Black Sabbath Feared Brad Wilk 'Wasnt Working Out'

The band took some time to get into the groove.

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Black Sabbath were not sure about Brad Wilk as the band's drummer, Classic Rock reports.

In an interview with Faster Louder, the iconic metal act's bassist Geezer Butler has been talking about the experience of working with Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk on the band's new album. As Geezer notes, there was initially some uncertainty about whether Wilk was the man for the job.

"He was great. We literally had two weeks to work with him before we recorded the songs, and the first week were going 'This guy's just not working out,' and we were panicking. And suddenly it just all fell into place.

"But we were literally doing it three songs at a time, so we had a week rehearsing at Ozzy's studio, and by the end of the week he was getting into it. So we went into the studio and recorded the first three songs with him. And that was probably where Rick [Rubin] really worked out the most. He had the definite idea of what the drummer should do, so he was communicating with Brad, and he's worked with Brad before. So he knew what he wanted from Brad with the songs. And that's the way it worked out, and he did a great job in the end."

Geezer has also offered his thoughts on the current feud with original drummer Bill Ward.

"He started the album with us, the writing stuff, and then we announced the reunion and everything, that we were all getting back together. Then Tony was diagnosed with cancer. We all got back together after Tony's first treatment, and for some reason something had happened with Bill the business side of it and it just didn't work out."

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    I think it is safe to say it worked out.
    Depends. The drumming doesn't stick out like a sore thumb but on the other hand the drumming doesn't stick out.
    Can you blame him? He got to play drums for Sabbath so of course the first week dudes gonna be shaky out of nerves. He's a tight drummer and Rage has IMO one of the tightest rhythm sections.
    yes Brad and Timmy C. are flawless.
    I don't know about flawless but they were certainly underrated in Rage and Audioslave because of how unique their vocalists and guitarist were.
    when guitar solos can basically be rhythmic noise, they keep the rhythm tight, but that's always been the secret to any great rock band.
    The album's sounding great, there has NEVER been a poor member in any Black Sabbath line-up and I don't think they're letting the bar slip now. Got this album on pre-order, should have it by Monday! (10th June release for Europe/UK)
    Lee Makky
    Brad Wilk is a seriously good drummer, I hope he stays with the band long term.
    I severely underestimated this album (I'm more of a Dio era fan, since Ozzy Sabbath was a little before my time). But the new album is fantastic
    He's a good drummer, but i just feel he was able to capture that signature sabbath sound.
    Great album bought it friday (i was release early where i am). sounds just like the first 3 albums Sabbath did. What i don't get is why they had to use Brad (don't get me wrong I love his drumming on this) on this album instead of getting Tommy to do it.
    just ward missing, this 'drum' on new album just sucks men,sucks,but the album is master piece
    The drum sucks men? Let it be, you homophobe.
    I don't think his native language is english. He probably meant "Without ward, the drumming on the new album sucks, just sucks but the album itself is a masterpiece" Personally I disagree with his viewpoint, but it's funny how righteous we UG'ers are against homophobia that your comment was upvoted when really it was probably just a lingual mishap. That or he's just a barely literate idiot.
    it was clearly a joke, like how English was clearly not the other guy's first language
    Whoever it was who played for them at DL last year was one of the best drummers I've ever seen.
    I really love Brad's work with RATM, but on the tunes I've heard I think he tries too hard to be too Bill Ward-like. He unfortunately makes the mistake of over using the same fills to the point of making them clichs. That said it could've been a hell of a lot worse.