Blur's Alex James: 'I Have No Idea How Long We'll Carry on'

Bassist coy over band's future plans.

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Blur bassist Alex James has admitted that he has "no idea" how long the band will carry on playing together for, NME reports.

The Britpop legends played their first ever show in Hungary last weekend (August 10) at Sziget festival in Budapest, but speaking to the Daily Star, James said he wasn't sure what their future plans would be.

"You're guaranteed to get a different answer depending on which one of us you ask and what day of the week it is," he said. "We're bad at talking to each other but there's a lot of love in the room."

He added: "I have no idea how long we'll carry on. Being in Blur now feels just like it did at the beginning. There's no pressure. We're playing better than ever. Every show has been wonderful."

James also said that taking a hiatus had been beneficial for the band, continuing: "When Blur stopped, we needed to do our own thing. It's a source of delight to all of us that our music endures. We get excited when we play."

Last month (July 20), it was reported that Blur would begin work on a new album after singer Damon Albarn releases his solo LP. The band have released standalone tracks "Fool's Day," "The Puritan" and "Under the Westway" since Graham Coxon rejoined them after a long hiatus in 2008 but a new album has not been forthcoming so far.

Albarn has been working on a solo album with producer and XL Records label boss Richard Russell. He previously said of the record: "We worked together on the Bobby Womack record, and really enjoyed working together. He's done spectacularly well as a music mogul, but I think he wants to focus his energy on producing records. Making a solo record can be such a disaster, so I thought if we're going to make a record with my name on it, I should get someone to really produce it take that responsibility away from myself."

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    I guess it's not easy to say; the past 20 years must have been a bit of a blur...
    I hope they can get it together for another record. Blur haven't released a bad album yet. James is a fantastic bassist as well.
    "Blur bassist Alex James has admitted that he has 'no idea' how long the band will carry on playing together for..." Another masterful sentence by UG!!
    Okay, so am I the only one who has never heard of Blur until I've seen a YTP about them?
    a kid from the US,born in 1997, about the time blurs popularity in the US faded away---or should i say "song 2's popularity---it doesnt surprise me at all really. really though. how many people in the US really even know blur released anything OTHER than that cd?! i owned it back in the day, and it was bad, but i really dont enjoy alot of other stuff by them.
    The funny thing for me is, I actually just taught myself to play Song 2 today. It's an easy song, I know, but I never bothered until now. It's just weird that they've been out of the news for a while, then the day I learn it, they pop back up.