Black Veil Brides Singer Wants To Work With Gene Simmons

Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack would like to work with Kiss' Gene Simmons.

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Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack, aka Andy Sixx, has taken a few hard knocks as of late; notably, breaking his nose at a gig in the UK near the end of October and having to cancel the remainder of the band's UK tour.

But, looking back at 2011, Biersack sees nothing but positives, from receiving honors from Revolver magazine to playing mega-festivals such as Bamboozle and Rock on the Range.

What's Biersack's highlight, this far, this year?

"Oh, man, I couldn't say one," he told Audio Ink Radio. "Winning the award for Best New Band from Revolver, winning the Best International Newcomer Award from Kerrang, having everyone from Alice Cooper to Sebastian Bach saying we're one of the best new bands out there, playing in front of 40,000 people at Download, having an entire sold-out tour in Europe, having a Top 20 record on the Billboard charts. There's so much for which we're thankful. It's been a great year."

Biersack and Black Veil Brides have met and played with a crop of legendary musicians this year, from Motley Crue six-stringer Mick Mars to Alice Cooper. Is there anyone left on Biersack's "dream list?"

"Honestly, the only person left is [KISS'] Gene Simmons. I've met him, but have never played with him," he said. "All of my other heroes, now have played with Black Veil Brides. It's been really incredible."

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    I'm not a fan of the look, nor this guys voice, but their guitarists are talented. I think opinions on them would be different if people had never seen them.
    Why does this guy get attention, he's a terrible vocalist in an even worse band. He can't sing for shit and the entire band got famous by dressing like it's Halloween every day of the year.
    Great, one person in it for the money and women is looking to boost his career by going to the patron saint of doing it for the money and women. When will this band just give in?
    link no1
    Hey, does anybody on this page wanna get off the bandwagon please? They ain't terrible. They are over rated and at the same time over hated. Their music is pretty good and while I also don't like the singers voice he can at least stay in tune and hit notes so in that case, he isn't "terrible" as that would imply somebody that can do neither. The guitarists are pretty good aswell, if you would like to take some time and at least listen to 3 seconds of one of their songs (how many of you have actually heard them?)
    controlledchaos wrote: the entire band got famous by dressing like it's Halloween every day of the year.
    They actually havn't always done that, it's more of a recent thing but besides that, it's a friggin stage thing. You don't see Gene Simmons walking around in full make up off stage, also most black metal bands do the same thing (black leather with black and white make-up) If these guys are gay and musically untalened for wearing what they do with make-up on stage, then so are alot of metal bands. BTW, What you look like does not effect your skill at an instrument or your sexuallity, if it does then most users of UG are sloppy, whiney, horrible to listen to and use the output as an input. This is comming from a guy who loves Thrash and Death metal, you guys have no exuse for having your own opinion (since most of you have no opinion and just side with the larger group)
    jesus christ their band isn't that bad. I would say theyre a lot better than the shit you people above probably listen to
    This is one of the worst bands out there. Guess what?? I'm a girl and I'm not stupid enough to listen to their "music".
    Andy is an extremely intelligent guy, so instead of trying to keep this rock and roll dream of his going, (nowhere) I might add, he should just stick to....Songwriting I guess, and get a new vocalist, for these guys, and dress differently, because they pretend to be so unique and different, but all they're doing is ripping off kiss and motley crue, but ****, we all know none of this is ever gonna happen, cause Andy loves all the poontang too much..little f.u.cker.
    I don't know why they would be proud of their gig at Rock on the Range. They played the smallest stage and i heard more boos and saw more bottles being thrown than anything. Just a bunch of 16 year old girls were watching them.
    Black Veil Brides are ****ing terrible. I seriosuly don't know a single person who likes them and I haven't read a positive review of their work yet. To top it off they were saying in Guitar World how they are so great and they are going to be the biggest bands ever, BULLSHIT. They must buy their own CDs because I dont know who else would.
    I'm not a fan of the band to any extent, but I've heard the lead guitarist shred to the absolute hell, and I was blown away. I think it's a shame that the song writing doesn't at all compare to the technical ability (at least for the guitarist) and the band predominantly targets adolescent girls who are simply annoying.
    i agree with you full heartly and andy is super smart and is very good looking and he can sing mother ****er