Bob Rock: 'Black Veil Brides Have That Same Drive Like All the Bands I Worked With That Succeeded'

"They actually inspire me to still make records," the legendary producer adds.

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Legendary producer Bob Rock recently shared a few thoughts on working with young LA rockers Black Veil Brides, praising the boys for proper attitude and rekindling his desire to produce albums.

Casually chatting on his way to the studio, Bob compared BVB to some of the successful acts he worked with in the past, which include Metallica, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, the Offspring, the Cult, Aerosmith and more.

"All the bands that I worked with that succeeded, they always had that same kind of drive and vision about who they are, and [had] confidence about who they are and what they're doing. And these guys got that," Bob said.

"Some people think it's kind of a chore [to make records], which is sad. And that's one of the things with these guys that I love - they actually inspire me to still make records, 'cause you can't help but get caught up with their energy, their youthfulness and their energy.

"They're not jaded by the business like so many people my age are, because everybody wants it to be like it was, whereas these guys look at it fresh, and they're kinda hungry, which for me is great," the producer concluded.

As reported, the group's new album "IV" is completed and awaiting October 28 release. More info here.

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    Ever since I heard their stuff after they stopped screaming as much I've thought these guys were good. (let's ignore their fangirls/fanboys because they even piss me off and I am a fan of them) I've seen them live, after they cut out the goofy makeup and long hair, and they put on a rather entertaining show. They aren't gods of music but they are young enough that their sound can evolve and become something great. Hate them, call me a dumbass, etc. but I don't look at this band and see who they used to be, I see a band with potential to maybe make something good for my generation.
    Yeah nothing exceptionnal but their music is actually enjoyable if you forget their debut album and all that make-up
    Finally, some people who talk sense. It's unfair when bands get hated on just because of their looks or other small factors when the music isn't judged upon with an open mind. Thank you
    I gave them a stab even back when they had the goofy makeup (makes no difference to me, I grew up on stuff like Motley Crue and KISS) and to be fair I didn't enjoy the music that much, not bad, but not all that great either for me, so I personally don't see the hype behind them, but if other people enjoy their stuff, then that's cool. They could also act as a gateway to other bands, which is never a bad thing.
    It depends on what the band is trying to succeed, and it's not always a good thing.
    They're calling the album IV? Why does there seem to be a running theme of bands running out of album titles by the fourth one? Did it all start with Black Sabbath's Vol. 4?
    I think they've hinted that there might be an actual title announced later though. haha How many other albums have been titled "4" or something like that? I know of Black Sabbath, Foreigner, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Anyone else?
    Floyd Phoenix
    I know Led Zeppelin, Toto and uh... Beyonce... I'm sure there's even more than that
    Actually led zeppelin's fourth album isn't called Led zeppelin IV and is left untitled
    Led Zeppelin wanted to prove that their album would sell on music rather than a name so they didn't give it a title, they didn't even put their name on it. They only made albums and never released one single either. They left it to the radio stations to pick what to play. Zeppelin were actual musicians, of the highest caliber and even better than the sum of all their parts. A once in a life time band.
    Actually led zeppelin's fourth album isn't called Led zeppelin IV and is left untitled
    That's even worse! "It's the fourth one.. what do we do? We can't call it IV, that's too predictable!"
    Not really. Zeppelin was all about mysticism and all that shit, so having an untitled album with a weird cover and four symbols was right up their alley. Also, Zeppelin's 2nd and 3rd albums were Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III, so that's still fun. One more example of 4th album chicanery: Avenged Sevenfold's 4th album was self-titled.
    Adebisi Shank do this, they just released "the third album by a band called Adebisi Shank".
    They didn't even want their names in it, that's the reason for the symbols. They wanted it to sell because of the music, not the band name or all star line-up
    Look, I'm all for calling a spade a spade, but are Black Veil Brides reeeeaaally that bad? I mean, I don't listen to them, and haven't since a friend linked me a single off their 2nd album, but seriously. People love calling them 'emo' (they're not), 'metalcore' (they're not) and fags (debatable), but they are hard working guys who get masses of sh*t talked about them. Ghost B.C. is having the same difficulty being taken seriously. Imagine for a single second that YOU were onstage at Golden Gods, 3 albums in, doing something that you legitimately love and people boo you every time you blink? Have some respect, a**holes. A respected producer just said 'these guys love what they do, these guys want to play hard, these guys work hard' and you're STILL having a go?
    They are good, but that's down to your music taste. The music is good, it's not generic for the majority of what they write imo, and the band is very talented (like Jacky Vincent from FIR).
    Never really been a fan, but I love how trolls bash on AA, this band, Avenged, etc... Your opinion doesn't matter. Let the music live on when the dinosaurs die.
    The band didnt grab me, but I respect any band keeping the larger-than-life aspect of rock alive, so respect boys.
    Comparing these guys to The Cult, Aerosmith or Metallica goes a little too far. They another band trying to make music, some people like it, most probably don't.
    Looking at the ratings on all these comments I'm starting to think the band members are sitting in too.