Black Sabbath Top Billboard 200 for the First Time Ever

After reaching the peak of the UK albums chart this Monday the iconic metallers conquer new territories.

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Black Sabbath's "13" reached No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 155,000 copies sold in the United States during its first week out, Loudwire reports.

The album marks Black Sabbath's first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard chart and remarkably it's only the band's second Top 10 entry (1971's "Master of Reality" hit No. 8). Earlier in the week, "13" also topped the UK chart, making it the band's first album to hit No. 1 on that tally since 1970's "Paranoid."

The first-week sales total in the U.S. for "13" more than triples the next entry on the chart. Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" remains at No. 2 this week with 48,000 copies sold. Meanwhile, Queens of the Stone Age's "...Like Clockwork," which debuted at No. 1 last week, slips down to No. 15 this week with 24,000 units moved.

"The news is absolutely amazing - we couldn't have imagined this would happen," says guitarist Tony Iommi in a statement. "We have the greatest fans."

Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne adds, "There have been so many amazing highlights in our long career. To finally have our first No. 1 album in the U.S. is another incredible milestone for Black Sabbath. Thank you to all of our fans for their support and loyalty."

Finally, bassist Geezer Butler comments, "I'm absolutely stunned. Thank you all world wide for being the best, and most patient, fans ever."

Black Sabbath will embark on a full North American tour beginning July 25 in Houston and finishing up in Los Angeles on Sept. 3.

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    This is amazing, after all these years of hard work, they finally get what they deserve... Better late than never I guess!
    They absolutely deserve this. Best release this year I reckon.
    I would like to say, that this is ONE of the best this year, don't drop "...Like Clockwork."
    Hence "I reckon", QOTSA released a brilliant record. But none of them have metal fingertips, can't get more talent than that.
    Well, talking about metal albums, you're right.
    Though I would indeed love to hear Tony Iommi release a freeform jazz record.
    broken ipod
    It is great to see the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Black Sabbath at the top of the charts for a change, compared to the typical pop garbage that plagues today's society.
    The year didnt past and u already say its best album of year in subject that is totally judged by personal tastes. I will like Motorhead album this year more (prob) coz i like motorhead mroe than Black Sabbath. Each one to his own taste ya know.
    Let it be known that this is a victory for music. Not just METUL!!, but real, passionate, well crafted music. We are seeing bands like Alice In Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, and Black Sabbath top the charts all in a months span. This is fantastic!
    julianholguin · Jun 20, 2013 06:11 AM
    I couldn't care less about the marketing, I just wanted the music and this album delivers.
    I agree. Streaming a couple of songs ought to replace the demo discs and singles of a now bygone age. It seems to have the same marketing effect, if not an even better one. Black Sabbath deserved this success, nothing short of it.
    First QotSA, now Sabbath... Since when do actually deserving artists get Number 1 albums in the 2010's? (Not that it's a bad thing, I'm loving 2013 as a year for music so far!)
    I bought the deluxe. And I gotta say, the 3 songs on the deluxe were better than the entire album. Although the whole album was just brilliant.
    I haven't heard anything other than the first single, but it might be time to look a little more into it...
    I've listened to all the previews on Itunes, but it just seemed really repetitive to me... I guess a lot of people liking it means that i'm missing something big, but from what i heard it wasn't a stellar album. i'm going to give it a full listen before i fully make my mind up though.
    This album probably WAS the best release of this year so far. Sadly. It wasn't as good as I expected...
    By the way, whoever does the photos on the headline page are f!cking retarded. Since when does black sabbath consist of robert plant, jimmy page, and john paul jones>\?
    Dunno what all the fuzz is about. I love black sabbath, but this new album is just pure scheisse, yet it got them #1. There are some few nice riffs, but overall a super letdown. Ozzy really doesn't sound that great either if I'm being honest.
    billboard 200 is record sales. what's going on is that the average age of someone who would buy a cd is increasing. In five years, the list will be exclusively populated by music veterans and re-releases. i could be totally wrong though, i have know idea where they stand in internet sales.
    vladislaav I'm waiting for Dream Theater's album..they promised that it will be a mind blowing..just can't wait!!
    Why is the front page picture for this article of Led Zeppelin?
    The picture update doesn't always follow up with the articles - happens a lot, you ought to have noticed by now...
    I love black Sabbath. the only reason it got #1 is because these guys haven't put out an album in 40 years