Blink-182 Are Without A Label

The punk pop trio have parted ways with their label Interscope Records.

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Just days after heavy metal legends Metallica announced that they were no longer working with a record label, Blink-182 front-man Tom DeLonge has taken to Twitter to announce that his band are going down the same path. In a message posted yesterday, the guitarist and vocalist wrote the following:

"Freedom!! Blink as of today, is now an independent Artist!!!!!"

The news comes hot on the heels of Blink announcing that they have begun work on their as yet untitled new album, with Mark Hoppus having recently told: "Early next week I go back to Los Angeles to record an iTunes session for Blink 182, and we're starting to write the new record right now."

"We're going to tour Australia in February with Blink... [so the] proper tour and the new album probably won't happen for about a year."

Blink have promised that the new album will be an antidote to the "lack of great music" that the band experienced over the summer as Hoppus states: "I've kind of been in a dead-zone lately... I feel like this summer was kind of devoid of a lot of great new music. The new [Brookyn indie dance duo] Matt & Kim album is coming out, I'm excited about that, the Mumford and Sons album I like... but, yeah, other than that it's been kind of a dry summer."

Blink-182's last album "Neighborhoods" was released last year. It was the first new material from the band since the reunited in February 2009.The album was created without the assistance of an outside producer and Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker all receive production credits on the album. The band had originally split in 2005 due to internal conflicts, but was reunited by a plane crash that drummer Travis Barker was involved in during 2008.

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    "Blink have promised that the new album will be an antidote to the "lack of great music" that the band experienced over the summer as Hoppus states" Been said before and I'll say it again, there is plenty of good music out there, good find it.
    I think Hoppus was just referring to the fact that "great music" isn't readily available or played to the main market. I agree that good music is available to those who seek it, I just think he was commenting that there isn't a whole lot of good music that's mainstream
    ""lack of great music" that the band experienced" They said their music wasn't great, not that there is no good music available from any other bands.
    No Label? It's like this all happened in the blink of an eye. Kill me. I hate myself for posting that joke.
    Dammit, did I really took 2 minutes to think of this joke?
    Neighborhoods is listenable-- it's Mark, Tom, and Travis so it HAS to be. Lol. But the difference is, it's not MEMORABLE. -The melodies are catchy, but they don't "strike a chord". -The lyrics are thought-provoking, but not meaningful. -The music sounds like a violent explosion of AVA and +44, and not in a good way. SO, an indie blink is much-welcomed news. I actually just came.
    "-The melodies are catchy, but they don't "strike a chord"" have to disagree on that. I found the album amazing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the melodies to be pretty good e.g. wishing well. Probably gonna get hate for this but i kinda preferred it over the self titled :\ I do agree that it does sound like a violent explosion of AVA but I wouldn't see that as a bad thing..
    Clearly he doesn't like metal if he thinks not much good came out over the summer. Oh, and hopefully being independent will make them actually act like it. Blink 182 needs a syringe shot of punk or two.
    I don't know how will this affect their music if at all, but I hope the next album is a good one, because Neighborhoods left me a bit cold.
    I liked it in a weird way. It was like watching a B-Movie. You know that feeling when you're like "This is absolutely terrible, but I can't stop watching/listening". I had that with Neighbourhoods.
    I watched a B-movie once. It had female full body nudity in it. But really maybe I was just expecting something different. I just didn't feeel the melodies brooooo
    I liked their self-titled, and I feel Neighborhoods was a step back from that one. Maybe they tried to appeal to the fans after the long break. Self-titled was much more mature.
    The self-titled is definitely my favorite. I like pretty much all of the tracks on that album. It had just the right amount of old sound with the new.
    I don't want the 'old' Blink back. Just write something you feel and this time together, not like during making of Naighborhoods when you did it separately in your home-studios.
    This year has seen new albums from Green Day Muse Bloc Party Mumford And Sons Vaccines The Killers Even if you don't like those bands there have been loads of releases this year just to name a few. Especially from British bands
    The new Converge album is awesome as well as the new GY!BE album and alot of smaller bands have had awesome releases. The ones you listed (mainly The Killers, Muse and Green Day) are not really the best examples of "good releases".
    Uno may not have be their best work but it's a solid record. On another note I see many fans embracing The 2nd Law.
    Yeah, there are a lot of small bands releasing good stuff, but that doesn't mean they are better examples of good albums. I don't get how on this website it seems that big bands have a stigma for being popular when compared to smaller more unheard of bands. (However I do listen to converge, but i'm more of a Touche Amore fan)
    Besides maybe Bloc Party, those are all terrible acts. They are not helping the "no great music" thing.
    that's funny, only when you are a mine of gold the label is with you.
    "Music sucks now, but it's okay because Blink 182 will save us!!!" -_____-
    They said it was a slow summer, musicwise. And they didn't say they were gonna save us. They said they'd try something interesting. I, for one, like the fact that Blink is preparing a new album.
    The Gaslight Anthem put out a new album in July. Don't know how he could have missed that.
    I thought Hoppus took pride in knowing cool smaller bands, but he thinks Mumford and Sons was the highlight of the summer? Maybe he isn't as knowledgeable as I thought
    But they are. I think he was speaking about the mainstream music. And Blink is mainstream, too.
    Yay! Blink news... Oh, wait... They died at the end of the 90s. What's this new bands name with the same members? Definitely doesn't sound like Blink.
    Also, how does a one trick pony like Tom DeSHLONG get a signature guitar?
    The same way a one trick pony like Kurt Cobain gets one. You don't have to be a great guitarist to have a signature guitar. You just have to be popular enough that if they slap your name on it, they can charge a few hundred more.
    Sure I get that, I'm just questioning how its come to this. Cobain at least has credibility.
    well, if you dislike blink, it doesn't mean that they or their music sucks.
    cant believe people enjoy listening to this pop rock boy band. The only thing good about this band is the drummer's leaked penis pics. thats about it
    awesome! more to come i hope.. be great to have some artist ran labels in the future and not the "suits" power is shiftng?
    I know at 20 years old I'm considered quite young, but I honestly thought this was the best year for music that I've been alive for.