Black Sabbath, Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin Among Grammys 2014 Winners

Daft Punk score big, QOTSA go zero from three, Metallica/Lang Lang and QOTSA/NIN/Grohl/Buckingham performances streaming inside.

Ultimate Guitar

The guitar-driven sound received a fair share of honors at this year's Grammy Awards, giving recognition to the likes of Black Sabbath, Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin and more.

Legendary Sabbath expectedly scored the Best Metal Performance title, while Grohl made it big twice, fetching the Best Rock Song award for Paul McCartney collaboration "Cut Me Some Slack," as well as Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media with his "Sound City: Real to Reel" project.

Speaking of McCartney, the former Beatle brought home the Best Music Film and Best Surround Sound Album titles thanks to his "Live Kisses." Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" was named Best Rock Album, while Vampire Weekend's "Modern Vampires of the City" was dubbed Best Alternative Music Album.

Daft Punk were the big winners of the ceremony, scoring a maximum total of five Grammys out of five nominations. Despite three nominations, Queens of the Stone Age left the show empty-handed.

As Loudwire points out, late great Jeff Hanneman of Slayer got somewhat of a snub during the ceremony's "In Memoriam" segment. Making matters even worse, Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr was also absent from the tribute. Although metal did receive recognition this year, the massive musical impact of both Hanneman and Burr simply shouldn't have been forgotten. And for the music fans, it never won't be.

In related news_backup, HD footage of Metallica's "One" performance with classical pianist Lang Lang surfaced online, make sure to give it a listen in the player below. And, of course, check out the Nine Inch Nails/QOTSA/Dave Grohl/Lindsey Buckingham performing "Copy of A/My God Is the Sun" live mashup.

Check out some of the notable categories and their respective winners below, full list over at

Best Metal Performance

"T.N.T.," Anthrax
"God Is Dead?," Black Sabbath
"The Enemy Inside," Dream Theater
"In Due Time," Killswitch Engage
"Room 24," Volbeat featuring King Diamond

Best Rock Song

"Ain't Messin 'Round," Gary Clark Jr.
"Cut Me Some Slack," Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear
"Doom and Gloom," Rolling Stones
"God Is Dead?," Black Sabbath
"Panic Station," Muse

Best Rock Performance

"Always Alright," Alabama Shakes
"The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," David Bowie
"Radioactive," Imagine Dragons
"Kashmir (Live)," Led Zeppelin
"My God Is the Sun," Queens of the Stone Age
"I'm Shakin'," Jack White

Best Rock Album

"13," Black Sabbath
"The Next Day," David Bowie
"Mechanical Bull," Kings of Leon
"Celebration Day," Led Zeppelin
"...Like Clockwork," Queens of the Stone Age
"Psychedelic Pill," Neil Young with Crazy Horse

Best Alternative Music Album

"The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You," Neko Case
"Trouble Will Find Me," The National
"Hesitation Marks," Nine Inch Nails
"Lonerism," Tame Impala
"Modern Vampires of the City," Vampire Weekend

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media

"Django Unchained"
"The Great Gatsby"
"Les Miserables"
"Muscle Shoals"
"Sound City: Real to Reel"

Best Recording Package

"Automatic Music Can Be Fun," Geneseo
"Long Night Moon," Reckless Kelly
"Magna Carta ... Holy Grail," Jay-Z
"Metallica Through the Never," Metallica
"The Next Day," David Bowie

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

"Annie Up," Pistol Annies
"The Blue Room," Madeleine Peyroux
"The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," Alice in Chains
"...Like Clockwork," Queens of the Stone Age
"The Moorings," Andrew Duhon
"Random Access Memories," Daft Punk

Best Surround Sound Album

"Live Kisses," Paul McCartney
"Sailing the Seas of Cheese," Primus
"Signature Sound Opus One," Various Artists
"Sixteen Sunsets," Jane Ira Bloom
"Sprung Rhythm," Richard Scerbo & Inscape

Best Music Film

"Live 2012," Coldplay
"Cuatro," Green Day
"I'm in I'm out and I'm Gone: The Making of Get Up!," Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite"Live Kisses," Paul McCartney"The Road to Red Rocks," Mumford & Sons

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    Best Rock Performance..Imagine Dragons, they aren't even joking. It's an alright band but come on in a category with Bowie, QOTSA, Led Zeppelin and Jack White. Sad.
    dont worry man according to their wikipedia page, because i had to google them to find out who the **** they were, theyre alternative indie and electronic rock
    dont worry man according to their wikipedia page, because i had to google them to find out who the **** they were, theyre alternate, indie and electronic rock, with so many genres how could they not win?
    but they won best ROCK performance..... Sure indie can be classified as a type of rock, but I cringe when i see the genre ELECTRONIC rock
    Imagine Dragons are not rock.. That award should have gone to QOTSA or Led Zeppelin
    The songs themselfs on the radio arent, but live I consider them to lean towards the rock side. it's pop-rock for me
    Tame Impala were beaten by... Vampire Weekend? My day is officially ruined.
    Came here to say exactly that. Fuck the Grammys. IDGAF if they recognized Sabbath and Zeppelin, it's 40 years too late.
    Got it right there, HUGE Zeppelin fan, but they won for pretty much a compilation album. Grammys know they made a mistake not handing them one when they were actually making that music...Queens shouldve taken best rock album
    Great performance from NIN/QOTSA/Dave/Lindsey, but seriously, Fuck those ads.
    Trent Reznor's great message to the Grammys on Twitter: "Music's biggest night... to be disrespected. A heartfelt F*CK YOU guys." He couldn't be more right. I was pissed that they got cut off.
    I always thought it was slightly childish for artists to use Grammys as door stops or say shyte that they aren’t supposed to but that was the first time I watched it and I have to say what an absolute cheese ball event for the zombie-fied masses. I try to accept some moneyfactured music sometimes but they are making it difficult for me. I was cringing so hard I thought my insides would burst out my sphincter. It was so inorganic I can’t believe queens, NIN & co even agreed to it, I almost laughed like a crazy person by the time they put the advertisement on through their songs. They say we work to live and we live for poetry, music, art, beauty, family but this is turning all of that into some kind of … I don’t know, I have no words.
    Metallica announces new collaboration album with Lang Lang title LaLa. It will feature the sequel to the smash hit I Am The Table, titled Table II: And You Are The Chairs. But seriously, Lang Lang actually sounded pretty great with One, but I somewhat feel like the piano and guitar sounds were clashing a bit.
    It pissed me the **** off that they didn't include Jeff and Clive in the "In Memoriam" segment.
    They left Layne Staley off the bit back in '02/'03 That's when my indifference towards award ceremonies turned into contempt
    At least they included Chi. But if your going to include him, it seems right to include the other metal musicians, too.
    Might get some hate for this but I think it's unfair that Zeppelin won or was even nominated for a live album over all the other albums that had been new and fresh for the last year.
    I agree completely. No matter how good it is, it's still a live album comprised of songs that were written decades ago. It's not new material.
    That's because there is NO MORE ROCK being produced at this time and these sorry excuses that you are all crying about is just that ...a sorry excuse for what rock was and has become....
    Like Clockwork? The Next Day? I don't care if you like the albums or not there were plenty of straight up rock albums around the Grammys lists. But I'll just let you wallow in your nostalgia.
    If you only listen to mainstream radio then sure, but if you're actually looking for music then you're completely wrong.
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here? 13? Even Super Collider is better than Daft Punk.
    Music wise I completely disagree, there are loads of very talented rock bands out there, putting out great albums. You just have to look for it. However, attitude wise I tend to agree. No rock band today acts like a rock band. It's like rock for them is just a genre of music, whist in the past it used to be a way of life. Nowadays rock bands are just politically correct and apologetic. That crazy, wild side has been lost. Though the fans are partially to blame, they have all become politically correct as well.
    I wouldn't say it's become politically correct and apologetic, just more down to earth, or in the Alternative and Indie scenes that seems to be the case. There's very few people who can pull off the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle/attitude nowadays and not have it become a complete cringefest.
    And wasn't the album already recorded several years ago? It was a DVD that they made into a CD.
    It seems just because a band actually plays instruments nowadays they are rock, no disrespect to Imagine Dragons, but their not rock, as for the Metallica performance, I think it would of been better if the piano was played an octave lower and followed the guitar parts rather than the vocals.
    imagine dragons beat led zeppelin? wtf
    Totally agree. I hate Radioactive, and I personally love that version of "Kashmir" more than the Physical Graffiti original version.
    Not entirely sure what to think about that performance of 'one' it certainly doesn't compare to the s&m version, but i liked it, the piano was ok but didn't really add much to the song. But what the hell happened at the end of the QOTSA with the advertising? pissed me off!
    Crimes that the Grammy's committed last night: 1: QOTSA performing "My God Is The Sun" and being cut off by Delta Airlines commercial. I'm never flying with them ever again because of that. 2: Best rock album grammy went to Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Days." WTF. An album that is essentially a greatest hits album beats QOTSA'S masterpiece. Great job! (sarcasm). I love Led Zeppelin, but it's unfair that an album comprised of old hits beats a fresh album. 3. Vampire Weekend get's the award for best alternative album. I think it's safe to say that most of UG's listeners would think this is BS and that award belonged to NIN'S Hesitation Marks. 4. Snubbed Tame Impala. 5. Imagine Dragons. Nuff said' Other than that, congrats to Daft Punk for their well deserved awards and Black Sabbath deserves whatever success they acheive.
    Led Zeppelin won their grammy because they were obligated to. That was their first grammy ever. They win it out of principle that they should have won one decades ago.
    If the category is alternative I'm not sure NIN automatically beats Vampire Weekend, I'm no fan of VW, but people that like that stuff legitimately flipped their shit over their new album.
    It's not like Delta Airlines pressed the play button themselves on their commericial... The biggest crime IMO is the lip syncing. If you're going to run out of time and cut off an awesome live performance don't allow anyone to take up time lip syncing. This is the Grammys. SING or gtfo
    loved the Metallica performance. James' voice sounds great.
    Sewage Rat
    Just seeing all the praise for metallica, and how it was lang lang who was the weak part...c'mon they were so out of tune and out of time and kirks tone was god awful, lang lang was the only listenable part. Nonetheless I thought it was kickass
    Fucking Tame Impala got beat by Vampire Weekend's decent album? I hated MVOTC the first time that I listened to it, and every listen past that gives me the verdict that it's an okay album, but Lonerism is incredible. Also, why the FUCK were Imagine Dragons nominated for Best Rock Performance anyway? They're the least "rock" out of all of the nominees in that category? I also don't know how I feel about Zeppelin winning Best Rock Album. It's good...but I'd say either Bowie or Queens deserved that award. At least Kings of Leon didn't win.
    metallica themselves played quite well but i dont think lang lang really added anything sounded like random piano wanking a lot of the time and the solo after the first verse what he was playing clashed with kirk
    I liked he One performance the the piano solos weren't necessary. Other than that I'm glad Sabbath and Zeppelin won a grammy.
    Weird I liked the piano solos and Metallica sounded out of time and James's singing was painful.
    I actually kind of like that Imagine Dragons song, but shouldn't have been nominated for best alternative song instead?
    It seems just because a band actually plays instruments nowadays they are rock, no disrespect to Imagine Dragons, but their not rock, as for the Metallica performance, I think it would of been better if the piano was played an octave lower and followed the guitar parts rather than the vocals.
    oh the hypocrisy of the UG community on the jethro tull article saying how "out of touch" and "pointless" the grammys are and now someone you like has won the award this article has 100 percent likes. so tell me why you "like" it if the grammys are so out of touch and rubbish and all that?
    Good movie making is represented at the Oscars. I wish that good music was equally heralded at the Grammys.
    Normally I don't even watch the Grammys, but this year's was a decent one, I'll say that, great performances, and good rock bands got recognition.
    imagine dragons over jack white?!?!?! PLEASE, Jack white can play twinkle twinkle little star better than Radioactive (not taking any credit away from the song, im just annoyed that they are even nominated for this)
    Vampire Weekend's new album is amazing. If you're a fan of good music you should be able to appreciate how good it is, regardless of whether or not you're a fan of theirs.
    I could care less who wins the meaningless awards, but to not include Jeff and Clive in the Memoriam is unacceptable, downright shameful, and embarrassing. Oh yeah - F*CK the Grammy's anyway.
    At least "Cut Me Some Slack" is a rock song, but seems very contrived. Led Zeppelin still receiving nominations? If this is the case, I think they should give Pink Floyd a performance award for The Wall. How is the best-engineered album determined? What about the Daft Punk album is special?
    "Although metal did receive recognition this year, the massive musical impact of both Hanneman and Burr simply shouldn't have been forgotten. And for the music fans, it never won't be ." I can't even .... how .... This isn't even an editing problem - that last sentence doesn't make sense as a self-contained unit, let alone that it actually negates the claim in the previous sentence. 'Never won't' is a double negative, meaning that it means 'will' - they're saying that Hanneman and Burr will be forgotten. And what is 'it'? If they're still talking about the artists, then should it be 'they won't be'. Jesus, UG. I get that you don't have money to throw into these news articles, but could you at least find a volunteer who knows how to write?
    who the **** are imagine dragons?? never heard them in my life!!
    As much as I love Zeppelin, I don't see how Celebration Day is the best album of the year. I think QOTSA deserved it a lot more since it's an actual (great) album, and not a live.
    Alice in Chains lost to Daft Punk. Damn. I wanted to see what Jerry Cantrell would reinvent with that Grammy trophy, just like the MTV award toilet paper holder lol.
    After seeing Imagine Dragons, a rock band that isn't a rock band, take home best rock performance over Zeppelin, Bowie, Jack White, and QOTSA, I should've realized that the finale I so desperately longed to see- so much so that I sat through abomination after abomination (minus Paul and Ringo)- was inevitably doomed.
    I didn't even know it was possible for my Josh Homme man crush to escalate but... damn!
    i like paul mccartney and nirvana, but that song sounds like it was written in half an hour from a single jam session. they have plenty of slack already.
    Thats such a weird list. Sabbeth, zeppelin, qotsa, foos all mentioned in a award show. Its like a surreal dream list and its awesome.
    Way Cool JR.
    I remember when the Grammys used to be worth watching. Now it's just torture in hopes that I will hopefully see something that's good. I had to give up in the last hour of it. And it took everything out of me just to make it to that point.
    Is Ultimate Guitar above Pop Music? Where's the praise for Lorde? Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year Repping it for NZ.
    Lonerism, I still love you but Vampire Weekend is good too. They're really different bands and I think it's stupid to "award" music anyway. But they obviously dont care about rock music too much since they cut QOTSA performance and had that horrible collaboration between grandpa Hetfield and Lang Lang the Chinese pianist.
    So that imagine dragons song, which was the most popular is better than David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack White? The answer is no
    Black Sabbath gets nominated for both best ROCK and best METAL categories. They should make up their mind, because in the case of awards that matters. Led Zeppelin get the best rock ALBUM award? That's just a live show. Not even a compilation of best live performances. No new material on it. As good as the show is, I don't think it deserves to win over any other record that had NEW music (as opposed to the one that has already been released before) on it.