Black Veil Brides: 'People Write Us Off as Faggy Makeup Band'

Frontman Andy Biersack cites reputation frustrations as inspiration for "very angry" new album.

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Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has recently discussed frustrations behind the group's reputation of a "faggy makeup band," citing them among key inspirations for a "very angry" new album.

Asked about the lyrical content of the upcoming "Black Veil Brides IV" record, Andy told Revolver, "Very angry. I feel like in a lot of ways I had a lot of aggression towards the state of how we were perceived. Obviously some people will see, 'Oh, he's the guy who yells at awards shows' or whatever.

"But in a lot of ways, we had made this record ['Wretched and Divine'] so large in scale and had this grand story and we did the film. There was a certain level of frustration when you feel you do this thing so large and great, but there were so many people who just refused to listen to the songs, like, 'They're a faggy makeup band.' I think on some level, when I was younger that used to affect me.

"In a way, I enjoyed looking back on those feelings because I don't really care anymore. I can't write about things in the moment anyway, but in a way I wanted to re-tap into those aggressive feelings. I think if anything thematically there is a lot more angst on this record in general. I'm shooting from the hip a lot more on this one. There's no grand story and the metaphors aren't as strong. So it's a return to form - more like our first album, lyrically," the frontman noted.

"Black Veil Brides IV" is due out on October 28. Produced by legendary Bob Rock, you can pre-order the effort over on Pledge Music.

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    If this bothers them, they should try not being a faggy makeup band.
    Am I the only one whose noticed that their stage look isn't as bad as it used to be? On another note I think they're a very talented band musically and I'm looking forward to hearing the new album.
    They have cut down on the make up quite a bit to be honest. See the difference between their debut album and their most recent. It's a shame that people don't like them pretty much because of how they look. Their music is pretty decent, the talent in the band is really good too, though obviously personal preferences kick in (it's a shame that the make-up is a bit of an off-switch for many people).
    I don't care about their look. The problem is that their music is realy mediocre and for me personaly very boring. They are not the worst band ever but they aren't anything special either.
    It's not just their look... their music is horrible too. They're just one of many, many crappy-to-mediocre bands that are cashing in on an image while riding the latest trendy wave all the way to the bank. Looking at this band makes me cringe and listening to them just makes me want to listen to ANYTHING else. If they were a decent band I wouldn't care what they look like but they're not.
    I desperately wish that this band (or rather just the lead singer, since he's the only original member) would've pursued their early sound rather than cashing out so early on their whole KISS-meets-A7X routine. And when I say their early sound, I'm talking way before their first album. Seriously, if you can find the original Black Veil Brides EP - the one that was produced in a garage in Ohio - it was a promising piece of post-hardcore. If (and it's a long shot) they were to pursue that sound on their upcoming material, I'd actually give them another shot.
    Even if they do, I bet people will still slag them off because of their image, like how quite a few people in this comment section are doing at the moment.
    Isn't every bands motive to make money? That's their career. They kind of have to live off of it. Why is it so bad they found a way to make money?
    Respectable bands make the music they want to make and try to find success with it. Bands like BVB (or rather, Andy Biersack) make music that'll get them money, reeking of commercialism. You can try to make money however you want, it's your choice, but don't complain when the backlash comes at you
    Eventually that may become the reason, but when bands start out, I think enjoying the music is the main reason. When it gets a bit boring, or you can't keep the energy up, then money weighs more as a reason to carry on. But in essence, a band is a business which needs money to carry on. Without it, they're out of the industry.
    I'm sorry but I honestly can't name a band that sounds like them. Even the band they're compared to the most, A7X are very different. Therefore I don't think you can refer to them as "trendy". And really the "they're only making music for money" argument is ridiculous as well, for any band. It's not like you can read they're minds and know what their motives are. Its ok to dislike them but the mindless bashing they get is just stupid.
    It's not "mindless bashing". You don't need to be able to read minds to understand what's going on. Maybe it's just a coincidence that their music AND image just happen to be a mash-up of what every emo/scenester wannabe teenage girl is throwing their money at these days. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. Black Veil Brides have about as much artistic integrity as One Direction... they just pretend to play metal. There's no other real difference.
    OK there are several things i'd like to say 1. Their image as of late has been very toned down. They no longer look like the wierdos they did a couple of years ago. It's very clear they've grown up from they're immature look. I'm not sure if you've noticed that. 2. As much artistic integrity of one direction? Are you aware of the level of musicianship of this band? I'm sorry but that was quiet a silly thing to say. 3. They have stated from day one they aren't a metal band. They just identify themselves as a hard rock'n'roll band. 4. I am not a "scenester" yet I enjoy their music and I'm not the only one like this. It's fair to say their music is there to be enjoyed by anyone.
    The appearance of bands has never bothered me. Look how you look, why should you care what people think? It's just their music has never been great at all. I'm sure they have the skill to produce some great songs but I have no idea what they are trying to do
    They have talent, like there cover of Rebel Yell isn't bad. It's just their music is a lot of whiny crap with a lot of ballady "woahhh" type anthem crap. Hope they eventually realize what they're doing to put off the majority and instead of catering to teenage girls lyrically become real men.
    I think they have been toning the anthem-y stuff down, but not a lot. There were a couple of songs in the recent album which were seemed to be more song, compared to being anthems. If they are making this transition, it seems like it is happening, but slowly.
    "Large in scale" listening to the album, it wasn't bad, it was just so safe and bland. They make out that they're pushing boundaries when they sound like a watered-down A7X. Also Andy is a tool, so yeah, already starting on a bad foot
    " There was a certain level of frustration when you feel you do this thing so large and great, but there were so many people who just refused to listen to the songs, like, 'They're a faggy makeup band.' I think on some level, when I was younger that used to affect me. " They're not my cup of tea, but I've heard that album was pretty decent, and I can understand the frustration of making something good, and people refusing to accept it because they don't like the look.
    Fact is they've already released plenty of shit records and built up a horrific reputation for being posers. Simply put, people just don't want to know anymore. My advice is that they go their seperate ways and try rounding up different band mates for each other, they're their own worst enemy.
    Ok then take off the make-up, the woman's clothes and let it be all about the music. The band made it about appearance not everyone else.
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong visual element in music. Actually, no, a strong visual element is a REALLY good thing to have in a band, as long as the music matches up to it. The fact is they fail to fulfil both criteria with an aesthetic that's over 20 years out of date and music that doesn't stand on its own.
    If you don't want to be labelled a faggy make-up band then stop giving people a reason to label you a faggy make up band. Sorry guys but your egos are out of this world, it's embarrassing. The look you had for a while was basically just a total clone of the style that KISS went for. Andy, mate, you're the biggest poser in metal and don't act like you arn't. If faggy emo girls with no lives didn't fancy you your band would've been dropped months ago...not to mention your music stinks, bad.
    Well, this would be the moment when you say that dont judge by the look, judge by what you hear. But unfortunately this isn't the case.
    But on the issue of image, the only reason people dismiss them as a makeup band is because they don't back it up. There is NOTHING wrong with having a distinctive image, but your music needs to stand on it's own
    "Black Veil Brides: 'People Write Us Off as Faggy Makeup Band'" And so they do.
    Maybe if they weren't such stuck up little ****s with their heads too far up their makeup heavy asses people wouldn't care about whether their music is shit or not.
    I don't think a lot of you here that are defending them realize that everyone on UG has heard them, and we mostly all agree that although they are totally a faggy make-up band, we don't like them because their music is about as appealing as listening to Fran Drescher laugh on audio.
    Wears makeup and fluffy hair. Calls his band "Black Veil Brides." Moans and complains that people call them "faggy makeup band." Douche.
    Then stop relying on your appearance to make your self popular, then complain how people don't like how you look.
    Exactly the reason some people miss out on some great bands because they assume that the appearance reflects a band. Yes it sometimes does but sometimes you can be surprised at what you get if you just listen.I thought Black Veil Brides was a band that just catered to the teen market (and you can argue they do) but I listened to them and actually started to like it. That and they can still wipe the floor musically with most modern bands and like it or not Andy Biersack can actually sing which is always nice
    Wait, did I read that correctly? Black Veil Brides can barely play their instruments, let alone "wipe the floor" with any band. People don't hate on them because of their image, people hate on them because their music is terrible.
    Jake Pitts is a very skilled guitarist and their drummer ain't half bad. They're much like a lot of hair metal bands; all the members are technically competent but they make very bland and vapid music, only an extra layer of whinyness in this case. I never was a fan of them, but saying they can "barely play their instruments" simply isn't true. They just use their skills to play boring hard rock that has been done thousands of times before and much better.
    Eh, a lot of the hair metal bands back in the 80s were far more talented than BVB, I mean look at Cinderella they looked like chicks, but damn they were f***** talented. Same goes for Warrent and RATT.
    I don't know... I don't judge bands (or people or anything) by their looks so I gave a few songs a listen and... yuck. Their look and their image are both smart business decisions. Teenaged girls with a lot of disposable income and bad taste is a great market to go after for a quick buck but if you're looking for interesting music with any depth whatsoever this band is pointless.
    How do you know that you didn't acquire a "Guilty pleasure" for this band?I mean, I respect that everyone has their musical tastes, but I just came back from youtube since I heard them before just once, I tried once again but they are just extremely awful, ridiculous and even more overrated... Personal opinion tho...
    Well I bring them up when it comes to bands that I like from the past five years so I can't be to embarrassed that I like them. Yeah the lyrics are fairly teenage angst a lot of the time but musically I really dig it
    You haven't listened to many modern bands if you think BVB can wipe the floor with anyone. I've seen them live at a festival, they sounded absolutely shit and all Biersack did was complain and whine like a bitch.
    I can understand the whole look vs. sound argument but I'd cite BTBAM as a good example of what to do if you want to avoid backlash. They dress like normal everyday people every single day, no one makes presumptions about their music until they see the instruments and even then their sound is pretty damn unique so most people would get it wrong but besides the long hair on a member (historically two) you wouldn't necessarily put them anywhere near the metal categories. In short, make a choice, what is more important to you: The way you look/others perceive that look or how the music sounds/how people perceive the music. Hopefully for a band it's the sound, then you can ignore the band look/be as neutral as possible without getting judged before you get heard.
    "People Write Us Off as Faggy Makeup Band" Well, that and now your apparent homophobia too.
    They write you off as a faggy makeup band because you are. Not really anything more to it than that.
    I think that they have enough material to actually stop acting like a faggy makeup band. They should just give it a try !
    I bet when he says more angst he means he boosted the vocals and bass 15db
    Well, my dear Brides, the thing is... People are going to judge based on how you look. That's just the way it is. You may not think it's fair, and you're right, it's not, but it's not going to change. If that bothers you, lose the ridiculous image. It's supposed to be about the music anyway, right? How about you practice what you preach? The makeup, haircuts, and goth women's clothes don't improve the music at all. If you don't want people's focus to be on your image, stop pushing the ridiculous image. Take a note from the countless bands made up of extremely talented guys, who are also mature enough to understand that, and they just look like normal dudes with instruments. Black Veil Brides, you brought this entirely on yourselves, by being more concerned with your image than your music in the first place. Quit your bitching and fix it.
    So they decided to dress like Motley Crue circa 1983 and they haven't gotten the respect they wanted as musicians. Wow, really?What did they think happened to all of those 80's bands when the 90's finally came?The BVB made a decision and they didn't like the result. It happens. Big deal. Take off the make-up kids, KISS did it back in the 80's. Also, many 'Hair Bands' gave up their white leather pants when Pearl Jam/Nirvana showed up.That's the cool thing about clothes and looks. You can change them.
    These guys look and dress like early motley crue. But while Motley Crue sang songs about banging girls, and then actually banged girls and looked like they were having a good time, these fags sing about shit that 15 year old hot-topic girls enjoy. Which is really a shame, because musically they're pretty talented, yet all that goes to waste when they sing about shit that you'd write in your diary if you were a pissed off 15 year old girl in too much black clothing.
    So narrow-minded people in here... Listen to their music without watching music videos and think. Their influennces were Mötley Crue, Misfits and Kiss for example, so are these bands faggy too? I don't think so And their music is ****ing great and metal
    Mister A.J.
    Their influences don't change the fact that they're shit. I've already tried listening to their music; I didn't like it because it was shit. Their image is irrelevant in that regard.
    Well actually. They are a faggy makeup band. Why is this man/woman/scary-halloween-thing suprised?
    Biersack needs to write lyrics that someone over the age of 15 can relate to. He can sing pretty well, but no one wants to hear what he's singing. Musically, these guys are talented and they are letting it go to waste to be more commercial. Such a shame. And to anyone who doubts that they can be good when they focus, listen to The Legacy and then try to say they can barely play their instruments
    They care so much about what people think of them. Like honestly who gives a crap, they suck anyways.
    They are meh at best. And like already said, if it bothers them maybe they should change?
    Guns N' Chains
    Not at all a fan of this band, but the only thing I like about that past album was the album cover. Gotta admit, it was pretty badass. Everything else...just not for me.
    Can't say that's not my exact thought about them when I see their stuff plastered all over Hot Topic. I think the same thing gave Avenged Sevenfold a lot of hate around the City of Evil album because they did have a similar makeup style, especially in their videos like Beast and the Harlot. Seriously, you can't tell me you don't see that picture in the article and want to punch that guy. He just looks so douchey!
    Please someone put up the clip from the movie Detroit Rock City where the guys put the KISS makeup on the disco queens!! "They put the fag make-up on ya" lmao love that scene.