Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse Supergroup in the Works?

Band members working on new project.

Ultimate Guitar

In an interview with Artisan News Service, Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack has suggested that he, Falling in Reverse mainman Ronnie Radke and Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop may be involved in a new supergroup. As Biersack notes, the trio have all recently been collaborating on Radke’s mixtape project, and seem to be sharing a musical band: "We got together and just started writing music ... the most exciting part for me was that its not necessarily the music that I've ever written before, that I've ever done anything like before. He's obviously very artistically talented and the two of us together did something really amazing. He also worked with Danny and the track that they did together is just beautiful and awesome. Yesterday Ronnie and I were talking about another thing we wanted to work on ... it's cool for me to be able to get involved with people who are likeminded." Biersack also stated that he and Radke’s experiences of rock stardom mean that they have a shared understanding: "I can't talk much about Ronnie's mix tape. I will say that we've been working on a few things together ... a journalist friend recently described us as two sides of the same coin. Ronnie is definitely a rock star and in a lot of ways people look at me as this larger than life character, the Andy Biersack who was at the Golden Gods yelling at everybody, that's the character that people associate with me. In the same regard Ronnie has that where people attach a version of him that they believe on to him ... He and I get along on that level. We understand what it's like to be characters who are in the public eye and have people that assume things about you, whether it is true or not."

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    I see UG wants it's daily dose of rage.
    great... more bands that people will no longer care about because a) they grow out of their angsty teenager phase, or b) their music changes and bands are accused of selling out, or c) music doesnt change at ALL, and their fans get bored. now we have 3 or said bands possibly getting together. what a crapfest.
    Your incorrect use of 'it's' made me cry. Anyway, aren't supergroups supposed to be made of people who are successful? Not a bunch of talentless twats.
    yor been a gramr nazi maid me cri
    Are people allergic to grammar!? Let's face that facts, education is pretty good in MEDCs, there's no excuse for having poor grammar, unless you're just stupid. Some people seem to think being uneducated is 'cool', and they think missing school is 'better than learning'. I know this is on the internet, but it's pathetic. If you can't tell the difference between 'its' and 'it's' you should go back to school.
    I'm allergic to anal retentive people who act like bitches because somebody else makes a single grammatical error with an apostrophe, but not grammar.
    Good for you. What kind of cretin coined the name 'Grammar Nazi', being a Nazi has nothing to do with grammar. I don't go round capturing people who don't understand the basics of grammar to gas them.
    If you want things to be grammatically correct go to the library. We don't have time for s#it like that on the internet. Your whining post's took away 10 seconds of porn watching from my night, JERK!
    Dude, I love grammar, it makes the world go round. But let's be honest, who the **** cares? I could easily tell what he meant. He made one of the most common mistakes in the English language, one that is made by engineers and doctors alike. So your claim that making such a benign mistake makes one stupid is bullshit.
    There's a difference in correcting someones mistake, and being a dick about it. Maybe it's not their first language, maybe they simply made a mistake, maybe they do have a learning disability. Why is there the need to judge them? Everyone makes mistakes :-/
    I wasn't being a 'dick', I actually cried. I suffer from the Pseudobulbar affect. Thanks for offending me.
    Also, it's "effect", not "affect". Have a nice day.
    Not in this case I'm afraid. 'Affect' is also a psychological term for 'a feeling that comes simultaneously with a thought'.
    Education doesn't belong anywhere near a post talking about Ronnie Radke ok dude, go drink a coors lite and smoke your virginia slims.
    the problem is that using its instead of it's is unnatural, because as a possessive term, you would always use the apostrophe, for example "Ultimate Guitar's daily dose of rage" would be correct, yet you spell it "its" instead of "it's" because it would be confused with the contraction such as it has. basically, yes people should know better, but really it's unnatural and goes against the norm of grammar to spell it as "its", so it's kinda hard to blame and get angry at someone for it. Essentially, English is just a real mess of a language
    Yes...and all those years of English teachers drumming into students' head the difference between "its" and "it's" apparently falls to the wayside on the internet...
    no grammar error. its a typo. he forgot the t. im anti capitalism. i dont need no apostrophes, i threw dem on the ground.
    Behold.. The top 3 most cancerous bands ever lived.
    If they are cancer...then does that make one direction AIDS?
    I'd say so. Similarly to AIDS, One Direction will also be gone in about 10 years.
    I'd say people are giving waaay to many ****s about bad music. Comparing them to AIDS and cancer? Really?
    Yes, as in "This terrible, terrible music gave Spiderman both cancer AND AIDS. Poor Spiderman." /shakes head and cries
    I'm only here to laugh at the comments.
    This. I can occasionally stand listening to any three of these bands, I dunno about throwing them in a bag and shaking them all up, but hey, I know few people who'll like it. That's all that matters.
    What's is all that matters is that these talentless 'musicians' are rounded up and replace animals in cosmetic testing laboratories.
    men, the apocalypse is upon us
    More like Andy Ballsack after he received that award in Golden Gods...
    If you mix all of their names together, you get ronnie Sacksnop.
    Oh hell no, this is like the Antichrist of music...
    Yes it is, they are rebelling against what is popular and the old movements. I am definetly not saying that they are making good music, but how did metal and rock begin? Through rebellion of that time's music. I am not saying this will be that big, but things like these last if they are good and fade away like a fad if they are bad. So let it fade and let's not worry ? =)
    How is it rebellion when they're making the lowest denominator generic teen metal
    The same way as 80's music was a rebellion against 70's music. It was much simpler and more for fun, about love etc. This is a rebellion to all the "true" metal/rock whatever you want to call it. But it is in my opinion a bad attempt because of the reasons you pointed out. It's a fad, that will fade if we don't give it a lot of atenttion. Some people will love them, most will forget about them, hopefully.
    Emo girls across the nation will be creaming themselves... dear god this sounds awful.
    Whoever thought up this abomination should have their pubic hairs pulled out. "You broke the rules. Now I'll pull out all your pubic hair. You mother****er..."
    They should bring in Austin Carlisle, and then wreck their tour bus.
    It could be like the crash that killed Buddy Holly, except it will be titled "The Day that Bad Music Died."
    Never heard of either of those garbage bands. how in the world is that a supergroup?
    Why can't we have more Storm Corrosion, or Muse + Tool + Buckethead...? Ugh.
    A collaboration of Amon Amarth, Enslaved and Eluveitie would be epic. Not these 3 emo shit punk screamo bands.
    Van Guff
    As much as I don't condone the 'supergroup', you are so wrong about the 3 bands. Don't let this be mistaken for sticking up for the bands because I'm really not. AA's latest record is more of a straight hard rock album. The new Falling in reverse, as much as it's influenced by metal core is also influenced by hard rock. BVB however are complete crap. BUT, using punk as in insult doesn't work, because so many of the biggest bands in the world were influenced by punk. Get your facts straight before you comment.
    Key word: shit. They have influences from all of those genres. But they suck at them, because they manufacture super generic pseudomusic. I like good punk and good metal. Not generic posers attempting the two.
    This is gonna be great..
    That's great isn't it? Some of the readers on here aren't intelligent enough to spot sarcasm.
    The saddest part is that I never expected anyone to spot it either. I should leave the site and come back next year and check if things have changed...
    I don't know why you thought that, everyone on this site appears very intelligent by their grammar.
    Perhaps the article angered them som much that they got blind for sarcasm. OT: I don't get why people get so upset by the news. I don't like any of the bands either, but no one forces me to listen to them.
    Well i am....every single night i hear bands like this blasting from the room next to mine...i have a noose all set and ready if the time comes.
    3 of the worst bands ever, are joining forces. As if raping our souls with their garbage wasn't enough. Now they want us to kill ourselves.
    this would suck more than the holocaust.....
    Do you even know what the holocaust was ? If you do and still think the same, you need some medicine man.
    They just need to add Creed or Nickelback or [insert generic post-grunge band here] and they'll be set.