Bob Marley Ringtone Court Battle

artist: Bob Marley date: 09/03/2007 category: music news

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The family of reggae legend singer Bob Marley said on Thursday they will sue Universal Music Group and Verizon Wireless for using the Bob Marley's name, likeness and image without permission. Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd, owned by the Marley family, said in a news release that Universal Music had entered an agreement with Verizon Wireless that granted the U.S. mobile service provider the right to utilize Bob Marley's name, likeness and image to promote a new set of ringtones. "The agreement was entered into without the permission of the Marley Family," said the statement from Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd. "UMG has not received any suit from the Marley Estate," Universal Music Group said on Thursday. Thanks to
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