Blur Headline Olympics, Reveal Song

artist: Blur date: 02/21/2012 category: music news
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Blur Headline Olympics, Reveal Song
Blur have revealed a brand new song, and announced plans to headline a special show to close the London 2012 Olympics. It follows comments from the band which had said their reunion tonight at the Brit Awards may be their last. The band will be awarded with the Outstanding Contribution To Music Award, and will perform an 11-minute set to close the Brit Awards - the longest ever given to a recipient of the award, according to Gigwise. Writing in The Sun, bassist Alex James said the Brit Awards reunion was like "reassembling the A-Team for one last job". He also explained why they originally split - and why they are now happy to perform together again. "As much as we loved Blur, if you do anything day in, day out for 15 years, it becomes a job," he said. "We all needed to go our separate ways and do other things with our lives. Now when we play together, it's for the joy of it, like in our early days." Of course, the band have now accepted an invite to play at the Olympics show, which is raising hopes for a full-scale reunion tour and album. Listen to new song "Under The Westway" here, the first since 2010's "Fools Day" which was released as a limited edition vinyl and download for Record Store Day.
Should Blur have stayed in the 90s, or does it make sense for Britpop to make a comeback for the Olympics? Share your opinion in the comments.
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