Black Sabbath 'Far Too Busy' to Think About New Album, Iommi Explains

Group to focus on touring only for now, guitarist adds.

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Although they've noted being "absolutely down for it," metal icons Black Sabbath still seem to be far from making a new studio record.

In the latest official website post, guitarist Tony Iommi noted that the band is way too busy touring to focus on the "13" follow-up.

"Well the dust has settled on the Grammys now, great to win another one but what a palaver," the guitarist stated. "As the East Coast is three hours ahead the televised part begins at 5 p.m. so you're leaving the hotel at lunchtime, all dolled up and ready for the red carpet! It was good though, plenty of interest in the album still and endless questions about what we're doing next."

Tony then touched on the matter of new material, adding, "Well it's shows in the US, Canada, and Europe, so far too busy with that to be thinking about more recording."

2013 marked a very successful year for Black Sabbath, as the band topped the charts with their comeback record "13," ultimately bagging a Best Metal Performance Grammy at this year's ceremony.

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    I wish Tony could find some time and record some songs with Tony Martin, very doubtful though.
    If they do another album I hope they do one a little bit more experimental, Rick Rubin done the same thing to them as he did with Metallica on Death Magnetic, try and make an album that sounds like your first few instead of just writing good songs that come naturally, it just sounds repetitive and unoriginal. I'm not saying 13 was bad, it was good, but it just made me want to pick up one of the first 6 albums more than anything else.
    Why the dislikes? You do have a point. While 13 was a great release, their next album should feature more 'natural' material, like the quirky short instrumental stuff seen on early albums like "Rat Salad", "Embryo", "Orchid" and "Don't Start (Too Late)", which 13 lacked. Those tracks probably didn't take long to write but they sound good. I'm sure the guys still have that in them, they just need to confine themselves a little less to sounding almost identical to themselves in the 70's to unleash it.
    I totally agree. 13 got way more recognition than it deserved. It was okay, good at best, but it wasn't the incredible comeback album of the year like everyone made it out to be. I think that they just need someone other than Rubin to produce it.
    I really liked 13, that being said I feel Rubin wasn't the right choice for them. I'm looking forward to them doing it themselves for the next one. As for drummers Cluefetos looks the part and the live shows weren't bad but he doesn't have the swing that's required to really pull off Sabbath. Not sure their is a guy who could pull it off besides Bill; maybe Jason Bonham. Still it would be close but no cigar.