Black Veil Brides: 'People Write Us Off as Faggy Makeup Band'

artist: Black Veil Brides date: 07/30/2014 category: music news
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Black Veil Brides: 'People Write Us Off as Faggy Makeup Band'
Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has recently discussed frustrations behind the group's reputation of a "faggy makeup band," citing them among key inspirations for a "very angry" new album.

Asked about the lyrical content of the upcoming "Black Veil Brides IV" record, Andy told Revolver, "Very angry. I feel like in a lot of ways I had a lot of aggression towards the state of how we were perceived. Obviously some people will see, 'Oh, he's the guy who yells at awards shows' or whatever.

"But in a lot of ways, we had made this record ['Wretched and Divine'] so large in scale and had this grand story and we did the film. There was a certain level of frustration when you feel you do this thing so large and great, but there were so many people who just refused to listen to the songs, like, 'They're a faggy makeup band.' I think on some level, when I was younger that used to affect me.

"In a way, I enjoyed looking back on those feelings because I don't really care anymore. I can't write about things in the moment anyway, but in a way I wanted to re-tap into those aggressive feelings. I think if anything thematically there is a lot more angst on this record in general. I'm shooting from the hip a lot more on this one. There's no grand story and the metaphors aren't as strong. So it's a return to form - more like our first album, lyrically," the frontman noted.

"Black Veil Brides IV" is due out on October 28. Produced by legendary Bob Rock, you can pre-order the effort over on Pledge Music.
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