Black Sabbath Guarantee More New Music: 'Absolutely Down for It'

Meanwhile, Bill Ward warns young drummers to be cautious with their contracts.

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After the initial uncertainty, reunited Black Sabbath members now seem quite keen on delivering more fresh material in the near future.

As Rolling Stone caught up with this year's Grammy winners, a question was raised about the band's future plans and the possibility of composing new tunes. "We're going back on the road," singer Ozzy Osbourne replied. "We haven't really spoken about it beyond that. I'm down for it."

Tony Iommi seemed equally enthusiastic, simply adding, "Absolutely." Giving a brief health report, the guitarist also noted, "Feeling OK, yeah. I just get tired. Apart from that, I'm all right."

In related news, estranged Sabbath drummer Bill Ward warned young drummers to be cautious with the contracts they sign, the very reason behind his rift with the iconic metal act. "I stand for the students; I stand for all the kids learning to play drums. I stand for them in every single way," he said while receiving lifetime achievement award at this year's Bonzo Bash.

"They have to look after their livelihood very carefully," Ward noted (via Classic Rock). "They have to take care of it contractually very carefully. The drummer has to take care of himself."

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    "Tony Iommi: 'I Don't Know if Another Sabbath Album Would Be Good Idea'" "Black Sabbath Uncertain About Making New Album: 'It Just Wouldn't Have the Same Vibe'" "Black Sabbath Guarantee More New Music: 'Absolutely Down for It'" wat
    "'I Don't Know if Another Sabbath Album Would Be Good Idea'" "Black Sabbath Uncertain About Making New Album" *Black Sabbath win a grammy* "Black Sabbath Guarantee More New Music: 'Absolutely Down for It'"
    I think it's important to look at which members of Black Sabbath are saying that stuff. Just because a quote from one member is credited to "Black Sabbath" in the headline, doesn't necessarily mean it reflects the exact sentiments of the whole band.
    Thank god, that gives me more time to get to see them, they skipped the Republic of Ireland on their tour.
    I grew up on Sabbath, (Thanks Dad!) I got to see them in 98 at an Ozzfest. I will admit it brought a tear... Hope you get your chance man. I will never forget that night.
    They played Belfast so i can't see any reason why they'd play the O2. I made the long trip up. Uncle Acid were great too
    Saw them at Sheffield last winter, they were incredible. If they come round your way then get tickets ASAP. Ozzy does miss the odd note here and there, but on the whole the performance is rock solid.
    13, good or bad as album, had Iommi's signature riffs, which is enough for me, so new album sounds cool.
    I thought it was cool based on what I heard, they just need to balance Ozzy's voice a bit better. He was much too loud in the mix
    Saw them in Vegas back in early September and they seriously blew all of my expectations. They were just flat out amazing.
    I'd love it to sound more like "Master of Reality". I absolutely love the band synergy on that album!
    I think people seriously need to get over the lack of Bill Ward now. He pretty much left Black Sabbath two years ago. Maybe it would be less bothersome to people if they stopped thinking of it as a reunion. It's just Black Sabbath doing business as usual with one original member missing who couldn't find a way to agree, as is the case with many bands. I mean, come on, with all the times Bill has dropped in and out of Sabbath activity do you honestly bet he'll make a full comeback with them? I don't.
    Velcro Man
    I'm sorry, but this isn't Sabbath. Not only is a VERY critical member missing, they're just far different musicians than the Black Sabbath of 1970-1978. Really, the new album just sounded like an okay Ozzy album with Tony Iommi as a guest. Geezer and Bill Ward's rhythm combo was the essence of the atmosphere, even with Geezer, without that atmosphere, it's not Black Sabbath. It's even detrimental to Tony Iommi, they know how to bring out the best of his playing. I found the album to just be a sub-par metal album, but I really didn't expect the old Sabbath to come back, they're just different musicians, which isn't a bad thing, but attaching the Black Sabbath name to something that's no longer Black Sabbath is just misleading. Look at Heaven and Hell, it was basically the same situation; 3 old members of Sabbath got together to form a group, but they recognized the new direction.
    What about all the post 1980 albums where the only permanent member was Iommi? Those albums make up a good half of Sabbath's history and everyone seems to cover them up with Ozzy era Black Sabbath.
    They didn't call themselves Heaven and Hell because of some new direction.
    In 1979 it probably wouldn't be considered a very good name for a band. Obviously when they decided to use it with Vinny and Dio in 2006 it had meaning by that time, because of the album of the same name.
    Interesting observations, VM--downvotes be phucked--and I agree with you in many ways. "13" was generally warmly-received by critics and fans alike. I have only played it through only 2-3 of times so far (and TBH favour more extreme metal these days also), and it seems a decent album, but it doesn't compare with the classic stuff (with Ozzy singing). I can hear some Sabbath and also an influence from Ozzy's solo stuff on the album. They are diff. musicians, yes, and album production is far different now too, in terms of sound. And having Bill on board would have been ideal, yes. Ozzy and Tony are undoubtedly viewed as the "stars" of Sabbath, but a band is comprised of all of its members; Geezer and Bill made a significant contribution to the Sabbath sound, too. I don't hear so much of that classic Sabbath vibe/sound oN "13", with the dark, haunting atmosphere. but hey, what band does produce shit that is as strong as their earlier work? Metallica don't, Megadeth don't, etc. They produce great shit still--phuck yeah!--(as Black Sabbath have) but classic/legendary shit is classic for a reason--because it's untouchable. \m/
    Quote myself here. (PS I need to give "13" a doz or more listens before I can judge it accurately). The above comments having been said, for the inventors of THE METAL \m/ (well 3/4 of 'em, anyway) to reform (3/4 of) that orig. line-up--in their early 60's--and produce a phucking solid album that fans and critics alike praise highly, thereby gaining once again the respect of the metal community, is -phucking awesome-! Well done, indeed. \m/
    Lack of Bill Ward does bother me, however i saw Sabbath live in Sydney last year, ****ing blew me away!