Blink 182 Expand Australian Tour

Blink 182's Australian tour has just gotten larger with a number of new dates added.

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Blink 182's Australian tour has just gotten larger. A number of new dates were announced earlier today and will see the band making stops in Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra and Wollongong. The band were forced to cancel their tour in March when drummer Travis Barker broke his foot. The cancelled shows were later rescheduled for September, but the band will now retun in late August for a 10 date tour. Opening acts for the tour will be Sparta and Gyroscope.

Dates are as follows:

08/28 - Canberra @ AIS Arena 08/29 - Wollongong @ Entertainment Centre 08/31 - Melbourne @ Festival Hall 09/02 - Newcastle @ Entertainment Centre 09/03 - Brisbane @ Entertainment Centre 09/04 - Brisbane @ Entertainment Centre 09/06 - Sydney @ Hordern Pavilion 09/07 - Sydney @ Hordern Pavilion 09/08 - Sydney @ Hordern Pavilion 09/09 - Sydney @ Hordern Pavilion

In related news, The new Blink-182 "Down" video premieres next week. To see behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot, check the "About" section of Blink-182's web site. The song is also available for download from iTunes. Another Blink-182 track, "Not Now," is available exclusively for download on iTunes. Check it out!

In other news, the band will perform on CBS's "Late Night with David Letterman" next week. The guys are scheduled to appear on May 27. Check local listings for further details.

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    Jacharias P
    Blink 18-poo-doo-magoo bring up the bile from the back of my neck, the ***in suck horse cock and should be killed and all of their 'work' destroyed. they suck pure and simple.
    Jacharias P, if they suck so bad, why do you read their news stories? Maybe if they suck so much you should spend the time you do dissing them writing your own songs so you can put some better music out there? Oh, wait, that probably won't happen...people who vent their spleen for no reason on bands they say they don't care about usually don't get too far...they're too busy informing the world of their ridiculous opinions that no one really wants to hear.
    I can't believe they are relaseing "Down" There are shit loads of better songs on the CD! Easy Target, Obvious,Violence.... Arg h well Blink Rule, Come back to the UK!
    blink are badass, and oh yeah obvious should be the next single, not down
    wooooo...i'm not much of a fan of blink-182 anymore, but i'm definitely gonna go when they come! No one ever comes to Canberra- we always get bypassed from Sydney to's about time someone came.