Black Sabbath Grossed 10 Times More Money Than A7X on Latest Shows, Report Confirms

Mastodon, Dream Theater, Megadeth earning figures also unveiled, details inside.

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A recent official Boxscore report has unveiled quite a few interesting stats from the rock and metal domain, including earning and attendance figures of such icons as Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Dream Theater and more.

As expected, Sabbath are dominating the metal part of the chart as the only band making over $1 million per show, about 10 times more than Avenged Sevenfold, whose $135,000 per show figure is still no mean feat, beating the likes of mentioned Megadeth and DT.

In the not-so-strong part of the chart, Soulfly made barely above $4,000 per gig during a recent string of US dates. More info below, courtesy of Metal Injection.

Also note that the listed figures represent gross sales, meaning that the venue, promoter and others didn't get their share yet.

  • Artist: Black Sabbath & Reignwolf
  • Venue: Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center
  • Date: Mar. 31st, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $1,245,216
  • Attendance/Capacity: 12,988 / 14,061
  • Ticket Prices: $129.50, $89.50, $59.50
  • Artist: Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah & Adrenaline Mob
  • Venue: Civic Coliseum – Knoxville, TN
  • Date: May 06th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $135,329
  • Attendance/Capacity: 3,142 / 4,913
  • Ticket Prices: $49.50, $39.50, $29.50
  • Artist: Mastodon, Gojira & Kvelertak
  • Venue: Club NOKIA – Los Angeles, CA
  • Date: May 02nd, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $63,460
  • Attendance/Capacity: 2,340 / 2,340
  • Ticket Prices: $35, $25
  • Artist: Lacuna Coil
  • Venue: Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC
  • Date: May 03rd, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $7,290
  • Attendance/Capacity: 378 / 800
  • Ticket Prices: $20, $18
  • Artist: Volbeat, Trivium & Digital Summer
  • Venue: Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre
  • Date: Apr. 14th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $105,516
  • Attendance/Capacity: 2,723 / 2,723
  • Ticket Prices: $38.75
  • Artist: Dream Theater
  • Venue: Huntington, NY – The Paramount
  • Date: Mar. 30th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $81,168
  • Attendance/Capacity: 1,259 / 1,259
  • Ticket Prices: $65
  • Artist: Megadeth, Fear Factory & Nonpoint
  • Venue: Huntington, NY – The Paramount
  • Date: Dec. 03rd, 2013
  • Gross Sales: $71,473
  • Attendance/Capacity: 1,277 / 1,555
  • Ticket Prices: $55
  • Artist: Black Label Society, Down, Devil You Know & Butcher Babies
  • Venue: New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
  • Date: May 10th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $71,085
  • Attendance/Capacity: 2,150 / 2,150
  • Ticket Prices: $40, $35
  • Artist: Meshuggah & Between The Buried And Me
  • Venue: San Francisco, CA – Regency Center Grand Ballroom
  • Date: Jun. 07th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $48,034
  • Attendance/Capacity: 1,360 / 1,424
  • Ticket Prices: $37, $35
  • Artist: Soulfly
  • Venue: Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
  • Date: Jan. 30th, 2014
  • Gross Sales: $4,814
  • Attendance/Capacity: 282 / 999
  • Ticket Prices: $38, $16

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    So a band that has been around for over 40 years and is credited to creating Heavy Metal makes more money than other bands in the same genre. In other news today the sky is blue.
    The money they take home from that, when split between their staff and management etc would be a lot less. I was thinking at first that if Soulfly done 10 shows a year they could each buy a house and start businesses and invest etc and that while most bands won't make the money that bands once did, they can still have stability that most of us can only dream about, even from being quite an average band. But it seems a fair amount worse than that. But still, bands like Soulfly aren't exactly in their prime anymore.
    Look at Slayer to get a glimpse of how you can define a genre and still get virtually nothing from live shows.
    If you read it you'd realize that the amount listed is before expenses. The band members only keep a small fraction of that.
    And if you've ever been to an Avenged Sevenfold show, you'll know that pyro alone is eating up a sizable chunk of that.
    Don't understand the downvote... Sevenfold puts a shit ton of the money made back into their live show. Production is unreal.
    Is this really news? I understand that avenged sevenfold aren't always a favourite here on ultimate guitar but this headline was obviously done to create controversy
    You're right about the headline being baited, but the content in the article actually is something worth reporting this time. Sort of. It is misleading, too, though.
    I think the biggest miscarriage of justice here is that Hellyeah got to share some of that $135,329.
    A7X would have made probably double what they got if they didn't have the misfortune of sharing the spot with Hellyeah.
    and if their "Shepherd of Fire" tour wasn't the EXACT same tour as the previous US "Hail to the King" tour haha
    erm, its not...
    Same stage set up... Setlist was essentially the same thing, minus a few swapped songs... and by that, I mean like 2 different songs. Oh, and the band instrumental after guitar solo was cut short too. I went to both tours. They were essentially the same exact show.
    When the stadium you play it is 3-4x the size of everyone else on the list, obviously you're gonna gross more. And because they are sabbath
    Ouch for Lacuna Coil and Soulfly. Can't say I'm a fan of either of them and apparently a majority of the world isn't either. By the way, keep these coming UG. I think they are interesting. All the people on here complaining can suck lemons.
    Maybe tickets are 2.5 times higher for Black Sabbath because 50 yr olds have 2.5+ times more money than teens to 30 year olds.
    Sabbath is also playing in a larger venue with more expensive tickets. Best way to compare would be to have all the bands play the same venue with a set price of tickets and see who does better
    These statistics are a single venue and do not represent the entire tour of any of the bands mentioned.
    Well duh, Sabbath has got to have at least 10 times the fan base of A7X.
    How can you compare acts that played a venue with a capacity of 1500 to bands that played at venues that seat 10000? Fricken retarded
    Velcro Man
    Now, I'm not a fan of A7x, but those price Sabbath charge are ****ing disgusting, I don't care HOW famous they are. You're basically paying that much just to SAY you saw Sabbath, but what you're really paying so much for is 3/4 of Sabbath that are old and tired. As I said before, not a fan of A7X, but at least they're young enough to put on a show for their fans instead of Ozzy sitting in front of a mic mumbling. I'm also a massive fan of Sabbath's stuff, but this is complete bullshit, it's really kinda sad to see them become just a shitty money-machine.
    Yeah, not gonna lie, I pretty much went only to say that I saw Sabbath. While it was definitely a great experience, Ozzy sounded atrocious. Iommi, Butler, and Clufetos were all on point though! However, it wasn't like one of the greatest musical experiences I've seen on stage. Just a fun, once in a lifetime, show. I don't feel like most people would go to a Sabbath/Ozzy show to get an actual good vocal experience from him... he's pretty much just a pop culture icon at this point that sells tickets.
    Douches and UG parasites will be like "A7x is a band for whiny girls hvrr dvrr. My opinion is better than yours hvrr dvrr"
    But really, Sevenfold is a band for whiny girls. I'm not a parasite but my opinion is better than yours, noob.
    As a parasitic douche, i'll go ahead and leech off of your comment... A7x is a band for whiny girls hvrr dvrr. My opinion is better than yours hvrr dvrr
    You have to be totally dedicated to metal if you want to play that style of music as a profession.
    It doesn't surprise me because when I went to Avenged the most expensive tickets were only around $60
    I went to one and the most expensive were 80$ And they offered VIP for between 150$ and 250$.
    Who has 40 years worth more fans? Sabbath Who has older fans who will naturally have more money? Sabbath But that won't stop the circlejerk about how Sabbath is "true metal" or whatever.
    BtBaM should be making millions upon millions per show
    Love Sabbath, but they also charge $130 for good seats, and after taxes and "extra fees" the tickets are $150 each. I can see why the gross so much.
    Paid 72 EUR for last friday's show, that's 98 USD and germany has horrible tax on concerts. Wonder where that price comes from, then. But seriously, dude: seats? SEATS?
    Yeah but people stay buy them.
    Because Sabbath is a legendary band on a reunion tour. There's a bigger demand for Sabbath tickets than every other band on this list combined. It's no wonder they top the list! I mean, I'm a fairweather Sabbath fan and even I went. Once in a lifetime show for our generation.
    Because BTBAM just blast scales in weird time signatures
    BtBaM are a brilliant band, they have lots of intricate textures in their tracks and are far from "blasting sclaes in weird time signitures". If it was that easy, why aren't you doing it?
    they're just another mediocre metalcore band. i saw them open for Mastodon in 2010 and i was so bored, i moved to the back of the venue just because nothing they were playing was interesting
    Went to see Sabbath a couple months ago an the tickets were crazy over priced.
    Obviously if you have 4x the attendance at double the ticket prices you are going to make more money. In other news Mike's Super Big Gulp has more liquid than Joey's regular size Big Gulp. Jim Carrey was noted as being impressed.
    This is a simply ridiculous analysis, for one the money is split round multiple bands for each. Secondly it assumes all of the money from the tickets goes to the bands, when quite clearly there are going to be many, many others (like the venue for one) taking a cut of the money. Claiming A7x took home $135k from this data is ludicrous
    "Also note that the listed figures represent gross sales, meaning that the venue, promoter and others didn't get their share yet."
    fortunately they mentioned it. unfortunately a lot of people seeing this will not notice that, or will be too dumb to understand that these figures tell us nothing about how much the band takes home at the end of the night. interesting article but im expecting a lot of people might be overestimating what bands earn thanks to this.
    give A7X the same scale of venue however...and they still wouldn't make as much. ...coz they suck. numetal f4ggots.
    Anybody know Metallica shows gross ?
    Here's what I found from their recent shows in South America. 8 Metallica Estadio do Morumbi Sao Paulo, Brazil March 22, 2014 $5,701,630 61,742 / 63,347 1 / 0 $257.68, $77.30 T4F-Time For Fun 10 Metallica Estadio Unico Ciudad de La Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina March 29-30, 2014 $4,719,390 76,407 / 79,038 2 / 0 $124.87, $31.22 T4F-Time For Fun There's more in that link, but those shows don't make as much as those shows I listed.
    zYx Monster xYz
    Fuck that band for having a successful career. They should totally stop making money to please us non-fans.
    Should have just gone to Hellfest '14. 170 Euros for Maiden, Aerosmith and Sabbath headlining
    Is it really news that a show with three times the audience capacity, and over double the ticket price made 10 times as much money as the smaller, cheaper show?
    Manovvar be fair... they also charged higher prices and had a larger venue with 10,000 more sales than any other of those know...there's that too... lol.
    Really puts things in perspective. I've seen some of the biggest rock n roll tours namely ACDC's and U2s big tours (Black Ice/360). Those tours grossed 500 million+. Absolutely massive.
    This is such a stupid post noone cares and to add on to that you picked one show for all these bands lol megadeth just played for 200000 people at amnesia...
    What a stupid headline. The tone of the article then takes the position of it being a "competition." "Sabbath BEAT Sevenfold and everyone else!" instead of "Sabbath makes 1.2 million in ticket sales."
    This is a load of bull. First off, they're choosing one city to compare by. They compared a Brooklyn show with a Knoxville show. I'm sure Knoxville was a lot smaller. The ticket prices are also way off. Avenged had tickets ranging from 40$ to 250$ for VIP packages. I don't know where they got these numbers from.
    I think A7X had their fair share of good boxscore results. Here's one from a show in Manchester. 24 Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Avatar Phones 4u Arena Manchester, U.K. Nov. 30, 2013 $644,958 13,843 / 14,960 1 / 0 $46.59 Live Nation Here's the source. That said, I think in the larger areas in the states, I think they would make around $200-$300k in revenue on average. Here's what they made in Quebec City which kinda backs up that statement. 25 Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob Colisee Pepsi Quebec City, Quebec May 12, 2014 $331,124 6,469 / 7,667 1 / 0 $59.15, $36.22 Live Nation/evenko
    Whoop, looking at that post, I said the states. I apologize. I meant to say North America. While, I'm at it, here's what they did in Minneapolis which is a somewhat in the middle populated city. 110 Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob Target Center Minneapolis, Minn. April 21, 2014 $315,504 7,790 / 10,000 1 / 0 $49.50, $39.50, $25 AEG Live I'm sorry for posting these. I'm a huge sucker in posting stuff like this.
    Of course they make more money on live shows. When nosebleed seats are $60, it's kind of hard NOT to make money...