Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse Supergroup Confirmed: 'It's All Rap, People Will Be Blown Away'

Ronnie Radke unveils details of his mixtape project.

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Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke unveiled new details regarding his mixtape project, confirming it will involve singer Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop. Biersack initially hinted at the project last month, but couldn't give much details. Now, chatting with Loudwire, Radke discussed the band more thoroughly, also confirming the involvement of Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix, Deuce and Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate. As for the musical direction the act will be taking, "it's all rap." "Well, I'm doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that's doing well," Ronnie kicked off. "Danny from Asking Alexandria, Andy from Black Veil Brides is singing on it. It's all rap, but they're singing all the choruses on it. There's Jacoby from Papa Roach. There's Deuce, and we’ve got Craig Mabbitt singing on it. There's more too, but every track is going to be someone." Further discussing the project, Radke singled out Worsnop as the biggest surprise. "I nearly teared up because I wanted it to be emotional and I think people are going to blown away when they hear it," he said about Danny's delivery. "It's crazy." As for the album's release date, the vocalist is planning to have the record hit the shelves by Christmas. "I'm giving it away for free to the fans," he said. "I just wanted to do something different in our scene that nobody's ever done. Nobody's ever done anything like that. I never realized how many people respected me until I asked and saw how many people wanted to do it. It made me really happy. I couldn't believe that so many people came around and sang on it and rapped on it. It's pretty crazy. But it may be about Christmas when it comes out." Will you be giving this one a go? Let us know in the comments.

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    And thus the Apocalypse began.
    Is this what the mayans predicted?
    Your username is about Robert Frip and your avatar is the Hacktivist logo. Confirmed for best user on UG.Also this story makes my eyes vomit.
    ha ive never really listened to any of those bands, I just came here knowing the amount of hate they would get and you typify that, thank you
    *"Lulu" takes a sigh of relief as this will soon claim the throne of "worst collaboration album ever."*
    Guys why are you complaining? THIS IS PERFECT!!!! Now they will all be in one place at one time so we can finally take the ****ers out in one swift move and save the world!
    I think it's pretty cool that he's giving it away for free, but I don't think it'll be a memorable or rather good record in a whole
    If you smash together three turds, you're just gonna end up with a very turdy turd.
    'DC fan
    I'd rather cut off my balls with a blunt knife than listen to this
    My "I'd rather..." of choice has always been "saw my d*ck off with a splintered board", but yours sounds uncomfortable as well...
    Isn't this Radke character the guy that beat his girlfriend? And in light of this "supergroup" doing "rap" and Chris Brown also beating up women, I'm seeing a correlation here. Hell, Radke should see if Brown can do it before he goes into "rehab", although I didn't know they had "rehab" for being a cowardly punk who beats women. I'm just sayin'...
    According to my sister, he was in prison for taking off when on probation (For getting involved in a fight some kid died in), as well as all sorts of drugs, then got out, his girlfriend got pregnant, he beat her up, she had a baby, and he beat her up again. Sounds like a swell guy.
    As I keep saying....its amazing what passes for music/talent today.....time to practice my AUTOTUNED LIP SYNKING.....
    And "UncleBluck", he it is amazing what passes for music/talent today. Just look at Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. And um by the way, he doesn't use autotune and he CERTAINLY DOESN'T lip synch. That is what Miley, Justin, and even Beyonce did at Obama's Inauguration. Just listen to some of his live performances.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is blatant Autotune abuse in the last song I heard (Alone, I think it is called). Probably can sing, but doesn't detract from the fact he's an arsehole with little songwriting creativity. Also, this tells you everything about his motives: "Well, I'm doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that's doing well,"
    If the only people you bring up to make Ronnie seem good by comparison are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce, then you really need to rethink your point.
    Is this really a tweenybopper fangirl in the UG comments section? Huh. That's new.
    HahahahaNO. That's not what happened at all. Your sister is sorely mistaken. He was there when the kid died yes, but he wasn't involved in his death. One of his ex girlfriends tried to file a report saying he beat her up after he broke up with her, to get back at him but it was a lie. Ronnie NEVER beat the mother of his child, or any woman for that matter. He cheated on her, but I've known PLENTY of other people who have cheated on their partner. He apologized, and she beat him.
    Oh! That just makes him okay! No, he's still a ****ing scumbag who deserves nothing but to be hanged.
    and you are not a scumbag for passing judgement and wishing death on someone you don't even know on a personal level based on some articles from the internet.sounds pretty scummy to me. In the words of Bob Marley while you point your finger someone else is judging you....just saying.
    Love seeing fanboys/fangirls trying to justify their idols actions. I give you 2-4 years and you will hate this shit. Thats what happened to me when i grew older.
    "He cheated on her, but I've known PLENTY of other people who have cheated on their partner." Oh, see guys, plenty of other people do it! It's totally fine!
    Seeing as how you just registered today and are white knighting for the guy who sounds like a walrus live... Did you make your account just to post on this..?
    There isn't a correlation... There are a lot of people who beat their girlfriends and don't rap
    The court acquitted him on count of a lack of evidence for beating his girlfriend, though. So in all counts that's unsure. But either way, the whole rap idea is really ridiculous because these guys are over-stepping their boundaries. People who play rock music can be allowed to rap, yes, but Ronnie, Andy, Danny, and Craig cannot ****ing rap. Ronnie's already proved that, and it seems immediately reasonable to assume that Andy, Danny, and Craig also cannot rap. Jacoby probably can but...just...don't.
    This is literally the exact opposite of what the rock scene needs right now.
    I like that we can get them all in one place. That and the fans supporting, blow that place sky high and the world's a better place.
    Personally sounds like the most undesirable band of all time to me. The only thing that could make it worse is if they collaborated with a BOTDF member of
    Fred Durst and Lil Wayne come to mind in terms of ways to make this album even worse.
    link no1
    Throw in Axl Rose and we can also make sure this thing doesn't see the light of day for a decade.
    Possibly the douchiest thing I've seen this year.
    I dunno, top two with this:
    This actually piss me off. This is like shitting every talented hard working musician.
    I love how the music video shows Ronnie fronting a band, despite it all being completely electronic.
    I like how the bands amp stacks feature lights and no speakers. It's surprisingly accurate. Nice bass slide at 1:42 when no instruments are playing!
    14 year old girls across the world have just cried eyeliner-filled tears of joy. God save us...
    I think it's more than that... hospitals will be working 24/7 after this news gets out because of all the fangirls fainting and stuff...
    What is with all the hate? I think it's cool that he wants to try something different. Don't think I'll be listening to it, but at least he's trying to be diverse.
    Nero Galon
    It's UG, what do you expect?
    I don't know why the Internet hates metalcore so much. It's like if there's a metal band that isn't Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, or at least trying to be like those bands then they suck.
    It's UG. Around here you're not allowed to appreciate anything that isn't metal and underground music that no one has ever heard of.
    Some rap is good. Corey Taylor doing rap in his early music was great. But Ronnie's rap is the exact opposite. That's why most don't like it, too much like the normal rubbish you hear in the gym, etc.
    I don't care what any of you think, This is pretty awesome. All you instantly hate it, due to the fact, you all obviously, dislike the aforementioned bands. But you really do not need to rip on it, or say all the **** when you won't even listen to it. It's gonna be free, and it's for the fans who enjoy this music. It's really that simple. Chill out, and go play some music you like really loudly, if this angers you, for some odd reason. Just saying the truth.
    I've never understood the logic that people should only share positive opinions. I dislike the aforementioned bands, and the idea of any of them attempting to rap, and as such, despite the fact that it doesn't really affect me as I will never be forced to hear it, I will share my opinion that this seems down right awful.
    "People will be blown away..." Yeah, after they blow their brains out from hearing what this will sound like.
    Hey guys! Let's make a collaboration album with some of the crappiest bands in "metal" ever! Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria! But if that isn't enough for your anus, we're gonna take that TOTALLY to another level! It's gonna be a rap album!
    Admittedly I'm biased seeing as I think Ronnie Radke is the biggest d**k-hole to grace the popular musical world in the past few years
    Its cool that he's getting out there and trying something different. Its also cool that these guys are coming out and supporting him. A rap album with some of these guys sounds like it could either be really cool, or a complete train wreck, but either way, they went out and did it, and that is awesome.
    tuh hah miss
    Well.. Good for you for keeping an open mind. I don't have much respect for Radke, and have certainly lost respect in the past for a couple other artists on this collaboration, but it does boost my spirits to hear that these artists that have been accused as sellouts, just doing it for the money, are coming together to do something different, and doing it for free. Just for that, sure, I'll give it a listen. I don't think I'll like it, but I'm sure I can devote 45 minutes or so to giving it a run. Who knows, maybe I'll like something.
    gonna lean toward trainwreck on this one
    Why the **** you leaning? Go towards that train wreck and help whatever or whoevers left...or...put me out of their misery or them out of theirs...preferably me...
    I'm looking forward to it as well. Ronnie already rapped a little bit on the last Falling In Reverse cd and i'm curious to see what he can do. Worsnop is killing it on the last AA album so i'm sure he can deliver. I'm no rap fan by anymean but i sure can appreciate it whan it's good.
    And lol @ Jacoby Shaddix for joining. I thought Papa Roach died years ago.
    papa roach is still good, he looks like the rest of these douches but he seems like really cool guy with a lot more talent than them- dont know why hes going to join those losers though
    This term Souergroup is being so over used and in the wrong context. If there is a Duece involved it's not a supergroup.
    Does anyone else cringe whenever "Falling in Reverse" is mentioned? not because of their music, i've never actually given them time of day, but the name of the band. its like cliche and sounds like some 14 year olds made it up
    I really try hard to be open-minded when it comes to all artists of all genres, but seriously guys...I just can't handle the littlest thought of this and how awful this could be. Yeah, I'll be "blown away"...blown away by absolute s#!t.
    Just when I thought it couldn't get any douchier, I see Jacoby Shaddix in there
    The only thing people are gonna be blown away by is that this will be the worst supergroup to ever exist.
    I"m not big on rap but Ronnie has some mad rap skills. His rapping sounds aggressive and new. Who cares what he has done in the past, rapping aside, he's the new face of Rock. This is the path the new rock Gods have taken, Ronnie has taken the lead...
    "Well, I'm doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that's doing well". Clearly in for the money by this statement...
    Ok, you see me dissing this all in other comments. To be honest, I listen to BVB and FIR, but only the stuff which is good in my opinion (FIR's debut album only for me). I would have been open minded to this, but when I read it's going to be all rap, that's when I'm against it. Only rap for me is Corey Taylor (and others whose names escape me atm).
    just to mention they're two other bands not just falling in reverse, and I think this is a fu**ing great idea. black veil brides falling in reverse and asking Alexandra could it get any better? and they're doing it for free so wind your bloody necks in you moaning cu*ts. and you think its good to talk shit about them.... you try being in the spotlight for more than a week. with the press in your face 24/7 making your life hell. making shit 10x worse than it already is. you're just pathetic the lot of you.
    I'm not sure how it being free is supposed to do anything against people being of the opinion that this will be terrible. I'm also really not sure how you think that being in the spotlight and having the press in your face makes it justifiable to be a douchebag.
    whoa it must be hard to get your dick sucked by fat jailbait and be on the cover of AP while talking about being an underdog!
    Rock has gone from. Peter Steel of TYPE O, a guy who was a Tall and jacked, Evil looking, and had sex appeal. To a 17 year little boy who wanted badly to dress in his mothers makeup and his sisters Shirts and skirts.