Black Sabbath Play Final Scheduled 2014 Show as Tony Iommi Vows Band Will Tour Again

The iconic axeman delivers awesome news for the fans.

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Black Sabbath rocked the gig at London's Hyde Park on July 4, which was rumored to be their last show ever. However, just a day before the gig, guitarist Tony Iommi vowed that Sabbath will tour again, Loudwire reports.

As for the show, Sabbath headlined a bill that also included Motorhead, Soundgarden, Faith No More and others. The band rocked a 13-song set that kicked off with "War Pigs" and ended with "Paranoid."

At one point Ozzy Osbourne screamed out, "Do you know what day it is today? It's my f--ing wedding anniversary. Sharon! Get out here!" However, Sharon chose to stay offstage.

What's more, Tony Iommi, who has been battling lymphoma the past couple of years, posted a video message to his Facebook fans on July 3, thanking them for their support this year and ending with the awesome line, "We'll see you on the next tour," putting to rest that the notion that the band's Hyde Park gig would be their last show. Check out the video message below.

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    I love this man. Seriously. I think I'm a iommiosexual or something.
    Tony is the real life Iron Man and an inspiration to anyone facing adversity to Never Say Die!
    Tony Iommi is the definition of what a legend is. Touring at his age for so long whilst fighting cancer, its just mind-blowing how he can manage it.
    I saw them a few days ago and I was just really starstruck by him, I have endless respect for this guy.
    I was there, Sabbath kicked ass! It actually rained during their set, not only was it welcome because of how hot it had been all day, but it was surprisingly fitting too. Couldn't have asked for a better end to any festival.
    yeah, I was pretty pissed off because the other bands had horrible sound (except for Soundgarden, maybe) and I couldn't get to the Wolfmother show because it was so crowded, but coming from the Czech Republic to see Sabbath live was really worth it!!! amazing show
    So glad I got to see them at Hyde park anyway, even though it wasn't their last gig. They were frickin' unbelievable!
    Looks healthy. Seems happy and optimistic Bless you beautiful riff man
    One more album, BUT with Bill Ward. And a 2-3 year tour to support it. And then retire in glory.
    Bill Ward isn't the same as the others. Sabbath are better off with the drummer they currently have.
    Blah blah. And Ozzy is the same, huh? He's a wreck. And Bill's been doing very well lately.
    They rock. Saw them in Porto Alegre last year, one of the most satanic shows i've ever been to. =)
    The problem with this is, no where did they say this was their final show ever they just said it was the last scheduled and the news articles blew it way out of proportion like many bands don't have any scheduled dates doesn't mean it's all they do. Congratulations on UG for not saying it's the final show.
    You guys BETTER keep touring, you took all this time to get together and really a very good record, if it was just to do a single tour and then leave it would have been one of the biggest dissapointments in the metal history.
    That's a very selfish view to have. These guys aren't young, and Tony's been fighting cancer. Black Sabbath have nothing left to prove, if they decide to put their feet up for the rest of their lives, they have every right to do so. They did a fantastic album, if they just did one last tour and called it quits, then you should just appreciate the legacy they've left behind for us to enjoy.
    "one of the biggest dissapointments in the metal history"...if it weren't for Black Sabbath, there might be no metal history.