Blink-182 Working on New Album: 'Rehearsals Start Today'

"Neighborhoods" follow-up coming soon, band apologizes for the wait.

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As three years have passed since their latest album "Neighborhoods," Blink-182 have finally buckled up for the release of a brand new record.

As guitarist Tom DeLonge noted via Instagram, "Rehearsals start today ... And yes there will be a new album. Sorry for the wait."

The band is currently gearing up for an O2 Academy Brixton show in London on August 6, followed by a headlining slot at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals. Meanwhile, DeLonge's been working on a new Angels & Airwaves album; titled "Poet," it's set for a Halloween 2014 release.

"It always happens when the three of us are together in a room," Mark Hoppus told Kerrang! magazine last year. "Because when [we're not touring], Tom lives in San Diego, Travis [Barker] lives in Los Angeles and I live in London, so we don't really talk all that much. But then when we get in a room together, it all falls into place and we start making jokes. That's when we start writing songs and reconnecting with everything."

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    They announced this ages ago, like when they announced they were going Reading and Leeds, Mark Hoppus even uploaded images of the Logic screens with the audio tracks in.... UG even already had an article on it...
    You sure that wasn't for Neighborhoods, or their short EP "Dogs Eating Dogs?"
    It wasn't. Mark said their plan was to have new music out by the time they played Reading and Leeds this year.
    Yeah, and from what I've read, it's Tom's commitment to Angels & Airwaves that's delaying it. Mark even started a new band. As a long time fan being pretty disappointed since their reformation, I kinda wish they (or maybe just Tom?) focused a little more on a single project. It's a little unnerving.
    I'd rather he put all his attentions into one project, finish it, and then put all his attentions into another, rather than just half-ass both of them. Besides, he put 3 years of his life into AvA before blink got back together and he had some big plans, he shouldn't have to sideline anything for anything else
    I would love another album like their pre-self titled works. Another Neighborhoods would really disappoint me.
    Can only write songs about being in your 20's for so long.
    matteo cubano
    thats about the time she walked away from me, nobody likes you when you're 43.
    I lost my girlfriend cause I got ED. That's why she walked out on me. I never wanna act my age. What's my age again? Where's my asian friend?
    They already said that they'll never be making again an album like Dude Ranch or Enema cause they are not in their 20's anymore and a lot of things had changed. That's understandable, and as far as Neighborhoods it's true, that is not their best album, though it has the worst two Blink songs ever ( Fighting the gravity and Love is dangerous) but i really enjoyed Snake Charmer ( best song on the album) Wishing Well, Hearts All Gone and Ghost On The Dancefloor could had been one of their best but it sounds so AVA.
    matteo cubano
    I liked half of it and the other half wasn't interesting. the first 3 songs and hearts all gone are great tunes.
    Honestly, the synthesizers just don't work me. I really hope they tone that shit down but I doubt they will.
    I have a feeling they were just testing the water on the last album and needed something for the reunion, I reckon this one could be much stronger.
    They need to get away from the melodramatic music they've been doing lately. Tom Delongue needs to get his head of his ass. I love Blink, but we need some more immature goofy pop-punk, not Angels and Airwaves!!
    They're nearing 40. An album entirely made up of goofy would be forced and wouldn't be as good
    This. They already proves they can make good music withoud the pop punk goofiness. Ex: Self Titled, Box Car Racer and even Plus 44
    Neighborhoods and Dogs eating dogs got so much hate but I truly believe that if people would stop expecting TOYPJ or another Dude Ranch they could be presently surprised. They are 40, it would be disingenuous. The Self-titled should have been a heads up they were moving away from the early stuff. On that note I am going to listen to Cheshire Cat now.
    But as they've aged, their music has gotten more cringe-worthy, at least to me. I find it weird that a band that early on made so many toilet humor jokes in their songs could be taken more seriously than when they later try to make actual serious and mature music. They just sort of come across as contrived to me now. Still a fan...just don't care for their new stuff.
    They early stuff is their best, my favorite Blink album is Dude Ranch, but their Self Titled is their best music in termos of musical evolution, the problem with Neighborhoods is that it has a lot of AVA stuff ( the space and laser sounds) that Tom should stay out of the Blink sound
    But as they've aged, their music has gotten more cringe-worthy, at least to me. I find it weird that a band that early on made so many toilet humor jokes in their songs could be taken more seriously than when they later try to make actual serious and mature music. They just sort of come across as contrived to me now. Still a fan...just don't care for their new stuff.
    MARK Hoppus should increase his bass skill/playing
    and you should decrease your drug use.
    He is not the best player, and Delonge is no the best guitarist but they skills fit with the music they like to play, and fans like it that way. Dont see what's the matter here. If you dont like Mark style of playing or dont even like Blink 182, dont listen to them.
    I don't see why it's impossible to make immature pop-punk when you're at their age. I mean, other similar bands like Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, and even Green Day is at a similar age that they're in, and they still sound as immature as ever (granted, Green Day matured up a lot since their "Dookie" days).
    "Handcore fans" have their heads so up their asses, and enjoy so much livin on the past its prety damn annoying, people change, you cant speak the same stuff for 20 years, you cant walk in the same direction for 20 years (hypothetically) cause it wont take you anywhere. Neighborhoods is in my top 3 Blink albums,and Ava its a part of Tom now, well be listening to it in Blink for the rest of the bands life now, suck it up...
    where do u go after having such success from antics? give it up for the 45 yr old in the back at an emo concert.
    Finally. Neighborhoods was great. One of the best efforts I've ever seen from a band coming back after a hiatus. Unless you count every Tool album. Still awesome, though. Love it. Was exactly what I wanted from a new Blink album. Bring on more.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    i feel like Neighborhoods was a way to kinda shake off a few cobwebs, and while it only had a few songs that sounded more Blink, like Snake Charmer, Natives, and MH.4.18.2011 a lot of it sounded like back burner stuff from both +44 and AVA. Dogs Eating Dogs felt like a step in the right direction and sounded more like what neighborhoods should've been. I'm pretty excited to hear some new Blink-182 though, i still enjoy listening to them
    I think Blink still can make a great record, as far as Tom keeps all the pharaphernalia and the fancy-dramatic stuff that he makes with AVA, Blink can make another decent blend of punk-rock alternative record and even top the Self Titled.
    Blink are one of my favourite bands and I'm super excited for new music from them but it kinda makes me laugh how I've seen 50 different articles on 50 different sites all made from a single two-line post on Instagram "announcing" something that was already announced months ago
    It'd be fine if they did stuff along the lines of even if she falls- balance hooks with a wee bit of maturity!