Black Veil Brides: 'Avenged Sevenfold Should Be a Very Celebrated Band in Metal World'

Andy Biearsack explains how metal fans are afraid to admit liking something that's popular.

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Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack once again touched on the "cannibalistic" side of the metal community, explaining how metal fans are afraid to admit liking something that's popular and even enjoy bashing it.

Chatting with Andrew Haug, the vocalist named Avenged Sevenfold as a good example, also singling out My Chemical Romance as a personal guilty pleasure from the early days.

"If something's good, people will like it, that's just the way the world works," Andy kicked off. "If a band in our world becomes successful, the metal community is very quick to jump on them and turn their back because now it's - sellouts or whatever.

"Avenged Sevenfold should be a very celebrated band in our world," he continued. "They're a band that's got 10 plus years, two No. 1 records - whether you like their music or not, those guys have put in the time and they belong to the hard rock community. They are - for better or worse, whether you like them or not - they are ours."

Agreeing that the same can be said about Metallica's "Black Album," Biersack confessed being a stereotypical metal fan himself back in the day. His guilty pleasure - My Chemical Romance.

"If something becomes popular, hard rock fans are afraid to admit that they like it. I'm guilty of it too. When I was a kid, I think an example would be ... My Chemical Romance. Everybody liked My Chemical Romance, all the girls liked My Chemical Romance. I remember thinking, 'I'm way too cool to like it,' but I bought the CD and I thought,' This is awesome.' But I couldn't admit it," the vocalist added.

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    I don't care what anyone says to me, but if a band becomes a "sellout" because of music that they WANT to make and not music that the higher ups are telling them to make, then they don't know what they are talking about. Avenged makes the music that THEY want to make, Metallica makes the music THEY want to make, and so on. Be happy for bands that are becoming successful and making more people listen to Hard Rock/Metal. The world is better with people listening to that than music made by Bieber or Miley.
    I know, this article is talking about how metal fans bash almost all mainstream metal, and then people go and prove the point in the comments section.
    Nobody's bashing anything because it's mainstream, they're bashing it because they don't like the music. Is that really too much for you to comprehend?
    Just because you specifically may bash them for tastes doesnt mean the popular census does. There are tons of people who bash A7X and BvB without checking out an album or going to a show, They see an image or hear the name so much that they just hate on them without actually listening. But hey I mean I bet your band is doing better than these guys right lawl,
    "I bet your band is doing better than these guys" Worthless argument. Fuck you.
    The new album is mediocre save for a few songs like Planets and Coming Home. That said, I love the hell out of City of Evil and Nightmare. Self-titled had some really strong songs as did Waking the Fallen. The metal community has a huge stick up their collective a**. If the music isn't in some weird time signature, screaming vocals, prog, or over 8 minutes long, it'll never be good enough. If it even closely resembles 80s metal, people get up in arms and call it a rip-off. Make the music you want. Listen to the music you want. If anyone has a problem with that, tell them to f*** off.
    A7X are good. BVB, not so much.
    Big Veiny Bells
    Well, since everyone seems to be coming out of the musical closet....I like Nickleback! there. i said it
    Maybe some people just don't like the music. Alot of bands do get described as sell outs when they become more popular, but this is usually because they have sacrificed some amount of artistic integrity in the process. I like A7X's old stuff because it sounds different and fairly unique. I dislike their new music because it sounds stale and formulaic. I don't like any BvB because they are a bunch of ****ing posers. Just because this guy cares so much about his shitty image that he couldn't admit to liking MCR, doesn't mean everybody else is as shallow.
    "Waking the Fallen" and "City of Evil" are two albums that should definitely be celebrated. "City of Evil" is an incredibly well written and eclectic record. However, once the self-titled rolled around, the band got too cartoony and the music just didn't have that energy anymore. They reduced themselves to that slow, arena rock, verse-chorus-verse-chorus format. I think a huge misconception about them though is that they're cocky. Watching an interview, as opposed to reading a slanted one posted on UG, pretty much shows them off as laid back and modest, but still confident dudes. They honestly don't praise themselves as much as this website indicates they do.
    This. I've been preaching this since self titled came out. Before it did, I was on the verge of getting a death bat tattoo and everything. I loved the ground A7X walked on because they just kept churning out amazing music. To me they kind of are having the same fallout that KoRn did. Every record they changed. It was still KoRn but with subtle differences. Eventually it got to the point where the changes weren't producing great music anymore. Granted I think they've stepped it up recently, but that's a different argument.
    I like some of their songs, as I liked some MCR songs too. Hell, I like FOB as a band. But their fans, god damn it, stab them and throw them off a cliff. I guess metal scene bands get more hate than rock scene bands but still, it's high time fans stop ruining music.
    Yeah, it's kind of like all the metal elitists or whatever. You say you listen to a modern metal band and they say 'that's not metal, listen to Black Sabbath/Metallica, you poser'. That's pretty much why I don't listen to those bands... Fans are just as guilty for the hate for some bands.
    If anything, I could tolerate Avenged Sevenfold before but everyone constantly singing their praises, including themselves, just makes me not want to like them. They're not even this groundbreaking, inspirational band that everyone keeps harping on about either, they had to rip off Metallica to create half their new album for goodness sake
    Same here, I can't stand how Matt Heafy constantly talks about how awesome Trivium is. It is hard so support someone so egotistical.
    Don't read the comment section of any article with BVB or A7x as the subject. All you're gonna get is a bunch of idiots bashing it and a bunch of people who think they can change the former's minds. You're gonna have a bad time
    Just because people like something doesn't mean it's good. Some people love to kill, but that doesn't make it good.
    If anything has been said on this website that makes 100% sense, I'm pretty sure what you just said is it.
    Avenged Sevenfold are alright. They've got some good songs. I honestly wouldn't "celebrate" the quality of their music, but I will give them praise for being able to put a foot in the door for metal. They're the kind of band that people just getting into the genre will start with. And from there, people are gonna explore and dig deeper.
    I would love to see the number of people on here who are fans of Metallica and consider them metal but hate Avenged Sevenfold and say that they aren't metal at all. Everybody always claims that A7X aren't metal because they don't play fast enough, aren't heavy enough, don't scream enough, etc. Yet look at all the bands that are considered metal that don't scream and don't play particularly fast by today's standards. Look at Judas Priest and Sabbath and Maiden and Motorhead and even all the "hair metal" bands. No one would dare claim that these bands aren't metal, they would be shunned. How is it that bands like A7X are considered hard rock today when 20, 30, and 40 years ago bands that are less heavy than A7X were considered to be heavy metal? Is it simply the time gap? Or is it that modern metal bands can't get big to be considered metal anymore? I just don't understand how people draw these conclusions. I'm not saying that Avenged are as good as Priest or Maiden or Sabbath or Motorhead or Metallica, but how can you deny the similarities in style and tone? Why is one hard rock and the rest are metal?
    It's the time gap and not having the willingness to admit that there are bands still forming and making new music, which is just unacceptable for some people. No matter how heavy you get and how anti-industry your overall artistic views are you're still considered to be sell-out or whatever. A shitton of examples out there, just pick one. I personally do not like A7X, nor any Metalcore or Deathcore bands but that doesn't mean they're not Metal. How in the name of Halford almighty isn't it consider Metal when it's about million times heavier than, let's take for the example, Sonata Arctica? I just can't wrap my head around it.
    That's exactly my point. It isn't about liking the band or the music, but how you classify them. I do think the time gap is a big part of it considering that metal in general has gotten heavier over time, but I personally consider A7X metal, for the fact that if I classify Sabbath and Metallica metal then this has to be metal as well. I just don't understand how so many people view them as hard rock.
    "in our world" STOP SAYING THAT. i think the world of metal and black veil brides are very different. also what shit is he talking i dont know anyone that minds admitting the black album is really ****ing good
    Dude, if you don't think "Metallica" by Metallica (the actual album name) is good then you're a moron.
    Or you just have an opinion and prefer other music/their earlier stuff. There're reason that some people don't like The Black Album, but it doesn't make them a moron. But the people that don't like it just because it was popular as opposed to the music on it are morons.
    The Black Album is garbage. If you think I'm a moron then you're a moron for thinking so.
    Your an idiot, There are long list of people that consider the Black album to be sell-out and the demise of Metallica. Its a good album but its exactly as he says, Metallica was no longer underground when Enter Sandman came out so the metal community turned there backs on it
    It's hard to like a metal band that isn't metal
    Why? Is it because anything that isn't metal sucks? Why does the genre matter?
    I think what the dude is saying is that it's hard to like a so-called metal band that has little in common with metal, a band that labels like rock or hard rock would be more apt for.
    No. I don't like Avenged Sevenfold because I honestly dont think they're good at all. It's not because I'm "afraid to admit I like thats popular" ya ****ing douche bag.
    Exactly my thoughts! I can't stand a7x because (IMO) they suck ass, not because so many people like them. Extremely overrated band.
    I like both bands (shocking I know) but there are people who don't like them. Whether that's because they genuinely don't like them or feel that's the thing to say/do is a different thing
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't care for A7X that is entirely ok,everyone has earned that right,but to say they suck is just purely ignorant. Those guys write,and flawlessly execute some of the most melodically and rhythmically complex harmonies any metal band has ever recorded. I know this because I teach their music to numerous students by request on a daily/weekly basis. I have transcribed and analyzed much of their music for many years now and I have nothing but respect for those guys. I myself prefer their earlier work but nevertheless they deserve respect.
    "But they sound nothing like they do on Waking the Fallen! They suck and sold out." - the vocal minority on this website A7X write some great harmonies as you stated. Maybe not so much on Hail to the King but on City of Evil, there's some really good guitar work going on. I understand not liking a band but I will never get why A7X gets a ludicrous amount of hate for writing the music they want to perform.
    Somebody really needs to fix the grammar of that title.... And I like A7X, but has he never thought they reason that some people don't celebrate them is because *gasp* they don't like them?! You're always gonna have people who bash on things for the sake of it, but a lot of people don't like A7X because they may see them as too commercial or they've been put off by that god-awful Hail To The King album haha
    Avenged Sevenfold is a good band, CoE is a masterpiece. BVB is utter shit ! They suck !
    I don't like A7X because I don't think they're good. I didn't like them back before they really blew up, and I don't now.
    A7X's old stuff is formulaic.
    Some of it yeah, but it wasn't this new Avenged Metallifold crap we've been getting lately.
    Seriously, Buried Alive off of Nightmare is essentially the same as every Metallica song ever.
    Atleast there is still some good bands around. Im not talking about Avenged Sevenfold or Black Veil Brides.
    I don't bash them because they're popular, I bash them because their music does not appeal to me. I know that's a tough one to grasp for some.
    Irwin Navarro
    1) Avenged Sevenfold is talented 2) BVB is talented 3) Even if people think they suck, they still make more money than the haters
    "You people don't want to be put in boxes, why the h*ll do you create so many yourself??? Whats in a name? Rck, metal, death metal.....geez, just listen to the music you like and let others do the same! In my eyes you are like little children..... "I don't like you, because your my toy is more beautiful then yours" ..! Live and let live!
    The singer of BVB started out calling himself Andy Sixx. No relation to Nikki Sixx. I didn't like him then, and I don't like him now.
    How dare he try to speak on behalf of metal fans. Me disliking a7x has to do with me not liking them, not some garbage about how I'm "afraid" to like them.
    I agree that Sevenfold should be celebrated because I think they're an amazing band. However, it feels wrong coming from a member of a shitty band like Black Veil Brides.
    popularity does not always equal quality the masses are fed the pablum the industry gives them and they love it just because they like it doesn't mean its good let alone great
    I give enough of a **** to comment about me not giving a **** about this.
    I'd celebrate them if they were like slayer.
    You celebrate bands that have one guy who thinks he owns everything, kicks out a founding member for being right about something right after another founding member passes away, and the only two remaining founding members are business partners at best?