Black Flag Confirm Reunion

Iconic hardcore punk band Black Flag have confirmed they'll reunite and play a series of shows.

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Iconic hardcore punk band Black Flag have confirmed they'll reunite and play a series of shows that includes their first UK performance in nearly 30 years.

Greg Ginn's outfit are preparing to assemble with frontman Ron Reyes to perform at this year's Hevy Fest in August. It will be their only UK appearance in 2013.

Event organisers note (via Classic Rock): "There is a whole generation of musicians and fans who would cite Black Flag as being the most important band to have influenced them."

Ginn formed the hardcore pioneers as Panic in 1976 and took on their better-known title two years later. Reyes fronted them from 1979 until 1980, followed by Dez Cadena and then Henry Rollins.

They split in 1986 and staged an official reunion in 2003, with several one-off appearances having taken place in recent years featuring various former members.

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    this is the best news ive heard all week
    I'm replying to this top comment here so everybody knows this: greg ginn is a thief. he has been sued by many bands that used to be on his label multiple times for very good reason. He does NOT pay royalties. do not support greg ginn, do NOT BUY FROM SST. look it up
    SaneMan, can I have some money? On topic, I really wish Rollins would get back with the Flag, but it won't happen. :'(
    Yes. I offered them a lot of money to play some shows. I have a lot of money. Also, I have emailed the agent of the rock band Oasis. I will offer them a lot of money too.
    do zeppelin and RATM while your at it man! please.
    If you're trying to see Zeppelin live, I suggest a time machine. Robert Plant is an old man who no longer has the ability nor the desire to play rock anymore.
    I will not do Rage against the machine. They are well past their peak and and reunions they have or done or will do together will be only to have more money in their bank accounts.
    Awesome, I thought Keith Morris was the best frontman for Black Flag though.
    I think Keith formed Flag along with Dukowski and they're gonna play Black Flag songs this summer, as well. It's a shame Rollins is not involved in either of this year's projects
    Rollins has no interest in playing music anymore. He still loves music, but he thinks that it wouldn't be right for him to do it right now.
    Why is everybody so hard for henry? keith and ron were both killer vocalists for the band. keith put the corner pieces down, ron filled it out a bit, and somewhere along the way henry became a "center". regardless of longevity, i think it's safe to say that all of these dudes (even dez) were all unique and pissed in their own way!
    What's with all the people dismissing it because of Rollins? Yes, he kicks ass, but correct me if I'm wrong: Black Flag released some pretty killer shit before he even joined the band (Nervous Breakdown, Jealous Again, The Process of Weeding Out). Can't go wrong with any Black Flag, damn it. EDIT: wasn't meant to be a reply at all, but ah well, the post I replied to is discussing the very same thing.
    It's "Black Flag" guys. It's only Ginn and Reyes. Just listen to Off! instead. And Ginn doesn't even pay royalties to the other members of the band, which is one reason why there wont be a real reunion.
    Isn't this basically a full reunion of the 78-80 lineup? Supposedly Chuck and ROBO are also in it.
    Fuck... This will be awesome! Saw the circle jerks numerous times.... They should get Hank and have both singers... That would be the best.
    Time Again
    We'll also be getting a Flag show at Punk Rock Bowling with Keith Morris and such!
    To me, anyway, Rollins was Black Flag even if he wasn't one of the originals. Sorry but I will pass on this.
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    Awesome news! New album is also receiving finishing touches according to Greg's facebook page.