Black Sabbath on Recording Another Album: 'Never Say Never'

Bassist Geezer Butler hints at a possibility of the band recording another album after "13."

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Metal pioneers Black Sabbath may be well into their sixties, but that shouldn't prove as an obstacle in delivering more new music in years to come.

In a recent interview with Billboard, bassist Geezer Butler discussed the possibility of Sabbath recording yet another studio album after "13." The new record dropped today via Vertigo/Universal Records.

But back to the topic - both Geezer and singer Ozzy Osbourne expressed hope of making another album together in the future, but without giving any firm guarantees.

"Well, I guess you should never say never," the bassist kicked off. "It could be, though. We'll see how this album goes, see what happens."

"Let's put it this way; it's taken us 35 years to do this one," Ozzy chipped in with laughter. "So if there's gonna be [another] album there's gonna be an album but I don't want to say if there's going to be a follow-up. I wouldn't mind doing another Sabbath album with them, though."

Ozzy then went on to talk about the current tour, saying how surprised he was by some of the fans reactions.

"If Australia and New Zealand and Japan are anything to go by, it's gonna be great," the vocalist said. "In Japan they're usually very polite; they give you a round of applause and sit down again. But when we were there they were f--king going crazy. I'm baffled myself; I don't understand why it's happening. I am blown away. I mean, 45 years down the road and we've got a really great album to put out - talk about icing on the cake! It's unbelievable."

"13" comes as the first Sabbath record to feature Osbourne on vocals since 1978 and "Never Say Die." Prior to entering the studio, the band parted ways with the original drummer Bill Ward due to disputes over the financial aspects of his contract. Ward was ultimately replaced by Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine.

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    To be honest, I love how 13 finished by playing the same rain effects from their first album. Its like the whole collection is now a complete set.
    I didn't notice until you pointed out, now I have the biggest Sabbath boner
    Most men would think: "Well, they completed their own story. They would never record anything anymore!" But, someone from Black Sabbath band would say: "Never say never. New album is on the way!"
    I dunno. If them saying "never say never" is any similar to them saying "never say die" then I'm not sure if they really do have another album coming up.
    Whether or not they make another record after "13" I'm content with listening to the entire back catalog for the rest of time.
    I'm not a big BS fan, but I was kinda putting myself into listening to historical heavy metal (for the sake of knowledge). As a thrasher, should I buy this record?
    If its Thrash you want, then no. But this is a unique heavy metal album, so if you have the money to spend, i wouldn't wait one second.
    The closest thing to thrash Sabbath has released is the album Born Again with Ian Gillan. I always wanted to cover Digital Bitch with my thrash band.
    I mean thrash and death metal are my favourite styles, but Sabbath are undoubtedly my favourite band, period.
    Speaking as a Sabbath-loving Thrasher, you probably won't get what you're looking for from Sabbath. Sabbath is more on the Doom-y end of the spectrum and all about the great riffs.
    Really hoping they record a new album. Then I can look forward to that and the possibility of a new Queens Of The Stone Age album as well :3
    UG, can you PLEASE make an article about Black Sabbath without mentioning Bill Ward? We get it, it's a shame, but the album's kicking everyone's @rse regardless!
    'Never Say Never' ? Not a good name.
    Hey I'd rather hear it from the fathers of metal than some faggot pop star
    Heck yeah, man. One thing though: I think you shouldn't call Bieber a faggot just because he(or somebody for him) makes shitty music. You don't know him personally, and neither does any of us. You know, what if he is into women?
    Well, they made an album called 'Never Say Die' once, which isn't a much better title...
    Does it really matter what it's called? Surely the bloody music on the album defines it.
    Does it matter more than most things? No. But if you're going to call an album something, which you generally do, it might as well be something good.
    That's not the name of the record. If you actually read the article, Geezer says he guesses he should "never say never" to making a new record.
    For a second I thought they were already recording an album called Never say never...