Black Sabbath Possibly Playing Their Last Concert Ever This July, Says Tony Iommi

July 4 gig at Hyde Park might be the end of the road for metal giants, concert-wise at least.

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi recently suggested that the band's upcoming performance at British Summer Time festival at London's Hyde Park on July 4 might be their very last.

The show marks the final date of Sabbath's summer 2014 tour, as well as the final date of their concert itinerary in general.

"It could be the last ever Sabbath show," Tony told Metal Hammer. "I don't want it to be, but there's nothing really planned touring-wise after that show, so for all we know that could be it really. To be honest I don't want to be touring to this extent too much longer, because it makes me feel so bad."

Discussing cancer he's been battling since January 2012, the guitarist confirmed being in a stressful position of just waiting for further results. "I'm at a stage now where I have no support, which means I have to see whether the cancer is coming back or if it's still there or what," he said.

"I just don't know. It's a bit of a worry. After we finish this tour I'll go in and have scan, so we'll see what that shows up," Iommi continued.

Rounding it up on an optimistic note, the guitar god concluded, "But the show at Hyde Park will a great way to end the European tour. It has a really great bill, with a really good mix of people. We haven't made any specific plans as the gig is a way off yet, but I think it'll be special."

The show itself will see Sabbath headlining the night above Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead, Soulfly and Wolfmother at the festival's main stage. Ticket pricing and additional info here.

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    Honestly, I would not slag him off for calling it a day. The man is a sexagenarian fighting a ****ing cancer. He admittedly feels like shit after every concert. As much as my fanboy side doesn't want this to happen, well... you gotta let it be. That being said, that headline is pretty damn biased, isn't it?
    Agreed. The man has nothing left to prove anymore so if he wants to hang it up, he deserves to do just that. I still would love to hear more albums from him though. Nothing like good ol' Iommi riffage!
    It definitely would be nice to hear another album like the "Iommi" album, with guest vocalists.
    Love that album. I've always wanted to hear an Iommi/Phil Anselmo collaboration. Maybe not a full length album but a few more songs. The song they did together, Time Is Mine, is an absolute monster. I'd love to hear more of that.
    So because you haven't planned anything after the show, that must be your last show. Well shit, I'm not sure what I'm doing after I see Godzilla tomorrow. Maybe that'll be my last movie I see
    Come on man, we all know you're going to see Episode VII when it comes out. So Godzilla will be your second-last movie.
    Tony is the man and deserves a f'n gold medal for all he's done for music and the millions of people he's brought magic to. He gets to do whatever he wants, and if he wants to call it a day, we should all feel blessed that we got to live in a time when there was a Black Sabbath.
    Judas priest and Motley Crue have also been doing their last shows since 10 years ago.
    I think you're getting a little confused.... Priest have done their last world tour...that's all. They have a new album due for release and there is talk of playing some shows to support it. They have never said they are retiring.... With regards to Crue... well, I don't know.
    Tomorrow could be someone's last day seeing as some probably don't know what they are doing tomorrow either...
    It's less that the tour is over and more that he's not sure if he wants to do another tour.
    I think it's more about the Cancer raging in Iommi's body right now, but sure, lets just say he's indecisive
    Although... seeing a movie entails sitting your fat ass down and dribbling at a screen. Playing in Black Sabbath is a little different. On top of that the ole big C. I sincerely hope you're right mate, but I understand where Toni is coming from.
    Tony's already proven himself to be the Iron Man of heavy music, particularly with this recent go-round post-cancer. If he's ready to exit the stage, he's certainly earned the right and obviously has nothing left to prove, considering he's proven that at 60+ and weakened by cancer he can still throw down crushing riffs and tone.
    Exactly - many bands and musicians end far earlier. The very fact that he decided to continue right after the cancer is enough proof for Iron Man. I'm glad I'll be able to see them on this tour, and well, everything has to end some day. Releasing a very solid album and ending with a large tour with a massive varied setlist is probably the best way to end.
    Whether they don't or do retire, everyone should respect their decision, the amount of work they've put towards music, if it weren't for these guys then we wouldn't have most bands we listen to now.
    This man has been ill for over 2 years yet has put every bit of strength he has into writing, recording and touring for his bandmates and his fans. Not many people can say that so if he has to stop then we should fully respect his decision.
    If you had few years to live, you also would not want to do the same thing you did your whole life .. be a little more considerate .. Best of luck to Mr. Iommi from Slovakia
    It's good to quit while you're ahead... every huge band is going to end someday. Anyways, thank you Sabbath for all you've done and achieved over the past 45 years.
    I actually have tickets to that Hyde Park festival, so at least I'll get to see them before they go. If that's going to be their last show, all I can say is I'm glad I'll be there.
    They should at least make one last epic farewell show, and not just finish their career on a random tour date
    It's hard to believe what i just read on wiki: Black Sabbath are an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968. 1968 !!!! Thats almost 50 FUCKING YEARS. By all means necessary make the stop if you have to do.
    Glad that I saw them in Irvine last year, although we all bitch about Bill not being there, it was still a phenomenal show, and yes it was still Black Sabbath. To be honest I Was more disappointed that Brad Wilk wasnt touring with them after recording 13. Either way, I'm glad to have had the chance to see them, and Tony deserves a lengthy retirement.
    Faith No More + Wolfmother on the same bill ... again. Otherwise,sad perspective but life comes first always.
    Well if anyone has the right to retire its Black Sabbath. And hey, when they go there is room for new bands to step up!
    Doesnt this happen EVERY time Sabbath get back together? they "break up" and then have reunion shows every couple of years? #cynical
    Tends to happen with a lot of bands, no doubt there's always the chance Sabbath will go at it again. Maybe they're just tired right now. But as artists get older the chances of the quit being real becomes more tangible sadly.
    If that's the last show Sabbath does, that's one hell of a way to end it. Iommi's 66 and still battling cancer so I couldn't see a lack of respect from fans all over the world if it truly were to be there last show. As far as Im concerned Sabbath is still and will always be the best heavy metal band in the world, there music will live for ever and will still continue to inspire people till the end of time.
    ah thank goodness, they'll stop treating their music like a prostitute and let it be.
    jesus Cunting christ, get Bill Ward back behind the kit if it's the last ever Black Sabbath show! Put aside all the arguments and bullshit and just do it, ffs. The original lineup, man! End as it began. \m/
    More than understandable... I hope Tony makes a full recovery and enjoys his retirement.
    No one band can fill the void Black Sabbath would leave. But if Tony feels it is time for Sabbath to end then it is time. They created an entire genre of music and have inspired thousands if not hundreds of thousands of bands to play music directly or indirectly. And have released NINETEEN albums. Most of which have been able to stand the test of time and be loved by millions. VERY few bands can say that.
    So glad I got to see them a few weeks ago. Was so amazing! I didn't have high expectations and they blew me away. I think Tony's Health is whats important now.
    I feel so lucky to be able to say I saw Sabbath (original lineup) at Ozzfest 2005 in Charlotte, NC. Even though I was only 13. I wish Tony and everyone all the best after their touring days come to an end.
    Lets be optimistics and suport Tony in the bettle of his life and there would be more shows.Never seen Sabbath live I'd love to,lets prepare for last concert
    Lets be optimistics and suport Tony in the bettle of his life and there would be more shows.Never seen Sabbath live I'd love to,lets prepare for last concert
    Lets be optimistics and suport Tony in the bettle of his life and there would be more shows.Never seen Sabbath live I'd love to,lets prepare for last concert
    Fantastic! So I'll never get to see Black Sabbath live! (Kills self).
    I did Last year in Tinley Park at the FMBA. Was incredible. Getting to see them is quite the experience. Not much can be compared to seeing the creators of Heavy Metal do what they do best.
    Im so ****ing glad I got to see them last year... I mean im proud to say im one of the, prob few, young metalheads that can say "I saw black sabbath live" .... Man still remember that day, Horcas, Megadeth and Sabbath... best ****ing concert I went in my entire ****ing life, so far.