Black Star Riders Premiere 'Hey Judas' Video

artist: Black Star Riders date: 06/13/2013 category: music news
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Black Star Riders Premiere 'Hey Judas' Video
Black Star Riders premiered the music video for "Hey Judas," Classic Rock reports.

The song is featured in the band's debut album "All Hell Breaks Loose," dropped last week via Nuclear Blast.

Despite only have just begun their recording career, frontman Ricky Warwick says they're in for the long haul, with more studio sessions an important part of the plan. He reports: "Kevin Shirley captured an energy and attitude that does not sound like anyone else. Yes, we have a connection to Thin Lizzy but I do think we have a unique sound, which I really love and I don't see the point of changing that.

"I like to think well keep recording the best songs we can, keep the sound that we have and try to develop it even more."

Watch the video here:

"All Hell Breaks Loose" tracklist:

01. All Hell Breaks Loose 02. Bound for Glory 03. Kingdom of the Lost 04. Bloodshot 05. Kissin' the Ground 06. Hey Judas 07. Hoodoo Voodoo 08. Valley of the Stones 09. Someday Salvation 10. Before the War 11. Blues Ain't So Bad
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