Black Lips Frontman Criticizes 'Righteous' Lorde in New Interview

Cole Alexander also reveals that band planned collaboration with Kesha.

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Black Lips frontman Cole Alexander has been speaking to AV Club (via NME) about his thoughts on the state of popular music. Alexander notes that he takes particular issue with Lorde, criticizing the righteous tone of her song "Royals:"

"I was looking over the lyrics and in the song she seems to be criticizing what's going on in pop music, like when people are talking about excess opulence, gold teeth and Maybachs. Most of the people that are rapping about Maybachs and diamonds come from really 'torn-up towns.' I'm going on assumptions, but I feel like a lot of these guys are from Compton or these f--king ghettos like Memphis, and their parts of town are way more torn up than hers. I think it's a bit righteous of her."

The singer also revealed that Black Lips had been planning a collaboration with Kesha, which ultimately fell through:

"Kesha asked us to go on a tour a couple of years ago and we didn't go. Her music is totally opposite to us, but we came to her with the idea of doing a track and we talked with her about it, but we never did it. I don't think Lorde even makes the cut; I don't think she's as far opposite as Kesha is. She's straight in the middle."

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    This might have been douchey to say, but Black Lips actually have some really good garage rock/psychedelic stuff. Really inluenced by early 60's stuff like The Sonics and The 13th Floor Elevators.
    I don't care for Lorde, but I can tell that this prick has no idea what he's talking about.
    And how is criticising materialism "righteous"? (sorry for double post, no edit button today!)
    I completely agree with him in regards to Lorde. The song lyrics are an obvious attempt to demonize excess materialism. As if the rappers who came from slums to riches should feel bad about enjoying the spoils of their work. What the heck is wrong with spending the money you earn on things that you want? It is a bit self righteous. With that being said, who in the heck are the Black Lips?