Black Sabbath Announce First North America Tour Date

The world tour schedule is heating up as the band draw nearer to the June 11 release date for their hotly-anticipated new album "13".

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Black Sabbath have announced the first in what will be a series of North American live dates as part of their forthcoming world tour in support of their eagerly-anticipated new album "13".

Fans in Toronto, Canada, will get the chance to see them play at the Air Canada Centre on August 14, with more dates in the region to be announced in the coming days. Tickets for the event go on sale from April 13.

The world tour will run from late July to September. Previous dates to be confirmed include appearances in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, with European dates expected to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath have been working with producer Rick Rubin to wrap up production on their record the first with Ozzy Osbourne as frontman in 18 years.

"13" will be released in several formats ranging from a standard CD to a super-deluxe box set with a documentary film shot by Jack Osbourne. You can see a clip of his footage with Sabbath in the studio in the player below.

Anyone who places a pre-order will enter the running for a pair of VIP tickets to the official "13" launch event in London, which includes flights, accommodation and a meet-and-greet with the band, according to Blabbermouth.

Watch the "13" album trailer shot by Jack Osbourne here:

YouTube preview picture

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    FUCK YEAH!!! i live in Toronto, time to save up 500 bucks to see them in the noose bleeds... yaaaay!
    I know that this has been beaten to death, but I still feel weird about it being called a reunion without Bill Ward. Fine, call it Black Sabbath, but don't trick people who don't know about the group into coming to a show on a "reunion" tour.
    It was called "Black Sabbath" with Dio. It was called "Black Sabbath" with Tony Martin, etc, etc. It was called "Black Sabbath" when Tony Iommi was the ONLY original member left, why can't it be called Black Sabbath now?
    Barry Dingle
    Hi Izzy..glad you read rock-n-roll's comment in it's entirity. And look at all the brian surgeons who agree with you! I come for the article, but stay for comments.
    I wish they would come to Israel. Ozzy brought the ozzfest to Israel at 2010 and it was amazing, the best day of my life.
    Barry Dingle
    Looks like with Slayer and Sabbath this is the year of downsizing or better known as "let's shitcan the skin basher so we can make more money". I shall proceed with acquiring both new albums by $layer and $abbath the same way they employ their back beat- Through the most cost effective way possible.
    Sure. Since you know all the details pertaining to the issue. Got it. Thanks for the enlightenment.