Bon Jovi Beats David Bowie in Billboard 200 First Place Battle

Latest Bon Jovi release outsells Bowie's "The Next Day," giving the band their third consecutive No. 1 debut.

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American rockers Bon Jovi have netted their third consecutive No. 1 Billboard 200 chart debut with their latest release "What About Now." With 101,000 copies sold, they managed to beat the latest David Bowie record, "The Next Day," which landed at No. 2 with 85,000 copies.

Despite beating Bon Jovi in the UK, Bowie just couldn't pull off a US victory. Nevertheless, the new album remains his best-selling one since 1991, marking his seventh top 10 entry.

As for Bon Jovi, "What About Now" is their 12th top 10 studio album, with every record since 1986's "Slippery When Wet" being ranked among the top 10 on the charts. However, their latest studio effort is also the least-selling one since 1995 and 73,000 copies "These Days" managed to sell.

Last week marked the No. 2 debut of yet another rock legend, iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix whose posthumous release "People, Hell And Angels" has become his highest-charting album in 44 years with about 70,000 copies sold.

The remainder of this week's top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart includes the likes of Sound City Players, Mumford & Sons and Eric Clapton's "Old Sock." Check out the full list below.

01. Bon Jovi - "What About Now" 02. David Bowie - "The Next Day" 03. Luke Bryan - "Spring Break... Here To Party" 04. Passion - "Let The Future Begin" 05. Bruno Mars - "Unorthodox Jukebox" 06. Mindless Behavior - "All Around The World" 07. Eric Clapton - "Old Sock" 08. Soundtrack - "Sound City - Real To Reel" 09. Mumford & Sons - "Babel" 10. Jimi Hendrix - "People, Hell And Angels"

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    Sheep Shagger
    Aside from the two music videos released, there has been almost no promotion for Bowie's new album. For an album that was made in total secret and announced just two months ago to made it to #1 in MOST parts of the world with very little promotion behind it, I'd say it's done pretty damn well.
    Well said. Bon Jovi has more marketing than Bowie, so it only makes sense for more people to know about it, thus buying it. I prefer the Bowie album, personally. To me, it is the number one album.
    Stinks cause I thought Bon Jovi's new album was a mediocre effort. However, Bowie did an excellent job with his new album. I really like the album (especially "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" and "You Feel So Lonely You Could Die"). Still, he did chart at no. 1 in the UK (and in other places as well). Congrats Bowie.
    A surprisingly solid top 10 list. Maybe it tells you something about the musical tastes of those who actually still BUY music...
    Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Sound City, and David Bowie... The Billboard is not overloaded by mediocore/terrible temporary popartists, but actual real talented musicians? Did I accidentally time travel back to the 70's again?
    Both beat Mumford and Sons so that is good. Even a poor Bon Jovi album is better than Mumford and Sons. They sound like hayseed dixie playing the worst of coldplay whilst being disembowelled.
    I don't even remember the last time I saw this much good music on the Billboard 200
    Why can't we all be happy they both beat dozens of much, much shittier "artists"?
    Sleez Boy
    30 years since he was on the top 10, talking about Bowie. Congrats even though he should have been #1! Let's Dance!
    "Despite beating Bon Jovi in the UK, Bowie just couldn't pull off a US victory." Damn you, muricans...
    bon jovi beating bowie is a big victory for bad taste
    Both of them, along with Clapton, Hendrix and Sound City Players beating a lot of other crap on the list is actually a big victory for the good taste, so stfu
    I could care less about any of those albums. Bad Religion, Silverstein, and Coheed and Cambria should be the ones deserving the profits.
    *couldn't care less. It annoys me when people say "I could care less". if you could care less then that means you care. Ok...
    I'm a fan of bon jovi but Bowie makes way better music, he is amazing....charts are stupid I go by the music and Bowie beats bon jovi anyday
    Bon Jovi is practically a country artist now. Btw that picture of him makes me want to punch him in the face.
    Kain Highwind
    god Bon Jovi is so bad I have no idea how he's still even remotely popular considering all his contemporaries are bar bands now
    Bon Jovi needs to go away.... They were moderately okay in the 80s. But even then they were still awful.
    People still buy Bon Jovi albums in 2013?...
    If an album is great, you buy it. It doesn't matter what year it says on the box. Great music is timeless. If the album really IS great is another discussion entirely. I personally haven't heard it yet.
    Yes, imagine that. People buying an album by an artist they like. I personally don't understand the concept. Seriously. I don't like Bon Jovi, but that's just a stupid thing to say.
    shows that commercial songwriting and lots of promotion still get away with more success than great music.
    to those people who dont want this person,just shot up your mouth,because either of you who dont know how to compose even one song.shame on you,mind yourown business.
    if someone steps on your foot in asks:did i hurt you?step on there foot hardly in asks...;can you feel my answwer.?SOMETIMES ITS GOOD TO BE STUPID...
    It doesn't matter if you create a masterpiece or the worst piece of s*** If you had a "mega marketing promotion" you could easily beat both of them even with a bad homemade demo.