Body Count Reunite At Warped Tour

artist: Body Count date: 09/11/2009 category: general music news

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Body Count, the metal band fronted by legendary rapper Ice-T, made an appearance this past Sunday night (September 6) at the Vans Warped Tour 15th-anniversary party at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. The group played a 20-minute set, covered Slayer, talked a ton of trash and closed with their controversial classic "Cop Killer". Also on the bill were Nofx, Katy Perry, Pennywise, Bad Religion and Rise Against. A full review is available at Check out video footage of Body Count's performance here. Body Count's last album, "Murder 4 Hire", came out in 2006 via Escapi Music. Lyrically, the songs ranged from political ("The End Game"), personal ("You Don't Know Me [Pain]"), and religious ("The Passion Of The Christ"), to obsession ("In My Head"), armegeddon ("Dirty Bomb"), hate ("Lies") and relationships. A eulogy for fallen band member D-Roc was also included ("D Rocs [RIP]") as was a hilarious take on deep south rednecks ("Down In The Bayou"). The CD closed with "Mr. C's Theme", a show-stopping hard-rock instrumental. Thanks for the report to
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