Blur's Album Sales Increase By 2,700% After Brit Awards

Adele, Blur and Ed Sheeran have all seen album sales surge following their performances at the Brit Awards last night.

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Adele, Blur and Ed Sheeran have all seen album sales surge following their performances at the Brit Awards last night.

Blur's album sales have already increased by 2,700% after they picked up the award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music" and drew the ceremony to a close.

Meanwhile Adele's "21" increase by 166% Ed Sheeran's debut album "+" had a 796% increase.

Both of Adele's albums, "19" and "21" have also both moved back into Amazon's UK top ten following her wins in the "British Female Solo Artist" and "British Album of the Year" categories.

Amazon UK music and MP3 manager Paul Firth said: "Adele may have been cut short during her "Album of the Year" acceptance speech but her reign in the charts continues with orders for both of her 21 and 19 albums after the Brits last night propelling her back up the top ten.

"While Adele is back at the top of the chart it was Blur who saw the biggest uplift in sales of CDs and MP3 downloads last night with a 2,700% increase following the ceremony with many of their fans from the '90s looking to reconnect with the Britpop band."

In other news, the producers of the BRIT Awards have issued an apology to Adele, whose acceptance speech for the Album of the Year award was cut short to make time for a closing performance by Blur. Adele, frustrated in the moment, raised her middle finger to the cameras as she was forced off the stage. The singer later clarified that the middle finger was directed at "the suits at the BRIT Awards", and not her legion of fans.

"We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short this evening due to the live show over-running," said a statement from BRIT Awards organizers. "We don't want this to undermine her incredible achievement in winning our night's biggest award. It tops off what's been an incredible year for her."

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    I get why with Blur, they haven't been in the public eye for a while so a lot of younger listeners might not have heard any of their stuff until the brit awards. But Adele is all over the radio, tv and internet and has been for most of the past year. Everyone has heard her and had enough time to form an opinion. Why would anyone need to wait until she got a brit award to decide whether her albums are worth buying or not? Are people that shallow?
    Come on, music award shows do not highlight the best music of the year. They raise music sales for the albums released that year. Sometimes both goals seem to overlap but year after year that happens less often.
    Well, I've been a blur fan for years. I didn't even know the Brits were on, and bought their album Parklife a few days ago. So...I guess it was all me.