Black Metal Supergroup Recruits Thurston Moore

artist: Sonic Youth date: 08/01/2012 category: music news
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Black Metal Supergroup Recruits Thurston Moore
Sonic Youth founder and guitarist Thurston Moore has, believe it or not, joined a black metal supergroup, Twilight. The lineup now consists of Blake Judd from Nachtmystium, Stavros Giannopoulos from the Atlas Moth, Jef Whitehead from Leviathan, Neil Jameson from Krieg, and includes producer Sanford Parker. Wow. Blake Judd can't believe his luck to have a hero like Moore join his band: "I had Sonic Youth records when I was 12," Judd told Rolling Stone, "and to now know that, not only am I having a dialogue with this person about anything, but dude's gonna join a band I started, and it's like... whoah. F--king amazing, amazing feeling. "You know Century Media could offer us $100,000 to make that Twilight record and say: 'Blake, you get ninety percent of that money but Thurston Moore's not gonna be on the record, or, you can be on it and we'll give you 10 grand and that's what you have to make it work.' And I would, I would take the 10 grand and work with Thurston. That's like how much I love Sonic Youth." Sonic Youth is currently in an indefinite hiatus after Moore separated from bassist and singer Kim Gordon last year, ending 27 year years of marriage. To fill his spare time, Moore is also fronting a new band called Chealsea Light Moving, and a project with his ex-wife and Yoko Ono titled "YOKOKIMTHURSTON" will be released in September.
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