Black Veil Brides Hire Bob Rock to Produce New Album

Band going through pre-production, record due later this year.

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LA metallers Black Veil Brides have confirmed tapping Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue, the Cult, the Offspring) as the producer of their upcoming new album, tentatively due later this year.

The band made the announcement via Facebook, posting a studio photo with Rock, along with a note: "Last day of week 1 of pre production on #BVB4 with the legendary Bob Rock! Only a week in so far and we are already so stoked on the tracks and direction this record is going in! Rock 'n' Roll!"

Discussing the "Wretched and Divine: the Story of the Wild Ones" follow-up, frontman Andy Biersack told Artisan News last year: "We [usually] do our best stuff - when we don't get too 'heady' about it and we don't try to delve too deep into something before it's ready. We did that going into 'Wretched and Divine.' Beforehand, we had started writing on the road and we went in with a producer, and it just didn't click, 'cause that's not the way that ... The dynamic of the band, artistically, has never worked that way."

"So I think that that's when we work the best - kind of that pressure-cooker situation, in a way, where you know what you wanna do and you have to do it now," Andy added. "But it would be nice to be able to do that over an elongated period of time as opposed to doing it in two weeks and then trying to get the record out. We're always reaching for the best Black Veil Brides record, so hopefully this next one will be that. I don't think we've done it yet."

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    Lol I'm actually really really curious to hear if Bob Rock will have a influence on their music that will make it better.
    Or if you believe some people's belief about Metallica's music after they hired him, he could be the one to finally ruin this band.
    How the **** did they afford him?
    The rumor on the sunset strip is that BVB are a bunch of Trust fund babbies. So there's your answer. Old Money.
    What is really terrible with that band is that they are ok+ musicians (see the masterclasses from the guitarists on youtube, they know the guitar), but their look just kills everything.
    It's the looks, which have been improving if you see before/after pictures, but it's the ego as well from some people, not mentioning names... But they are good musicians who get slammed too much imo.
    Well, that and the fact that they all have massive egos as well. One of the guitarists said in an interview with Total Guitar that anyone who uses any effects on their guitar is trying to hide something and therefore isn't as credible.
    Good musicians with a terrible singer who has too much of an ego and only writes lyrics about high school misfits. Seriously, I can tolerate everything about them aside from Andy's voice and his sh*tty lyrics.
    bob rock's been producing for offspring and 311 the last couple of years. i think he will at least make their sound bigger.. but he can't save the vocals.
    But will it be better or worse than St.Anger?
    Audible Warfare
    "Worse than St. Anger?" Are you actually saying that there is a possibility that anything could be worse than St. Anger? That's hilarious!
    St. Anger is not that bad if you don't view it as a Metallica album and if you ignore the snare sound. It's a raw and aggressive record and one that the band needed to make.
    Hey, can't you all leave the guys alone. The had a great producer for their last record - John Feldman and they sure know how to make good music. Don't always judge by the looks or their young age. Leave them alone for christs sake. :
    I would not wish Bob Rock on my worst enemies. I actually feel bad for them.
    the **** why do you even checking it out if you don't like them?!? and if you don't like their looks it is called listening to music not listening to looks so just ignore them plus really it is not about what the text is written but how you get it so just don't ****ing act like snobs but listen to music you like