Black Flag Stream First New Album in 28 Years

artist: Black Flag date: 11/06/2013 category: music news

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Black Flag Stream First New Album in 28 Years
Black Flag are streaming their first album of new material since 1985, NME reports. Titled "What the...," the LP consists of 22 tracks and was released yesterday (November 5). It is the first new material from the band since "In My Head." There are currently two different incarnations of the seminal hardcore band at present, neither of which feature Henry Rollins. Black Flag, who have also been touring north America, features co-founder Greg Ginn, drummer Gregory Moore and vocalist Ron Reyes. Meanwhile FLAG consist of co-founders singer Keith Morris and bassist Chuck Dukowski, as well drummer Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents. Ginn recently lost a lawsuit he filed against Flag for alleged copyright infringement. He claimed that he and his label SST Records owned the exclusive rights to the Black Flag name – and Flag variation – and the band's iconic logo, which Flag currently use on tour. Ginn was seeking an injunction against Flag performing live as well. However, a judge ruled that SST does not own the rights to the Black Flag copyright and that Ginn has no special rights to any of the trademarks. Listen to "What the..." below:
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