Black Sabbath Reveal 'End of the Beginning' Video

See the whole video of the band performing the song during their CSI Season 13 finale cameo.

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Black Sabbath presented the music video for "End of the Beginning," Ultimate Classic Rock reports.

The song was featured in "CSI" Season 3 finale, which also featured the band's cameo. The edited version that aired during the show served as a nice teaser for their new album, but now that Black Sabbath have finally released "13," they're letting fans see their complete performance.

"I've watched every episode since it started," enthused Sabbath bassist and "CSI" fan Geezer Butler in a behind-the-scenes clip. "'Cause I like crime stuff, and it was realistic."

For singer Ozzy Osbourne, who's more accustomed to dealing with cameras thanks to his stint on "The Osbournes," the band's appearance was more of a job.

"I'm not an actor," he explained. "It's like a hurry-up-and-wait. When you see it on TV, it's all done, but when you're filming, there's a lot of stuff going on."

The episode originally aired May 15, but if you missed it the first time around or you've just been waiting for your chance to get maximum Sabbath out of television's top-rated crime procedural you can soak in all eight minutes and 20 seconds of the clip embedded above. Or if you'd prefer to watch the full "CSI" season finale, you can still stream it at the CBS site.

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    Good song. They sound good together. Brad looks and sounds great back there. Peace.
    What a fantastic song. Just a shame about the obviously fake audience, I don't know if they were trying to appeal to the mass market or something, but that was not a Sabbath crowd. Too much arm-waving, too little headbanging.
    Im just little disapointed that these two songs were picked as singles, I think album has much stronger songs
    It's like they were never not there. Great song, reminds me in parts of the very first albums.
    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that there was nobody over 30 in that audience.
    Idk bout the episode itself but CSI is largely unrealistic. Most criminal justice books I've had the last 3 years have a section that talks about how unrealistic some crime shows are and CSI is one of them. With that said, I love the show.