Black Stone Cherry Play Surprise set at Download

artist: Black Stone Cherry date: 06/16/2014 category: music news

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Black Stone Cherry Play Surprise set at Download
Black Stone Cherry have surprised attendees to this year's Download Festival with an unscheduled performance at the British music event. The Kentucky based rockers, who headlined the festival's second stage in 2013, appeared on the Pepsi Max Stage on Sunday. The band's brief set can be checked below.

AsĀ Classic Rock reports, it became increasingly apparent that Black Stone Cherry were going to be appearing at the event when they took to Twitter, stating "In England a day early. Hmmm ... wonder what we can do today ... :)" after previously posting: "Headlining at Download 2013 - amazing moment for us in our career. Blessed."

The message was then corroborated by the official Download Festival account:

"Rumour has it Black Stone Cherry are in town. 4. 25pm."

As well as Download promoter Andy Copping:

"I'm looking forward to seeing Black Stone Cherry today."

Black Stone Cherry's Download 2014 set was:

1. Rain Wizard
2. Me and Mary Jane
3. Blind Man
4. White Trash Millionaire
5. Blame It on the Boom Boom
6. Lonely Train
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