Black Label Society: New Drummer

artist: Black Label Society date: 05/03/2011 category: music news
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Due to the commitments he had with Evanescence, drummer Will Hunt left heavy metal group Black Label Society while they were touring earlier this year. Danzig drummer Johnny Kelly then stepped in for the remainder of the tour, but had no plans to stay. With the group about to embark on a new tour, they have now released the name of their new, official drummer. According to, Will Hunt is to be replaced by Mike Froedge, a drummer who has played for both doubleDrive and Speed X. Froedge came to acquaint himself with Black Label Society through rhythm guitarist Nick Catanese, who also played with Speed X. Black Label Society will be kicking off the upcoming Uranium tour (along with All That Remains and Hail The Villain) on May 4th and will conclude their performances on June 5th. The band will also be releasing "The Song Remains Not The Same", an album that will feature both new material and unplugged versions of some of their songs from their most recent album, "Order Of The Black". Anyway, it's nice to know that some bands don't need a reality show to tell us who their new drummer is... (just kidding Dream Theater, I love you guys!)
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