Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take On The Pogues

artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club date: 07/21/2010 category: music news

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are taking part in Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary celebration by covering Dirty Old Town by the late Ewan MacColl, made famous by The Pogues. Originally written as a descriptive for a clearly unfortunate northern industrial town, the track is now is universally associated with the Emerald Isle's capital, Dublin. You can watch all of the artist's videos as well as download the tracks for the Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary celebration here. Dr. Martens recruited 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track that they think represents the spirit of people who wear their spin on cowflesh fashion, and 10 directors to build accompanying videos. Here, director Matt Dilmore helps put the essence of BRMC into the song with a black and white video that captures a unique taste of Dublin most may overlook. Thanks for the report to
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