Blur: 'We Earned £1 Each For Hyde Park'

artist: Blur date: 08/14/2012 category: music news
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Blur: 'We Earned £1 Each For Hyde Park'
Damon Albarn won't be retiring from the money made at last night's Hyde Park gig, as the Blur frontman has revealed that the band were paid just £300 for the show. The Britpop legend spoke about how little he and his bandmates had been paid for the show, but went on to say that money wasn't why they performed in the first place. "Guess how much they're paying us. Three hundred quid," he told Absolute Radio ahead of the band's performance. "When you divide that between four and add publishing, management and tax, it's down to about a quid. But that's not why you agree to do it." The frontman then went on to say: "It gives us a chance to play to a lot of people in London. In the sense of the Olympics it's nice to get involved and celebrate this amazing city. Everyone's feeling pretty good about London, and I'm there with that because I love this city." Thanks for the report to Gigwise.
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