Bon Jovi Drummer Undergoes Second Emergency Surgery in Two Weeks

artist: Bon Jovi date: 09/24/2013 category: music news
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Bon Jovi Drummer Undergoes Second Emergency Surgery in Two Weeks
It’s been a rough couple of weeks in the Bon Jovi camp. The band was recently forced to cancel three scheduled shows after drummer Tico Torres was checked into hospital for an emergency appendectomy on September 10th.

As the Guardian reports (via Rolling Stone), while Bon Jovi had expected to continue with their tour as planned, they were sidelined again when Torres was rushed to hospital for a second time, where he underwent gall bladder surgery. The band has released the following statement:

"Tico Torres has been the heart and soul of our band since we started 30 years ago. He's also one tough SOB and we look forward to him again pounding away brilliantly at the drums on [the] remainder of this and future tours."

Until Torres is able to return to the fold, drummer Rich Scannella will be filling in. Scannella played his first show with the band at Rock in Rio festival on Saturday night.

Given Torres' absence and the acrimonious departure of guitarist Richie Sambora earlier this summer, the only original members of the band currently performing are Jon Bon Jovi and keyboardist David Bryan. Original bassist Alec John Such was fired from the group in 1994.

We here at Ultimate-Guitar wish Tico Torres a speedy recovery, and hope his onstage with the band again soon.
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