Black Sabbath Confirm Full North American Tour

Band reveals the complete itinerary for their upcoming summer North American tour.

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Metal masters Black Sabbath have officially announced the complete itinerary for their upcoming summer North American tour. With a European concert trek already announced, the band will now see most of 2013 on the road, doing what they like best.

With a total of 20 live dates, the tour will kick off on July 25 in Houston, Texas, stretching all the way to September 3 and the Los Angeles, California performance. The global tour was previously launched on April 20 in Auckland, New Zeland, with the metal icons truly setting the Vector Arena afire.

The opening show also saw the group performing the new track "End of the Beginning," whose official premiere has been confirmed for the this season's finale of the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" series. Seeing that the band has recently also streamed the first "13" single "God is Dead?," fans remain hopeful to hear as much of the new material live as possible.

"Following the overwhelming response to the initial announcement of just four tour dates, Black Sabbath have now confirmed a full 20-city North American trek," reads the official announcement. "Launching July 25 in Houston, TX, the tour will include shows in Philadelphia, Boston, Tinley Park (Chicago), San Francisco and other major markets, along with the previously announced stops in Holmdel, NJ (NY-area), Los Angeles, Seattle and Toronto, ON."

Tickets will be available for sale via Live Nation and starting on May 3. You can check out the full North American tour schedule below.

Comeback Sabbath album "13" is set for a June 11 release via Vertigo/Universal Records as the group's first effort to feature Ozzy Osbourne on vocals since 1978 and "Never Say Die."

07/25 Houston, Texas - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 07/27 Austin, Texas - Frank Erwin Center 07/29 Tampa, Fla. - Live Nation Amphitheatre 07/31 W. Palm Beach, Fla - Cruzan Amphitheatre 08/02 Bristow, Va. - Jiffy Lube Live 08/04 Holmdel, N.J. - PNC Bank Arts Center 08/06 Detroit, Mich. - DTE Energy Music Theatre 08/08 Uncasville, Conn. - Mohegan Sun Arena 08/10 Philadelphia, Pa. - Wells Fargo Center 08/12 Boston, Mass. - Comcast Center 08/14 Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre 08/16 Tinley Park, Ill. - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre 08/18 Indianapolis, Ind. - Klipsch Music Center 08/22 Vancouver, British Columbia - Rogers Arena 08/24 Seattle, Wash. - Gorge Amphitheatre 08/26 San Francisco, Calif. - Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View 08/28 Irvine, Calif. - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 08/30 Phoenix, Ariz. - US Airways Center 09/01 Las Vegas, Nev. - MGM Grand Garden Arena 09/03 Los Angeles, Calif. - Los Angeles Sports Arena

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    this sucks they aren't coming to Ohio, bummer.
    For real. Part of me wants to make the trek to see them but that'd turn into a really expensive concert for me really quickly.
    a drummer
    Indy ain't far away, at least from where i lived in Cincinnati. but i think'd be worth it for some Sabbath
    Saw them in Auckland NZ last weekend and all I can say is that you guys are in for a Fucking treat
    Now to see if I can get tickets to the Tinley Park show....though the ticket price is probably going to be astronomically high since its Black mother****ing Sabbath!
    No Buffalo, No Cleveland, No Pittsburgh, yet again the rustbelt gets screwed. Hopefully it'll be like they toured with Heaven and Hell and will come back on a second leg.
    Face R1pper
    As much as I would love to see Tony and Geezer again, I can't justify spending $100 on a show with an uncertain outcome.
    I'm going to. I still kick myself for missing out and Heaven & Hell when they toured with Judas Priest and came close to where I live. No more regrets!
    NZ boss
    oi. Black sabbath came to my country ( New Zealand) and i went on the 20th of april 2013 and best money spent. trust me the out come is ****ing insane. they still all rock out %100 and the new drummer of course not bill ward but the new drummer was insane and rocked out the hardest. it even had music sites all excited because its still black sabbath!!! best NZ$120 i'v ever spent.
    .....Fuck, if they don't announce ticket dates for Edmonton/Calgary I may just go to Toronto.....
    This. Or Vancouver. I'm an hour away from Calgary, and a few from Edmonton. Either way, I'd be ****ing happy if they announced one of the two :/ Please Sabbath Pleaseee lol.
    I had no idea they were announcing more dates! I'm from Virginia and I bought tickets for New Jersey haha
    Contrary to popular belief, Seattle does not occupy much, by territory of Washington state. The Gorge Ampitheater - I discovered there are these things called "maps" - is about 150 miles away from Seattle, ergo it cannot be IN Seattle. Granted, you wouldn't want to be in Seattle. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy, yuppies, hippies and those abominable, insufferable, god-forsaken swine, the hipsters.
    Looks like a pretty good run of dates. It's funny enough when someone books a show at the amphitheater in Ridgefield, WA and then calls it their Portland, OR show (happens all the time), but calling a show at the Gorge Amphitheater a Seattle show just makes my brain hurt. Portland to Ridgefield is maybe 15-25 minutes, but Seattle to George is 2 1/2 hours!! 150 miles!!
    I hate when bands say "FULL NORTH AMERICAN TOUR!!" and then only have like 2 or 3 Canadian dates. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
    I live in florida, was so worried that they wouldn't play here that a bought a ticket to the jersey gig... for 125 plus a plane ticket. and now theyre playing two gigs here???? -.-
    Ugh, Shoreline Amphitheatre is really the worst sounding venue I've ever been in. I don't know why a lot of bands keep playing there. Anyways, it's ****ing Black Sabbath so I'll try to get tickets if I can afford the costs.
    a drummer
    size and location. Plus it's a sweet outdoor venue, but i agree the sound sucked at the few shows i've seen there.
    PS these tickets(at least for Toronto went on sale April 20th). Way to be always behind UG
    They need more shows in the middle part of the US. Such as Denver, Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis, etc. Seems like most of their shows are close to borders and coasts.
    Yet again, these tour routers don't seem to own a map. The Comcast Center is in Mansfield, 35 miles south of Boston. The DTE Theater is in Clarkston, 45 miles north of Detroit. The Klipsch Theater is in Noblesville, 30 miles north of Indianapolis. And the Gorge is literally 2.5 hours outside of Seattle.
    Damn, I wish there were southeast stops outside of Florida. I was hoping for Atlanta when I opened this up.
    Fuck yes Vegas! Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath same month! Going to buy those tix soon as they go on sale like I did with the Iron Maiden tix.
    'Full North American Tour" 2 Dates in Canada
    I think that the term "full" is only added to differentiate from, say, a 7-date mini-tour. It certainly shouldn't be implied that they'll actually cover every state or province in North America. That'd be a bit much, despite the fact that everyone would love it (of course).
    It sucks its not all four original members I saw the original lineup at ozzfest which was amazing, with that being said I'm still going to this show no matter what
    damn it! They're coming to where I live but it's the same day as the JT/Jay-Z concert I got a ticket for. WHY?!?!?!?!
    you dont really expect us pitty you for that comment right ?
    Nobody on here ever seems to recognize sarcasm.
    i agree, ive made some pretty funny comments here at least i thought they were and all i get is downvotes, Nobody has a sense of humor here, what the ****!!!
    Dude both of those guys will be around for a while still. I won't bash your musical interests cause I like Jay-Z also, but Black Sabbath is Black Sabbath. They are legendary and they are also older, and that's just reality. We're lucky to have this even. I was really looking forward to seeing Heaven and Hell after that album they did, but well everyone knows what happened there.
    Crimson Ghost
    I saw Justin Timberlake live a couple months ago at this private show and Jay Z came out. That show was excellent. If you already have tickets to that, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'm going to see Sabbath this year and that will be a great show too. Not too many people on this site seem open minded when it comes to music.
    And Not too many people realize Sabbath is far superior to jay z..and moreover Sabbath is a once in a lifetime thing
    I just hate how what half of people like that do is essentially karaoke.
    My Last Words
    Justin Timberlake is actually really good from what I've heard. But yeah, it aint metal so it probably sucks, right?
    Crimson Ghost
    how so? pretty much every pop artist I've seen live had excellent backing bands. They get the top session musicians to play. It's what Elvis and Sinatra did. It shouldn't take away credibility. Lots of rock bands use excessive amounts of tracks. That's not really a fair basis to judge pop music.
    Yes and No. Nuno Bettencourt was playing with Rhianna acouple of years ago. How many times do you think he was shredding solos to songs like "Umbrella" and "Shine Bright Like a Diamond?" Probably not all that often. Unfortunately, session or touring musicians with extreme skill are usually forced to dumb it down for the pop audiences.
    Crimson Ghost
    Shredding doesn't make you a good musician. The backing bands for major pop artists are extremely precise and perform tighter than pretty much anyone. They can outplay most musicians if they wanted to, but they don't need to. It's because the average music fan doesn't care about technicality; they care about if something sounds good or not. I've been lucky enough to work with a lot of musicians, and the best ones are the ones who appreciate pop music. They're all technically fantastic players, but they know how to play for the song and that's what's most important. They're also the ones who have great timing, because they know the importance of practicing to a click.
    Phoenix V
    Yeah but this is meant to be a guitar based site. So bringing up Jason Timberlake or Rhianna to this audience is relevant how? If they were guitarists, maybe I'd take more notice.
    Justin Timberlake even being in the same breath with Black Sabbath is barfable.
    I saw Jay Z because Slash was playing earlier in the day, and it was just boring and he was singing over a CD the whole time
    Seeing two renowned pop/hip hop acts who can perform, get a crowd involved and are at their peak vs a band who are well into their 60s without their original drummer who had a huge part in defining their sound where you'll be surrounded by a predominantly 40+ crowd? I think you know the right choice
    last year, ozzy osbourne, me with two girls a lot of beer and some sweet leaf in the crowd! what the ****? ITS BLACK SABBATH!
    In most cases I would agree with you that seeing aging bands isn't usually worth it, but a few people who have caught Sabbath's shows recently have said they were really on top of things and their setlists have been quite nice too.
    I'm going to the Toronto show. I hope i'm blown away. These guys are the gods of metal. Anyone who want to go be prepared for 300 dollar decent seats. These internet sites and ticket master are evil blood suckers. but on the positive this is historical. Full Horns
    anyone concidering indianapolis,if they can,won't be disappointed.Awsome venue.Crazy crowd.Black Sabbath.Not much else to say but try to get pavillian seats.Costs but sound and shelter +++ Ill be there,bet!