Blythe Was 'Extremely Aggressive', Say Witnesses

Witnesses have appeared in court for the Randy Blythe manslaughter case, but in an open letter Blythe says to beware of the language barrier in any reports you see.

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Randy Blythe's manslaughter case has begun, and several witnesses including members of Lamb Of God have been making statements to the court.

While some defend the singer, other dispute Randy's claims of innocence and called his behaviour "extremely aggressive."

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and their manager Larry Mazer said Blythe was quiet, well read, and merely put up an aggressive persona as part of their stage show.

One witness insisted they saw him push the fan from the stage: "[Daniel] climbed onto the stage, he turned to the audience and was thrown into the crowd. Blythe pushed him from behind with both hands, I'm one hundred percent sure," said witness Jan Jebav, according to Blabbermouth.

Another said that Blythe asked the crowd if the person was okay, and continued when the crowd said he was.

However, Blythe has written an open letter to fans on Instagram to remind them that the language barrier is affecting US reports on the case:

"I have read a few news reports of the progress of my case, and trust me - many things are incorrect. But this is the Internet, and, of course, things are half-baked anyway. Keep in mind that translation is difficult, and many things can be lost, for Czech is a VERY DIFFICULT language."

He added that Lamb Of God fans should try to remain respectful of the Czech Republic, despite their country pressing charges against him:

"I have heard of some people talking smack about the Czech Republic, saying, 'F--k the Czech Republic,' etc. This [is] not how it should be. This is a very sad case, not something to rage at people you do not know over.

"I am not angry with the Czechs at all. A fan of my band is dead - what do I have to be angry about? I am an INNOCENT man, but I am also a very sad man right now. To not be sad in this instance would be inhuman. But mad at the Czech people? Why would I be mad at them?

The end of his letter was sentimental, and finished with: "Life is beautiful. I hope to see y'all soon."

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    So much respect for this man and this approach on fans reactions. Not even a big fan but very admirable. Best of luck to you sir
    Mhmmm! Even if you don't like LoG, you have to admire how he's handling this.
    Totally agree with you on that, even if you don't like their music, he is treating this with respect and in the correct manner. I wish him well and hope for him to be found innocent!
    He's got a good legal and publicity team and he's smart enough to do what they're telling him to. We can all take several lessons from that.
    Well said sir, well said. I'd also like to point out: How could he push someone with both hands while he's screaming into a microphone that he would be holding with at least one hand?
    my thought exactly, im not sure if it was a mis-translation or just a witness over doing it. two hands seems a bit much when you consider he has a mic in his hand. although this witness claiming to be 100% sure of the two hand thing pisses me off hardcore. she couldnt even see his hands. 100% assuming why does that stand up in court?!
    Honestly, his calmness towards the whole situation is both surprising and touching. Over the span of this whole trial I've gained a lot of respect for this man. Go for it mr. Blythe!
    Hmmm... in the video i saw it appeared that security pushed him with both hands not Randy. Maybe it was a different time??? Was this person drinking during or before the concert like most people? If so can we believe anything he says he saw? Shady...
    Eyewitness accounts are often very innacurate. You could ask several other fans who were at the show what happened and they would all say different things that happened. Memory is very malleable. It gets recursively worse with each time you bring it up, because you remember the last time you remembered it, not the actual event itself.
    yeah, In phychology my teacher pointed out a study where they could get people to radically change how fast they estimated a car in a video was going when it crashed just based whether they used the word bump, crash, or smash in the question. They've done study's where they got gave the participants three story's that really happened to them and one that didn't and by the end of the day more than a quarter of the participant's where convinced that the false memory had actually happened.
    "I have heard of some people talking smack about the Czech Republic, saying, 'F--k the Czech Republic,' etc. This [is] not how it should be. This is a very sad case, not something to rage at people you do not know over." Randy should see all the "BOMB PRAGUE!!!111!! SEND CLINT EASTWOOD TO CZECH REPUBLIC TO GET HIM BACK!!!!!" comments around here... Anyway, best of luck to Randy. It takes a lot of guts to do the right thing like he chose to.
    Hate to say it, but I've heard Randy has had a reputation for being aggressive to fans that come on stage. But fans shouldn't be going up on stage anyway. And security sure as hell shouldn't allow it. I don't care if it's "part of the show." It needs to stop.
    Here's how I see it. It's 1/3 Randy's fault, 1/3 Daniel's fault, and 1/3 security's fault. Randy shouldn't have pushed him and the fan shouldn't have been there. But I don't think Randy should have to go to jail for it. Daniel's death was completely by accident and the unfortunate worse-case scenario for fans that go to those crazy concerts.
    Your completely right thank you for there being one LOG fan that has a brain. But the fact is, since he is at fault and did in fact help the MOMENTUM of the fan falling he should be held accountable percentage wise. Now I'm not saying burn him at the stake but he should be held accountable for at least a year or so in jail. But the bodyguard should as well be held on trial if not right after but AT THE SAME TIME. That's complete bs and will never agree that he shouldn't be in this as well.
    Wasn't there a video showing what actually happened? I can't remember it particularly well, maybe it was really hard to tell what's going on, but if what the witness says isn't what was on the actual video surely they'd just go with the video. If 100 witnesses say that a kangaroo did it, would they believe the witnesses or just look at the video? I agree with everyone who says that they respect how he is dealing with this. I think it's admirable, and in the same situation I'm not sure I would be able to remain as calm or as reasonable as he has.
    Why is the video that shows Randy barely touched the guy not being used in evidence?
    If I'm not mistaken, they weren't certain that the video was of the event in question. I could be wrong but I seem to remember reading that on whatever website it was that I watched the video on.
    Ironicly if Randy didn't have his aggressive stage persona then the kid might not have even wanted to go to the gig. Also I sure as hell wouldn't get up on stage at a LoG gig because you know you are going to either be thrown off the stage, thrown out of the venue or have to dive into the pit all of which are going to end badly in most instances.
    The guy who called him "extremely aggressive" also said it was just for show, and that he behaved appropriately. I really need to stop reading UG's tabloid "news".
    "Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and their manager Larry Mazer said Blythe was quiet, well read, and merely put up an aggressive persona as part of their stage show.
    Respect. Imo he has the right to be aggresive.
    It takes balls to go back to a country that wants you in jail, he doesn't have to, respect.
    ever hear of an extradition treaty, he kind of has to.
    Yeeeeaaah that's kind of a one way thing America has going on with a lot of countries, it's not very often people are extradited OUT of America.
    I'd be aggressive too if people were claiming I killed someone but I know I didn't! Keep fighting Randy!
    Man, I miss Prague. I had a great time when I lived there for a year in 2010. The women are amazing.
    This is a really shitty situation. I mean, I saw the video, and I've been to tons of metal shows. That kind of thing happens, I dunno, 100 times per night. It's a shame to see a death result, but I'm completely behind Blythe. Like, wtf is all of this extremely aggressive stuff? He was extremely aggressive because he fronts an extremely aggressive band. He was extremely aggressive because I heard, I even believe from a Randy blog or something, that the guy came on stage like 5 times. The 'witnesses' saying he was being extremely aggressive, were probably fans in the mosh pit being just as extremely aggressive as him. A Lamb of God show isn't a Hanna Montana concert. Youtube the Wall of Death if you haven't heard of it. It's not the place for pansies who can't take it. Or douche bags that wanna start fights. That's how you get pushed on your head in the first place.
    I met Randy as he was getting off stage in Boston. Nicest coolest guy around. And this was in Boston.
    i really hate lamb of god, but i admire this man, he faced his fears and defended his actions. i would have done the same tbh, i would be too scared not to after what happend to dimebag
    DIMEBAG > RANDY BLYTHE I don't even want to put them in the same sentence... IT WASN'T EVEN THE SAME SCENARIO. Dimes fans were upset and one psycho got loose and thats what happened.. It was a FREAK accident that has never happened again. EVEN Vinny Paul his brother was quoted as saying security was LACKING during that show. BTW don't compare metal gods to a moronic drunken lead singer, Dimebag never did anything wrong in his short life. RIP DIMEBAG
    My mom who listens to sunshine and rainbows world music heard about this she said she'd do the same thing, it's not a violent testosterone ridden metal culture thing, it's a instictive fear of crazy people charging repeatedly at you when your in an industry that attracts murderous crazy people thing, if Beyonce somehow had a gap in security and a person started charging at her and she shot that person I think most people would just say that the man was an idiot for charging someone who knows that any time there death could become the obsession of a sick mind.
    hope he goes down just for the lulz. predict suicide in jail cell.
    hahaha, randy looks like that dude from half life the difference is that one of them is NOT going to be buttraped in jail soon
    I really dont get what on earth he is doing this for. Why on earth would you go back? If it was me, once i got out of there i'd be like right were never coming back here, cause if I do, the parents of some kid who caused his own death by climbing onto MY stage will try have my locked up, and you know what, f**k that. I admire him, but if he truly is innocent, he would not see any reason to go back there. The Czechs, particularly that guy's parents, are just pushing for a prosecution because its a high profile case
    He has to go back. It's a legal obligation. Even if he is innocent, the court has to say so for him to go free. Him not going back would be like telling the Czech Republic that he's guilty.
    Hes a drunken loser you guys are idiots, for defending his terrible lifestyle. But also the fact is if your drunk, on stage and frustrated at a fan (which he clearly was) of course hes going to try to jump in and put his hands on him. And the STATEMENT he made is completely a written up statement that his lawyer distributed to him to make his case as neutral to everyone as he can. I wonder if he had to have fans "RALLY" to pay for his lawyer bill lmfao. Oh yeah and he also TESTIFIED saying he touched another fan but not him? LMFAO when clearly in the videos he did in fact push him, NOT WITH 2 hands but he definitely had a hand on him. This is a disgrace you guys are so absurd defending this piece of garbage, he disrespects all of you and the foundation of metal. If he really was representing metal and JUSTICE he wouldn't have gotten all PAMPERED UP for the TRIAL. He would have pulled a DEE SNIDER went in there looking as METAL AS he could proved he was innocent and got out with no charges. But of course hes trying to pursue the people hes not as bad as his "persona on stage" looks. What a ****ing joke **** you Randy.
    I'm not really going to share my opinion on what happened, but I am going to ask you if you're 12. Are you 12?
    Last I remember, Blythe has been sober for a few years now. So I don't think alcohol has anything to do with this (except for the idiotic fan who had allegedly been drinking before/during the concert). I've seen a few different videos, and if these videos are indeed of the night in question, then I can 100% say that this kids death is not the result of Blythe's hand barely touching him. It's a result of his own stupidity trying to get on stage 3 times, and each time a security member forcibly removing him much harder than what Randy could've done with one hand. Insane what people think of this situation on this site.
    The lawyer drafts up everything for you to say, that is what you are paying them for, it increases your odds of producing a solid defense for yourself, everyone knows that most people who represent themselves in a court of law fails miserably and well when several years of your life are at stake you probably dont want to take a gamble. Because he drinks doesn't make him a loser, by that comparison since you're so negative that must mean your a cock smoking homo? but of course that is probably 100% wrong, you cant judge a person by something as superficial as drinking. And so what if his fan supported him that means people actually care about what happens, and again you obviously have no idea of what a defense lawyer costs, especially when it deals with manslaughter. Finally if the retarded ass fan simply obeyed the #1 rule of concert going (STAY THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE) none of this would have ever happened. A) people wont think your cool if your on the stage and B) the sure as **** isn't going to invite you backstage, hell they will probably be angry with you. Short of the story is they both ****ed up, but neither one can really be held accountable for the outcome, its not like Randy went their to specifically kill that guy. This is the Czech Republic blowing shit out of proportion.
    "Because he drinks doesn't make him a loser, by that comparison since you're so negative that must mean your a cock smoking homo? but of course that is probably 100% wrong, " That's not just wrong because assumptions are silly. It's wrong because being a loser and being an alcoholic, which jimbob implied, can be connected. Being negative and liking cocks, however, can not. jimbob's post was stupid but please don't say something equally stupid in an attempt to refute it.
    21 To 1
    I have such great respect for Randy. It takes a brave person to go back and face this like he is. Best of luck to him!
    "[Daniel] climbed onto the stage, he turned to the audience and was thrown into the crowd. Blythe pushed him from behind with both hands, I'm one hundred percent sure," said witness Jan Jebav
    This guy should be cited for bearing false witness and contempt of court...
    I'm not the biggest fan of the band, but you gotta respect him for going back and trying to prove his innocence. I don't see how they'll be able to convict him, witness testimony seems pretty sketchy.
    Best of luck to Randy Blythe. Very admirable in this time. Just hope justice prevails. People can say what they want about heavy metal. That its rubbish or its the "devil's music". But I can say that its the most honest respectable friendliest music scene out there. And Randy is the flag ship at the moment. Almost depicting the typical viewpoint on heavy music by the general public. But he is out there proving everyone wrong. If there is justice, it shall prevail! Best of luck man
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    that's really sad its hard to tell if randy really feels as bad as he says or if he is just trying to clear his name. I hope that he is innocent and sorry for what he did. that was a fan. when I'm a rock star I will treat my fans great give it about 10 years and you will see Bugs Duncan up on the stage