Blythe Manslaughter Trial Begins

Blythe is accused of causing the death of a fan in 2010, but the Lamb Of God singer has sworn to defend his innocence.

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Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe has returned to the Czech Republic to face manslaughter charges, which he denies.

The charges stem from an incident in 2010 where a fan called Daniel Nosek died of head injuries sustained at a Lamb Of God show in Prague. Prosecutors allege that Blythe was responsible for throwing the fan from the stage, but he has sworn to defend his innocence.

In the local news report below, Blythe has swapped his long hair for a smarter look. He avoided answering reporter's questions and only spoke to his lawyer, but wrote one short message to fans via the Instagram social network:

"And so it begins. I am calm and prepared," Randy wrote on his Instagram account. "Everyone, thanks for your good thoughts and prayers. Have a nice day, y'all!"

In court, Blythe reminded attendees that he had returned to court as promised: "I've kept my word. I said that I would come back to court today and I did. I do not shy away from responsibility. I'm not a person who runs away from problems. But I do not want to be punished for something I did not do."

According to Blabbermouth, he explained that fans are normally prohibited from jumping onto the stage, but at the Prague gig in question the security had been inadequate which resulted in a chaotic and accident-prone environment.

"The fan's death breaks my heart," said Blythe.

Daniel Nosek's parents are seeking the equivalent of $530,000 in compensation.

"I'm not rich, and if I had to pay for something, I would have to earn it first," said Blythe. Previous reports have suggested he earns around $200,000 per year, mostly via merchandise. The band have run several sales to help raise money to pay for his legal fees.

The case is expected to last one week, and will continue tomorrow where 12 witnesses from the gig will share their account of events that night.

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    Props to the guy for going back over there. Not sure I'd have the balls.
    But if anyone has the balls it'd be Randy. Plus, if i were the prosecution and i were grilling Randy on the stand, all he'd have to do is look at me and scream and I'm pretty sure I'd shit my pants.
    Good luck, Randy. We're pulling for ya.
    I'm not. A fan jumped on stage just wanting have fun. Even if its not allowed, its a part of metal. Randy pushes him off and fan is killed. Think if it was your family member/friend, I would be pissed. He may not have meant it, but it doesn't mean he shouldn't pay consequences for needlessly ending one's life.
    You idiot, do you think that Nathan Gale "just wanted to have fun because it's a part of metal" when he went on stage and shot Dimebag Darrell and the Damageplan stage personnel? Stage climbing is prohibited for a reason, and if you break the rules, you have to take the consequences. I agree that it was far fetched that the LoG fan had to die, but the fault was entirely the security guard's at the right end of the stage. Besides, how the hell is stage climbing "a part of metal"?
    ah but you see, if a convicted murderer escapes from prison and murders again, while it is true that the prison security is at fault to a degree, in the end, that doesn't change the fact that the convict was the one committed a crime... i'm not much good with metaphors, but i think you get my point. anyways i hope the best for randy and i hope this was just one big misunderstanding or something.
    i agree people should be held accountable, but randy AND the security guard pushed the fan, as seen in the video. if your gonna prosecute randy blythe you gotta prosecute the security the same way, but that doesnt mean we cant hope for the best for the guy
    L.T Kickass
    Randy himself said that he knocked the fan down, and didn't mention the security guard.
    there's a video where it showed the same guy rushing the stage three seperate times, and you can't tell if Randy pushed him or not, a security dude was in the way.
    If it was my family member? Fuck yeah, I'd be pissed. I'd be pissed that he was stupid enough to jump on stage 3 times. I'd be pissed that he put me through this. I would not be pissed at Randy for defending himself.
    wow, you do realize that even if he put himself in a risky situation, it doesn't mean it's okay for him to have died? if randy was somehow responsible (i seriously hope and think he's not) he should pay. do you see the man himself arguing "it's his fault for getting onstage in the first place"? NO, because that's a FUCKING STUPID argument
    To malahk, that's not a stupid argument at all. I'm not saying that he should just go to court saying "it was his own fault" as his case, but it is the fan's fault for getting on stage in the first place. Why? BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET ON THE FUCKING STAGE DURING A SHOW. Obviously it's not going to end well for you. Unfortunately in this guy's case, it ended tragically. But would it have happened had he followed the standard rules set for basically any show you got to? Probably not. This isn't Randy's fault at all (besides the fact that he barely pushed him if touched him at all.)
    yes i agree, he wasn't supposed to get up there in the first place, but that does not, in any way, in any sane judicial system, take the fault away from the guy(s?) who did the actual pushing (i'm not saying he did btw, i believe the contrary). that's why randy's not making that argument, that's why he argues he didn't push him, because the pushing is the central and most important part of the whole situation.
    When did I say it was ok for him to have died? That's totally crappy that he died; he didn't deserve that. But Randy does not deserve to go to jail because of it, either. And yes, he gambled with a lot of things when he made the decision to **** with the band, among them being physical/fatal injury. So it's ****ing stupid to say he's completely faultless.
    ok i definitely jumped the gun a bit, but so did you, as you can see in the statement directly above you, i agreed that the guy shouldn't have been onstage in the first place... you know what **** it, i have come to believe that maybe you and i disagree on this matter because of the way we are, so maybe it's futile for either of us to argue any further, in any case, i think we can agree that we support randy and hope for a fair trial
    I think we might be in violent agreement. Lol.
    What I should say is that if Randy is indeed responsible, then he should be convicted as such. I was merely trying to convey my belief that he is not.
    One time, actually. There was another fan who jumped up twice but Randy has poor eyesight and wasn't wearing contacts/glasses at the gig (I can tell you, as a musician with poor eyesight they are a real PITA to wear at metal gigs) and thus couldn't tell that it wasn't the same guy.
    Blame it on the audience, apparently, no one raised their hands to grab him, instead, they split so that he hits the floor.
    I would have let the idiot who got kicked offstage for the 3rd time fall too. The fact is, the family and friends of this kid who died, they're trying to place blame everywhere. But first and foremost, the blame needs to be placed upon the bad behavior of the kid who died. As sad as it is that he did die, he should NEVER have been engaged in jumping onstage, let alone doing it 3 times.
    If you're jumping off a stage you have to expect there's a chance you're going to get hurt. I'm not trying to down play that this is a horrible tragedy, but if someone is to be held accountable I don't think the entire blame should be on Randy, or the security guard, or the fan. It's one of those things where everything that could go wrong did go wrong and it really sucks that this fan died as a result
    I understand where you're coming from, but the argument "what if it was your friend" doesn't mean anything. I don't get to choose the punishment for people who've done something to me or those I've loved, and I concider that a very healthy thing.
    The person's death was a accident, but if they really want to blame someone, why not the security people who didn't stop him from getting on the stage in the first place? Sounds like the parents are just after getting money from someone they think is a millionaire rockstar.
    Agreed. If there can even be anyone held responsible for this accident, other than the kid himself, its the venue's management for not providing adequate security. He jumped the stage and rushed Randy 3 times. If he had been stopped any of those 3 times, or kicked out after the 1st or 2nd time, this would never have happened.
    The security actually failed twice: at preventing the fan from getting on the stage and at removing the fan (there's video footage showing a guard pushing the dude off the stage like an animal, while Randy barely touches him). I'd not blame Randy either, but I'm simply a dude with an opinion, not a lawyer, so...
    You can only blame one person. Personally I don't hold security accountable. Not only is it a rule that you are not aloud on stage, its also common sense. If someone steals something from a store in a mall you can't blame security because they didn't stop it you can only blame the person who stole. Its a shame he had to die but its his own fault.
    Drache Wachter
    I'm in no way a fan of Lamb of God's music. However, I've followed this case since it came up last year and wish the best for him. I actually gained a bit of respect for him when he announced that he would actually go back to stand trial. How many people would do that when they could easily avoid the country and puss out of the case?
    I'd just like to point out that the article should read "a fan NAMED" not "a fan CALLED". Little disrespectful to the deceased.
    The witness stories are all over the place and video evidence shows the guy hitting his head without Blythe anywhere near him. They got nothing to stand on.
    switched the video for a better one..
    Oh so it would seem that this is not the incident or even the person in question... my bad.
    Honestly I don't what to think about the family of the dead boy.... "Daniel Nosek's parents are seeking the equivalent of $530,000 in compensation." Seriously "mom" and "dad"? I mean not even a "We want him in jail that's all that we are asking for" just money? jeez....a complete shame... I hope randy gets free of this bullshit
    This whole thing is ridiculous, they got a witness that has sworn that he saw Blythe push the fan off the stage with his both hands, even though the recorded video clearly shown him using one hand, holding a microphone in the other while a 200 pound security guard ran to the guy and pushed him, using both hands.
    Next guy that says "Murderer" needs to turn in a 1000 word report on criminal intent, and the difference between murder and manslaughter. Win, lose, it's already established he's not a murderer. But he might have killed a guy.
    I'm just happy to hear that he wised up and got himself a lawyer. (He had originally stated that he would act as his own attorney, if I recall correctly.) I would be fearful enough even with a lawyer, so the thought of him defending himself in some kangaroo court was unthinkable.
    Am I the only one who doesn't get why the parents are seeking compensation? How can any amount of money compensate for a death.
    Well, I can't figure out how to post a link here, so I'll just recount how I read a story yesterday about some Saudi cleric paying 'blood money' to the government after he beat and raped his own daughter to death. It's not uncommon for money to change hands in exchange for people getting killed. Apparently, payoffs are all the rage in the 3rd world (and yes, even with all their money, Saudi Arabia is 3rd world in my book). I mean, I guess it happens here in the US, too, but you have to sue and go to trial and testify how it takes an emotional toll when someone dies, and then a jury awards you money. Hey wait, I guess I just disproved my own point. Oh well. Shit is shit, no matter where it happens.
    I am not a Lamb of God fan. The opposite really. But if he's convicted it will be retarded. It's nobodies fault but the guy who wouldn't stop trying to get on the damn stage. If you're not in the band, stay off the stage, it's like anyone trying to do someone elses dangerous job, once you do something foolish you take responsibility for what happens to you. There's my 2 cents, best of luck to you Randy.
    I wish Randy the best with this. Gig security does need to be tightened up. The first time I went to Bloodstock, Municipal Waste decided to try and break the world record for most crowd surfers in one song. There were 8 security at the front, which quickly doubled to 16, but even so I saw some guys literally being thrown over the barrier by the crowd and landing on their backs after a 6 foot fall. I'm amazed that they all got up and walked away. Similarly, I've been at a few gigs that have allowed stage diving, although it's usually been from low stages like at the Camden Underworld and Nottingham Recue Rooms. Even so, those people that stage dive, crowd surf, and even those that enter the pit have to be aware that there is a helath risk involved. I know the pit isn't as bad as a lot of people would think- I've been in pits for Slayer, Exodus, Testament, and many more, and been fine. But I wouldn't stage dive or crowd surf, a) because I don't want everything falling out of my pockets, and b) because I don't want to be dropped on my head.
    I'm not even a LoG fan but I have a lot of respect for Randy for stepping up to the plate. Not an easy thing to do, I imagine. He's got my respect and support \m/
    I was just thinking yesterday when this trial would start. LET THE TRUTH BE SHOWN! Good luck Randy.
    That's not a stupid argument at all. It is the fan's fault for getting on stage in the first place. Why? BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET ON THE FUCKING STAGE DURING A SHOW. Obviously it's not going to end well for you. Unfortunately in this guy's case, it ended tragically. But would it have happened had he followed the standard rules set for basically any show you got to? Probably not. This isn't Randy's fault at all (besides the fact that he barely pushed him if touched him at all.)
    All you guys who say that the fan getting on stage took his own risk ARE COMPLETELY RETARDED. Sorry you guys are GAY for somebody who DESERVES what he has coming for him. Have you guys even ever been to any concert? Any concert there's always one or two fans who somehow make it to the stage... its just a part of the show. In reality its the security's fault for allowing him to get there, also its their fault for playing on such a pathetically small ass stage. Randy did touch him, I am not saying he was the only one pushing him but he DEFINETALLY had a hand on the fan... put it this way... if a fan jumped on stage at a Metallica show you think James would push him????? Hed prob congratulate the fan for being so dedicated. So FUCK YOU randy for PUTTING YOUR HANDS ON A FAN I HOPE YOU ROT IN JAIL ALONG WITH THE SECURITY GUARD.
    Uhh... pretty sure Metallica know all about the world of "who sues who". So no, of course James would not touch a stage climber. Quite honestly, 10-20 years ago, it wouldn't even be remotely considered as Randy's fault. But today, we have people suing for the coffee being too hot at Mcdonalds.... sooo.....
    LOL. I'm glad your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it just proves my point exactly, everyone who likes LOG and supports Randy are just as dumb as you have proven. You couldn't even conduct a fluent sentence... And HE DID put his hand on him... regardless you think its ok to touch the people who are paying you to play your instrument???
    people arent suppose to go on stag, its so acccidents like this dont happen
    Lol exactly nobody says your supposed to go on stage, I'm inferring that its part of what happens dude... Seriously it goes ALL on the SECURITY staff for NOT stoping him. But the FACT OF THE MATTER IS... HE STILL PUT HIS HANDS ON A FAN... I really can't believe all LOG fans are so retarded.. its whats holding back this society from getting rid of ignorance and moving forward with morals.... NO MATTER WHAT YOU DONT TOUCH YOUR FANS WITH ONE PINKY OR ANYTHING ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU CAN SEE ON HIS FACE HE HAD MALICIOUS INTENT WHEN HE PUSHED HIM!!! He looked FUCKING PISSED THAT THEY COULDN'T STOP HIM FROM DOING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN... SO FUCKING WHAT!!! Hes a DRUNK LOSER WHO WAS PROBABLY HAMMERED DO you know how drunk people act??? THEY GET FRUSTRATED EASILY AND THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED.. Oh well to what happens to him I HOPE he learns his lesson and APPRECIATES the free money he gets for SCREAMING INTO A MICROPHONE.
    It's simple. You dont get on the stage whilst a band is playing... It's not "Part of the show/experience." You stay off the damn stage! Was Nathan Gale part of the show???? No just another idiot doing what he shouldn't be doing. If Dimebag had pushed him and he had fallen down and died would it be the same situation??? It's not as if Randy thought "This guy needs to die now." If someone ran onto my stage during a gig I'd sure as hell get him off. It's having respect for the band playing. This guy tried THREE times to get on stage, granted what happened is terrible but it was his own stupid choice that led to what happened. Good luck Randy. Your fans are with you.
    He wasn't just a random nobody.. HE WAS A FAN... A PAYING FAN! What the **** don't you IGNORANT people understand! Its not like this was a local gig a first time playing band... Their a SEMI decent size metal band... Its their fault for playing on a RINKY DINK STAGE.. And DIMEBAG KNEW the risk he took playing on a small stage with LITTLE TO NO SECURITY. He had tons of money so did Vinny, they could have PAID FOR SECURITY OUT OF THEIR POCKET. In that SITUATION its a RARE freak occasion, I can't believe you would even put RANDY in the same sentence as DIMEBAG, just disrespect what a joke. And if your seriously, that disgusting of a person that you would push a SUPPORTER of your music, YOUR IDEALS, YOUR LIFESTYLE THEN YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT.
    It's good to see that the sensible comments are unanimous on this. Very few people would have gone back after being released after the charges were made. A lot of people in the public eye would have used publicists to discredit the Czech legal system and create an excuse to stay away. It is a nonsense to charge him ( or maybe anybody) for an accidental death of a fan who was in a place that he knew he should not be. I'm not a LoG fan particularly but I hope that justice and common sense prevails and yet I fear for Randy Blythe. Does anybody know how I contribute to his defence fund ? I just think fans of music ( and freedom) owe him a small debt.
    Good God the captions in that video are a bit of a mission but yeah good luck to you Randy
    I'm sure Randy won't be convicted. The security failed several times.
    Hope not, but with "12 witnesses from the gig will share their account of events that night", could really sway a jury depending what they all say.
    I, like most people don't think it was Randy's fault, it was obviously an accident. But the conclusions reached by common sense and the Justice System are not always the same.
    its the kids own damn fault what a ****ing moron all the best for randy and **** all you haters if you dont like lamb of god dont read the article and dont post
    I don't see this ending well for Randy. The way I see it is that he acted in self-defense. But looking at the way he was treated, especially with the bail situation, it seems the court is purposefully trying to screw him.
    All the best to Randy. I hope he gets a fair trial. also, that blonde reporter would get it. hard.
    "In the local news report below, Blythe has swapped his long hair for a smarter look" - I somehow feel slightly insulted, UG
    Frank Zappa cut his hair off and got 3 piece suited up for his congressional testimony against the PMRC back in '85. If you're gonna beat them at their own game, you sometimes have to look like one of them too...besides, hair always grows back!
    'besides, hair always grows back!' Thats what I thought once too.... Kids, dont shave your head on a dare.
    I think I misinterpreted the meaning of that part(english isn't my native language) - by "a smarter look" I thought they meant a more intelligent look, as if people with long hair look unintelligent... the irony
    Look, let's face it. Life is just a series of events where things happen and people do things. Am I high as a kite as I write this? Yes. But so what. Why can't a man get high! Happy Birthday Mary Poppins!
    Sure, let's defend a murderer.
    You do realise that he needs to go through this trial in order to determine that right..? Or have you decided to just leapfrog basic law and sentence people yourself? Seriously you can put your point across and say why you think he is guilty, but you cant just make a blanket statement like that and not expect a thumbs down and people heckling you. I personally believe from looking at the evidence that hes not guilty at all and am amazed that others think he is - I think some people just love watching others suffer - the Zimbardo experiment and all that...
    1. Cleaning up your look for trial is gonna make you look worse. If they've seen your videos, heard your music, and watched the evidence video, they know what you're all about. 2. I agree LoG music sucks. "I know, let's write down this basic riff and then take the 5th note & wait, the 9th note, that's metal!" "Riff farming"...gahh. 3. But back on track. Good on 'im for showing up to court, but going all clean-cut is gonna bite him in the @ss.
    Cleaning up for trial will make you look better. It shows that you respect the gravity of the situation and understand how serious the charges are. Showing up at the court looking like he just woke up at noon the day after a concert wins him 0 points with the judge and jury.
    I can't wait for him to be convicted
    **** you
    It's ironic you're talking about ****ing, since that's what's going to happen to him in prison. And by that I mean he's going to bleed out of his ***** due to the abuse it's going to take
    can't wait either too bad the butthurt lamb of god fans will disagree because they think an aggressive douchebag has the right to rip someones life because he makes music. oh, his music is utter shite by the way
    So you made an account just to post this comment? Get some value of existence, you pathetic little piece of sh*t.
    Finally someone that gets me
    Break it up, children. This is a grown-ups issue. Good luck, Randy.
    yes, it's a grown-ups issue and you fully support a murderer get over yourself, mother****er
    You're a moron, howardhughes. Ometh's just being Ometh, but you missed his joke and made stupid statements.
    No I'm not. I trully want him to get arrested so Log can break up and stop writing shitty music. I don't care about no goddamn manslaughter.
    considering thats wut ur argument in based upon ya i think thts exactly wut u care about. either way ur personal opinion on the band should even matter at this point. personally im not a LoG fan BUT im fully behind Randy for this, cuz as u can see in the video he may have nothing to be convicted on, as the security is the one who pushed said fan off the stage and personally Mamblingradman said it best.....This is a gorwn-ups issue, not for lil children ****ers like u who just want the worst for all people
    youre behind him for sure, considering how you seem to have a growing desire to boner randys ass... dont worry you little piece of scum, they'll do that in jail for you
    im not here to bandwagon on someones opinion, you colossal twat. i dunno if he's joking but i aint, jail this prick already. also, **** you and shut the hell up
    Clearly, you do not understand the difference between "manslaughter" and "murder". Go back to your Licoln Logs and finger painting, now.
    clearly, you do not understand the difference between youre defending a murderer and shut the **** up. oh, theres no difference. go back to your blythe-shaped dildo
    @howardhughes. Congratulations on being the best troll I'v ever seen who only joined a day ago! Also, how are you not banned? I've been warned for far less :shrug:
    He didn't murder anyone. If the ****ig security guards ha thrown the guy out the fort time he did, then this shit wouldn't be happening. Also you should be blaming security. Plus, if his musi is shit, then why are they so popular?! Also **** you.
    So just because you despise lamb's music you inmediately frame him as a murderer?? I don't like lamb of god's music either but I'm mature enough to separate waters
    Btw I love how all LOG fans are the same.. All you people repeat the same thing over and over again, DON'T go on stage... LMFAO what a joke.. DO NONE OF YOU KNOW YOUR BAND??? RANDYS A RAGING DRUNK AND A LOSER, how about you LEARN the truth about your PRECIOUS metal band before you go BALLS OUT supporting a STUPID cause. Its a good thing hes not going to be the lead singer after this so you guys can cry yourselves to sleep over an unjust cause.
    Riley Morphine
    The media clip is very bias and somewhat insulting. I guess the media is the same all over the world
    The news reporters seem to be trying to sway the general population into thinking Randy is guilty by what they were saying about him.
    Damn, I was hoping the video would have subtitles. And I thought he was defending himself? I'm glad he's got a lawyer now but I could've swore I saw an article a few months back where he said he was gonna defend himself.
    Czech is nowhere close to English.
    Its closest to Polish and Slovak. Its a Slavic language so it also shares roots with Russian, Bulgarian, Latvian etc