Black Keys Sue Similar Songwriters

artist: The Black Keys date: 01/24/2013 category: music news

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Black Keys Sue Similar Songwriters
After settling a lawsuit against advertisers who used their songs without permission last year, the Black Keys are now targeting ad songs that merely sound similar to their own. To explain, here's how music works in advertising. A company could buy the rights to a song by a major artist like the Black Keys, but it's expensive. If they want the Black Keys sound and style for less money, a company can go to a production house who can record something similar but with a different composition to avoid lawsuits. That is, until now. Billboard reports that the band are taking Pinnacle Entertainment and Manhattan Production Music to court for using "substantially similar" music in their adverts for a chain of casinos. It is alleged that a representative for the casino had casually mentioned that the apparently similar song was "a licensed track inspired by 'Howlin' for You' by The Black Keys." It seems like the band picked up on this admission, and a similar comment on the casino's Twitter feed. Meanwhile, drummer Patrick Carney says musicians should never feel entitled to anything. "We've definitely worked hard, but a lot of bands have worked just as hard. You just have to feel really lucky. Never feel like youre entitled to it because then you just sort of turn into a prick," he told 93XRT. Hear "Howlin' For You" by the Black Keys here:
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