Black Flag Confirm Reunion

artist: Black Flag date: 01/29/2013 category: music news

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Black Flag Confirm Reunion
Iconic hardcore punk band Black Flag have confirmed they'll reunite and play a series of shows that includes their first UK performance in nearly 30 years. Greg Ginn's outfit are preparing to assemble with frontman Ron Reyes to perform at this year's Hevy Fest in August. It will be their only UK appearance in 2013. Event organisers note (via Classic Rock): "There is a whole generation of musicians and fans who would cite Black Flag as being the most important band to have influenced them." Ginn formed the hardcore pioneers as Panic in 1976 and took on their better-known title two years later. Reyes fronted them from 1979 until 1980, followed by Dez Cadena and then Henry Rollins. They split in 1986 and staged an official reunion in 2003, with several one-off appearances having taken place in recent years featuring various former members. Are you excited about Black Flag reunion? Let us know in comments.
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