Bon Jovi Is the Winner of Rock Hall 2018 Fan Vote With Over 1,100,000 Votes

Judas Priest at No. 5 with 540,000.

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Bon Jovi Is the Winner of Rock Hall 2018 Fan Vote With Over 1,100,000 Votes
0 reports that Bon Jovi is the winner of the Rock Hall 2018 fan vote with over 1,100,000 votes.

Bon Jovi is followed by Moody Blues at No. 2 (around 950,000 votes), Dire Straits at No. 3 (around 615,000 votes), The Cars at No. 4 (550,000) and Judas Priest at No. 5 (540,000).

These five esteemed acts will be put on a single ballot, which counts as one of the 900 ballots that determine the inductees, thus making the whole vote not too relevant from that point.

It is worth noting, however, that since the fan vote was introduced, the artist who got most fan support ended up getting inducted.

The ceremony is set to take place on April 14 in Cleveland, OH.

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    No surprise here. Bon Jovi is miles ahead of Judas Priest in popularity and that's all it is, a popularity contest. 
    I've been seeing this news all day from Metal injection, metal sucks, etc and seeing all these offended and pissed off metal heads is quite funny. 
    Priest kind of defined metal as we know it today, especially the aesthetics of it. The fact that they (along with Bon Jovi and Dire Straits (and Deep Purple)) weren't inducted ages ago shows what a joke RRHF is.
    I think Bon Jovi loses a lot of respect in the musician community because of their albums' over-production.  Their album "New Jersey" was an amazing pop-rock album, but wow, the super high gloss production on it makes you feel like you have to shower after you listen to it.  Their album "Crush" is underrated as well. He is/was a great a singer, and Richie Sambora is a great guitarist. They also cornered the "hair band" market in the '80s, and many bands tried to copy their formula. I don't know if they deserve to be in the HoF, but you have to admit they were great at what they did: making catchy pop-rock tunes.
    They do deserve to be in. Sure you can say Judas Priest or Dire Straits are better but this type of voting will always be a popularity contest and few bands are more popular than Bon Jovi. Their recent albums suck major balls but they are one of the best hair metal bands and... well... I am a sucker for those bands
    Dire Straits yes, Judas Priest, not so much.
    Die hard metalheads may say it, i don't necessarily agree I am a huge Bon Jovi fanboy, well some albums at least
    I'm not a Bon Jovi fan, but New Jersey IS a great album, and Crush is extremely underrated and overlooked.
    Jersey and SLippery when wet imo Crush is also pretty good but didn't have many huge hits
    Disagree. This House Is Not For Sale was great. What About Now wasn't very good. All of their albums contain at least half a dozen good tracks which is more than you can say for a lot of artists.
    Prefer Lost Highway to both of those. Absoltely hated this house is not for sale and what about now had some decent songs but nothing outstanding
    Fuck Bon Jovi. This is the best that's not already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    Bon Jovi is free to make a living.  They absolutely suck! They epitomize the worst of modern music: boring, corporate-approved, over-hyped, over-produced swill. They are to rock what McDonalds is to cuisine.  But I guess the mommies in their Disneyworld sweatshirts and driving their SUVs with stick-figure-family decals can listen to something. 
    Dire Straits should have been inducted years and years ago. Mark Knopfler is god and I do not understand, why the legend like Dire Straits is in the ballot this year.