Blackmore's Son Jams With Deep Purple

artist: Deep Purple date: 12/09/2010 category: music news
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While guitarist Ritchie Blackmore might have acrimoniously split from Deep Purple almost twenty years ago, his grudges apparently don't run in the family. In fact, when the Purps took to the stage in Hamburg, Germany last weekend, the axe-man's son was more than happy to join them. Clad in his father's iconic black attire and complete with scallop-necked Fender Stratocaster, Jurgen Blackmore surprised the audience by jumping up onstage for a run through of Smoke On The Water. No stranger to playing his dad's music, Jurgen is currently on tour with Over The Rainbow, the group which also features former Rainbow members Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli, Greg Smith and Paul Morris. Blackmore senior, since splitting with both of his former groups, is currently the guitarist in Renaissance themed folk-duo Blackmore's Night alongside his partner, Candice Night. The duo released their latest record, Autumn Sky earlier this year. Ritchie Blackmore initially departed from Deep Purple in 1975, leaving the band's MK III line up to replace him with American guitarist Tommy Bolin, who died shortly after the group disbanded in '76. Blackmore joined with the band's reformed Mk II line up in 1984, only to leave again in 1993. Joe Satriani initially filled the vacant guitar slot until a permanent replacement was found in Dixie Dreggs' Steve Morse. The band has announced that the German leg of their 2011 world tour will see them accompanied by an orchestra.
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