Bloc Party To End Hiatus?

artist: Bloc Party date: 03/30/2011 category: music news
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Bloc Party To End Hiatus?
Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack has left his temporary live gig with Irish chart-toppers Ash, prompting speculation that his main band is getting ready to rock again. Bloc Party have been on hiatus since 2009. During that time, Lissack released an album with his side project, Pin Me Down, while singer Kele Okereke released a solo album and bass player Gordon Moakes released an album with Young Legionnaire. Ash's Tim Wheeler told The Sun, Russell's been brilliant and we'll have him for our festival, hopefully. Then we'll have to think. I do enjoy having the second guitarist so we've got our eyes peeled. Lissack's time with Ash has been nothing if not eventful. In October 2010, while on tour in South Africa, he was bitten by a lion cub. Lissack ended up in hospital for treatment and cautionary jabs. While he was there, two other patients died of an unrelated, unidentified crisis. The band then had a car crash on their way back to the hotel. Thanks for the story to
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