flag had a huge rotating line up, offering many different styles and nuances with each era, while Queensryche's line-up has been fairly consistent for the duration of their career... Plus, the Black Flag reunions are more well spirited than the Queensryche split.
    to be honest I really really liked dez' short run on the vocals, I know he's doing his thing with the misfits. but damn, if dez got back with black flag. I would have an orgasm
    When I saw the Misfits a few years ago, they did like 4 Black Flag songs. Made the show, considering Robo was drumming for them at the time.