Black Keys Drummer: 'Jack White's an A-shole, I Feel Embarrassed for Him'

"I don't hold grudges, man. I really don't," Patrick Cerney adds.

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Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney continued his run of public jabs by calling Jack White an "a-shole" for his private comments regarding the band's singer Dan Auerbach.

As reported, a series of leaked private emails saw white complaining to his now ex-wife about their children going to the same school as Dan's kids.

"That's a possible 12 f--king years I'm going to have to be sitting in kids chairs next to that a-shole," White wrote. "He gets yet another free reign to follow me around and copy me and push himself into my world."

Asked to comment on the given matter by Rolling Stone, the drummer called White an "a-shole," pointing out that he actually feels bad for him.

"I actually feel embarrassed for him," Carney said. "I don't hold grudges, man. I really don't. We've all said f--ked-up s--t in private, and divorce is hard."

Getting down to some real bashing, Patrick focused on TMZ tabloid. "I really think personal things are personal things. Like, TMZ? Honestly, they should be f--king ashamed of themselves, that they make a living dragging poor souls that have nothing, that aren't famous, into this world," he said.

"Everybody should be scrutinized? I don't believe that," the drummer stressed. "I think that if you come off with a strong platform or moral agenda, then, yeah, maybe you should be scrutinized if there's a conflict there. Like, if you're a TV evangelist who's doing something awful.

"But you're a f--king rock musician, you're a f--king actor, you're a f--king model or whatever. It's your job, you know what I mean? No one's doing anything illegal, it's just that people are living lives that get complicated," he concluded.

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    Am I the only one who saw the article? Where Carney says everybody says stupid shit in private? I'm a huge Jack White fan, but when I read the Jack White e-mail it sounded like someone upset over someone else's success. So yeah, he did sound like an a-hole. Carney's actually being really cool about this.
    I agree. UG must monitor every single thing Pat Carney says so they can print it out of context. Dan Auerbach has always come off to me as a pretty low key, humble, and laid back guy. Although I like Jack White, he's always come off like an over-the-top, eccentric, *******. He is the one that seems to hold a grudge. I wonder if Jimmy Page holds a grudge against Jack White for ripping him off.
    You can really tell that half these jerk-offs didn't even read the article, Carney was asked to respond to Jack White's insulting emails, so he did, He did not go out of his way to bash anyone. UG is so full of tools it's ridiculous.
    Hmm, let's take a look at some recent Black Keys articles: The Black Keys Slam Michael Jackson Album 'Xscape' Black Keys Drummer Reignites Bieber Beef: 'He's a F--king Moron' The Black Keys: 'There's Probably People That Just Want Us to F--k It All Up' Black Keys Sue Similar Songwriters Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Slam Van Halen The Black Keys' Patrick Carney: 'I Only Talk Sh-t To Entertain My Bandmate' Black Keys: 'Sean Parker Is An A--hole' Black Keys Apologize To Nickelback The Black Keys Slam Justin Bieber Nickelback Thank Black Keys For Insult Black Keys Rip MTV And Black Eyed Peas Over Award Mix Up The Black Keys Sue Bank Over Unlicensed Use Of 'Tighten Up' ...and Jack White's the *******, right?
    Because everyone on UG just loves Justin Bieber and Nickleback. And using peoples' songs in commercials without compensating them.
    I really wonder if this dude could get away without saying the f bomb in at least one of these articles...
    I'm not one to defend Patrick Carney or Jack White, but holy shit this article is so off base. He's embarrassed that Jack White's private conversation was leaked and that he had to suffer because of it. He thought Jack sounded like an *******. This site is so bad at recording news, and the people commenting on here are so bad at actually reading the source article without the skewed Ultimate-Guitar cliffnotes.
    I think anybody who knows anything about music knows Jack White is the real deal and Auerbach and Erkel are nothing more than wannabes trying to cash in.
    Jack White is a talented songwriter and I do respect him as a musician, but just because The Black Keys are successful in the same genre doesn't mean that they're "wannabes." Plus, have you ever actually heard any of the bs Jack White has said over the years? Have you ever heard him talk about himself or his music or his contemporaries? "Real deal" or not, he comes off as an incredibly arrogant prima donna
    Both bands started around the same sort of time in different regions, so you can't really accuse The Black Keys of cashing in. Besides, Jack White did not invent the two piece Garage Rock band, nor does he have sole ownership over that idea, there have been bands before them, most notably Flat Duo Jets.
    "Jack White's an a-shole" "I don't hold grudges" Alright then.
    To be fair, the actually quote was that Jack sounded like an ass, not that he thought Jack was an ass. UG is just bad at news .
    And that Pat sympathized with Jack over his divorce, also saying that we've all said things in private that are ****ed up. :/, for shame guys, poor headline here... UG 'Readers' should learn to read.
    What's his problem? Every single week he either attacks some else's work or sues some one over a petty argument.
    Well it's not like he goes out to just slabber at someone, he gets asked a question and he responds to it how he wants to, then UG post it like he was running around screaming it at the top of his voice, while actually it was just part of a conversation.
    Controversy is a great way to get promotion. Especially when your music sucks.
    Justin Bieber then Jack White? WTF is wrong with this guy?
    Every week there's an article on here about one of the Black Keys talking shit about someone different.
    Actually, it is almost always the drummer the one who's talking shite.
    Except, in this case, where it was Jack White talking shit first. White called Auerbach the ******* first.
    That's his way of raising publicity. Just wait for a couple more years for indie to go out of style.
    Exactly! Black Keys have a new album out and he's trying to stay relevant in the media. Happens every time Black Keys are releasing something.
    You guys realize artists don't go to media looking for a handout right? It's a back and forth relationship. He was interviewed and asked a specific question, UG gets a headline for you guys to react predictably to. All artists are trying to stay relevant in 'the media', that's one of the biggest 'no shit' factors in popular entertainment. If he wasn't trying to stay relevant, he'd be bad at his job. And if he didn't answer questions, he'd be an obtuse *******.
    Blacks Keys are really starting to annoy the shit out of me, man. Shad up and play your drum set. This guy looks like the love child of Marvin Hamlisch and Mclovin.
    I have spoken to several people that have met both Patrick Carney and Jack White and from what they have told me is that Patrick Carney is actually a really nice guy and always stops to talk. On the other hand, I was talking to a guy working at a guitar shop and he said Jack White came into his store and played all the instruments and talked music all day, but later that night the guy I was talking to ran into Jack White at the bar and Jack literally turned his back on him the second he said hello.
    UG has a flair for taking statements out of context. Jack White started this, not intentionally since it was a private email, but he's the one talking shit about the keys. Patrick was asked what he thought of it, he told them. At least he's up front about it
    Exactly, Jack can say what he wants about The Black keys' music, but having a grudge with Dan to the point where he dislikes the fact that they're kids are going to the same school is rather petty and childlike. He also needs to realise that he did not invent the whole two-piece, Garage Rock formula that both bands use.
    This dude is a hyper toxic mega douche who compliments his lack of drumming chops with this serial drivel. New week, new person to talk smack about.
    He was actually justified, he just said that Jack sounded like an ass for calling his bandmate an ass.
    People should actually read the article and other interviews - he actually says he doesn't want to start any shit but everyone keeps asking him about it. He says everyone says stuff in private that makes them an ******* and Dan Auberach has never said anything about Jack White or met him more than once. He actually says he felt sorry for Jack White because he was going through a divorce and it was private stuff - much as Dan Auberach was going through a divorce and he saw how messed up it made people. Basically - Jack White didn't invent blues rock or garage rock - though he's bloody good at it. He does seem to be a total egotist not that it impacts his talent. The Black Keys have never attacked him. The article above is pretty misleading - it should say Black Keys drummer attacks TMZ for posting private shit and answers Jack White question for the 9 millionth ****ing time...
    1. Put an album out 2. Talk shit about every artist you can think of 3. ??? 4. Profit! I still like the Black Keys, though.
    I rather dislike how UG is starting to use the verb "bashing" and its conjugations more and more instead of "slamming" nowadays.
    They start talking shit everytime they are about to release a new album. It's all just marketing bs and i think it's getting old.
    Dude. Fuck this awkward hipster ****. He's insecure about his dick size and status in the music industry, so he talks shit about every other artist. He'll get his ass beat soon
    I don't understand how you got censored for saying shit but got away with saying ****
    I'm honestly having trouble making sense of this article. It's a little all over the place.
    Lol. Love how the majority of the people posting just looked at the click-bait title and posted without actually reading the damn thing. I don't know who's worse, the author or the readers.
    Oh dear.. This Carney guy should shut his dick-taking mouth and go back to taking drum lessons.
    This guy is just trying to get more publicity for his mediocre band. Ignore this clown.
    Who are the black keys anyway?
    It's this band that rips off things so old that young media reporters think it's a new thing. Then when their music won't cut it they get attention by bashing famous musicians.
    Sounded more like: Yeah, he's an *******, what about it? More then: That *******'s an *******!