Black Sabbath Announce 2013 European Tour

Metal veterans hit the road this November in Finland.

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Black Sabbath have confirmed six UK shows in December as part of their European tour in support of new album 13.

They'll appear in London, Belfast, Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham at the end of the year, following the release of their first record with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978.

Here's the band's current live dates list:

11/20 - Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Arena

11/22 - Stockholm, Sweden - Friends Arena

11/24 - Oslo, Norway - Telenor Arena

11/26 - Denmark, Copenhagen - Forum

11/28 - Holland, Amsterdam - Ziggo Dome

11/30 - Dortmund, Germany - Westfalenhalle

12/02 - Paris, France - Bercy

12/05 - Milan, Italy - Fiera Arena

12/07 - Prague, Czech Republic - 02 Arena

12/10 - London, UK - 02 Arena

12/12 - Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey Arena

12/14 - Sheffield, UK - Arena

12/16 - Glasgow, UK - Hydro

12/18 - Manchester, UK - Arena

12/20 - Birmingham, UK - LG Arena

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    Shut up and take my money. I guess i have to see them now....
    i just hope that they haven't bitten off more than they can chew and have to cancel any dates and disappoint anyone.
    half of them are in the uk though, so we're talking a maximum of 2 hours journey time between each concert. you have a fair point though, if you look at the rate the rolling stones have had to pace themselves (have tickets for hyde park 6/6/13 btw, cant wait!)
    Nice, 3 UK dates not far from here. Right now, I just wanna celebrate it with their first 3 albums... ...and porn.
    Im so happy they're finishing up their tour in Birmingham, nice one guys - see you there!
    I still don't get why they have to do 6 shows in England and also only 9 shows in the rest of Europe...
    'Cause the UK is the biggest music market in Europe? Especially as they're from the UK?
    This is slightly annoying. If things go the way I want them to, I will be in Wales for the London gig, and London for the Birmingham gig, and if I book either in advance, I have no doubt there will be a cock up with where I am, and that the tickets will cost all the money I am desparately trying to save...
    I'm going to take this as a sign that Tony Iommi is feeling better. That's great news in itself. I hope they come to America after this. I'd love to see them.
    great! i will be there! last year i saw ozzy 2 times and now the original black sabbath! :
    anvil is god
    >still not the right drummer
    I was one of the lucky ones that saw them at download festival. Brad Wilks was amazing. I'm not going to deny everyone wanted Bill ward, but still, it is not such a big difference. when the album comes out, you will all see.
    Brad is a truely underrated drummer very unique style, not too technical but a solid metal drummer.
    I hope they make it to the States before something bad happenes to one of em. I saw ozzy at the free ozzfest years ago and he was rushed to the hospital after the show cuz of a blood clot in his leg..
    Yes! Birmingham! Only a short drive from the South West Brilliant! Hurry up pay day!!!!!1
    Nowhere South-East enough in the UK for my liking, but whatever, I'll travel to London for Black Sabbath any day of the f*cking week!
    No Dublin date? Aww... I don't really get that, Dublin is a bigger city with bigger venues, it would make much more sense than Belfast... Oh well...
    I would gladly fly to the UK to see them while they're fresh. I hope Tony can make it to the States in good health.