Black Sabbath 'Ecstatic, Surprised and Very Happy' About Grammy 2014 Nominations

Ozzy shares excitement regarding the "13" success.

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With Black Sabbath being among the top-nominated rockers of next year's Grammy Awards ceremony, singer Ozzy Osbourne couldn't contain the excitement about the success of the band's latest effort "13." "We are ecstatic, surprised and very happy!" Ozzy briefly commented (via Blabbermouth) about the nods. With a total of three nominations, Sabbath are leading the way for the rock crowd along with US rockers Queens of the Stone Age, who also managed to bag three nominations. The rest of the guitar-driven nominees includes the likes of Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Jack White and more. Check out full info about Grammys 2014 here. Also reacting to Grammy nods, metallers Killswitch Engage have praised the recognition of metal by more mainstream media, calling it refreshing. Similarly, prog veterans Dream Theater have dubbed their second consecutive nomination "mind-blowing." "We are all incredibly honored and excited about being nominated for a Grammy this year!" DT crew stated via press release. "News of our first nomination two years ago was amazing and now to be nominated for a second time is just mind blowing! We're so proud to be included in such an awesome group of bands and extremely grateful to all the academy members who voted for us. To us the acknowledgment, affirmation and recognition of progressive music by the Grammys is especially meaningful and rewarding for us. Best of luck to all the nominees - and thank you once again!"

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    Its not even about the award so to speak, just to know that people are hearing you're music for what it is.
    The Grammy's are a corrupt business. They chose Jethro Tull over Metallica for the first ver Hard Rock/Metal grammy award. Metallica had ...And Justice For All nominated. But Tull won, I was outraged. Also In 1980, Christopher Cross beat albums from Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, and Pink Floyd for Album of the year. WTF, man.
    I agree. I couldn't believe when last year Halestorm won best rock/metal performance over Anthrax, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Lamb of God.
    They have an attractive female lead, that is literally the only reason Halestorm is popular at all.
    As much as I love Black Sabbath and as much as I enjoyed their new records, there's so many older acts in the rock slots compared to other genres with newer artists it makes rock seem very held back.
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    Especially the inclusion for a cover. Would have been nice to have seen a band's original work in that category in place of the cover.
    Don't know why bands get excited over awards. They mean nothing and they certainly don't prove how good an act is by winning one. Black Sabbath definitely don't need any to show just how great their music is, their songs speak for themselves
    they may mean nothing in our minds but still don't you think you'd be a bit happy to see your work being appreciated like that?
    If I was Kanye West maybe I would but honestly, not really. All I'd ever ask for would be for people to enjoy listening to the music I'd bring out and I'd leave it at that. To me, awards are nothing. An appreciative fanbase is all I'd ever want
    They're just being grateful. If someone nominated my music for a Grammy, even though they don't mean anything, I certainly wouldn't be a **** about it. I doubt they care a whole lot but its just being nice.
    You don't know why they get excited? Shock horror - it's nice to have your work appreciated!
    What, the fans not enough appreciation? And the people handing these awards out don't really care, they're just trying to sell their shows with popular artists
    I don't know why they're so surprised. No matter how unnoticed a band is during their prime by awards bureaucrats, if they achieve legend/cult status over time and make a successful comeback, nominations for big awards are almost certain to follow.