Blur Makes It Official: Reunion To Continue In 2013

Britpop fans can finally stop holding their breath: Blur have announced that their reunion will continue into 2013.

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After the Parklive Olympic show in London's Hyde Park this past year, it was unclear whether Damon Albarn and his fellow Blur counterparts were going to continue as a group. The suspense is over for fans, as it's been confirmed that the band will be headlining Belgium's Rock Werchter Festival 2013, set to be held July 4th 7th at Festival Park in Werchter.

In addition, although there are no details as to where else they are playing, it's been announced that Rock Werchter isn't the only place that's going to get to see Blur in 2013. Check out the band's Facebook announcement below.

"Thank you for waiting... Rock Werchter is about to announce that Blur will headline next July. We're excited... hope to travel in 2013 to play to more of our lovely fans who we haven't seen for a while. Don't know where yet, we'll tell as soon as we do... Stand by".

This is undoubtedly thrilling news for fans of the Britpop survivors, who this year whetted loyals' appetites with two new songs and a sprawling box set. Check out fan video footage of Blur performing their hit "Girls & Boys" during their Olympic closing performance in August below:

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    This is cool and all, but I'd rather have another Gorillaz album, despite the last one being so-so.
    I always thought gorillaz was made to listen to when ur stoned out of your mind. Its good, but it's better when ur high. Blur is good either way. So I'm rooting for blur :p
    Honestly, I'm not a fan of Blur. I like 2 or three of their songs, and the rest just don't hold my attention. Nothing against them, I'm sure they're great, they're just not for me.
    Gorillaz are the reason I picked up an instrument years ago, strange as it may seem. Honestly, they have no influence on my music or taste anymore, but they were the initial push. I was obsessed with that band, and I didn't even try pot until years later.
    In addition, although there are no details as to where else they are playing...
    They're playing in Portugal as well. F*ck yeah!
    Great news from a great band. Gorillaz is more "out there" but Blur have always been the best at writting songs.
    seriously, you guys go get your news from a potato? it was confirmed that they were gonna play in Primavera Sound Barcelona and Porto long ago!